Can Circuit Breakers Stop Viral Rumors On Facebook, Twitter?

Some experts think social media platforms should implement circuit breakers, modeled after the stock market, as a way to halt the amplification engines that can make false rumors go viral.

9/23/2020 7:40:00 AM

Some experts think social media platforms should implement circuit breakers, modeled after the stock market, as a way to halt the amplification engines that can make false rumors go viral.

False claims that blame left-wing activists for wildfires in Oregon have spread on social media. To stop the rumors, some experts say platforms should take inspiration from the stock market.

Tim Fox, a captain with the Oregon State Police, said he received a hundred emails about the false claims, creating more work and diverting resources from actual emergencies."The fires, the evacuations, the security of the places, you know, we still have our regular calls for service. Life hasn't stopped," he said."All these rumors and things that are going around are tough because we have to find people to respond to them, to investigate them, to check them out."

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Social media's design helps hoaxes go viralPart of the reason these claims spread so widely on Facebook, in particular, is that the world's biggest social network rewards engagement. Posts that get lots of shares, comments and likes get shown to more people, quickly amplifying their reach.

Facebook is well aware of its power to make stories go viral. As the fire rumors proliferated, the company put warnings on some posts its fact checkers had found false and reduced their distribution.But that wasn't enough to quell the rumors. On Sep. 12, a day after the FBI put out its

statementdeclaring the reports untrue and at least three days after the claims began spreading on social media, Facebook began removing posts connecting left-wing activists to the fires.We are removing false claims that the wildfires in Oregon were started by certain groups. This is based on confirmation from law enforcement that these rumors are forcing local fire and police agencies to divert resources from fighting the fires and protecting the public. (1/2)

— Andy Stone (@andymstone)September 12, 2020By then, however, hundreds of thousands of people had seen the false posts.The claims were being amplified by social media accounts known to spread false information, including followers of Qanon, a baseless conspiracy theory, as well as by Russian state news outlet RT.

"What that said to us is that they're waiting too long," said Karen Kornbluh, director of the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, a think tank.Kornbluh's research team found the debunked claims still spreading in

large private Facebook groups, some with hundreds of thousands of members, several days after Facebook said it was removing such posts.Facebook said it was using artificial intelligence and human review to find and take down the hoax everywhere it appeared, including in private groups. The company said some of the posts in the private groups the German Marshall Fund identified had already been deleted by users, and the company removed the rest.

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"We share the goal of limiting misinformation which is why we have taken aggressive steps to combat it — from creating a global network of over 70 fact-checking partners and promoting accurate information to removing content when it breaks our rules," said Andy Stone, a Facebook spokesman."There's no silver bullet to addressing this challenge, which is why we continue to consult with outside experts, grow our fact-checking program, and improve our internal technical capabilities."

Still, what happened in Oregon shows that once this kind of hoax starts spreading, it is extremely difficult to stamp out."When you think of the psychology of misinformation, you can think of something like molding clay," said Dolores Albarracín, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois."When you have soft clay, you can print anything you want on to it ... Once it dries out, though, then that's it. Your print or shape is set."

So while fact checks and removing posts can help, the real challenge is stopping harmful hoaxes from going viral in the first place.Stock markets have"circuit breakers." Should social media?Now, some experts are promoting a new way for social media platforms to hit pause on their powerful amplification engines.

It is modeled on the stock market's method of halting trading when stocks are too volatile. Read more: NPR »

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It's a start. Sounds like a form of censorship to me. You just want to control the narrative. It must be difficult to see all your power slipping away. Soon real journalists will take your place. Journalist that aren’t owned. Free speech gave us the Civil Rights movement, Gay marriage, abortion rights, woman's right to vote and every progressive liberty we enjoy in America today and you want to hamper that with censors. No thanks, I can think & decide for myself. Those experts motives are circumspect.

You mean censorship? Right. Do they seriously need another way to discriminate against conservatives while claiming antifa is a peaceful group. False Rumors are Free Speech. NPR has promoted it's share of fake news. Yes please. Defund NPR Oh they won't do that. It's only a false rumor that they'd even consider doing such a thing. It might interfere with their almighty advertisement contracts. Doing something socially responsible doesn't make them any money.

MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter MoscowHunter They will not be censoring us for long - and by the way; we the taxpayers pay for - you would think it would make an effort to be unbiased. Personally, I believe NPR should be defunded and find its own leftist way!

Kinda like when Twitter “temporarily suspends” basically anyone who gets retweeted by potus? Controlling your voice and controlling the message. The liberal playbook Heil 🤚 This is a terrible idea. People need to do their own research and need to stop relying on those with an agenda- like NPR, for instance.

Anything to stop the truth unless it’s their version of it. No thanks. NPR...a radial left group. Boycott NPR now!!! the pedos at npr are afraid of the truth coming out ken_crichlow Do it now. Unless loving a lie is more important It will also be applicable to your organization. or you don't think you propagate false rumors? Just like 'a new report shows...' OR even worse 'An expert opinion about...' are ALSO FALSE rumors.

Everything social media is fake. newsflash: this already happens to conservatives on twitter. it's well documented. Most Americans think NPR should NOT receive any funding from the tax base. NPR is liberal activist fake news. Other experts think that npr shouldn't be a talking point for the left wing media and just actually report news.🤡


by some experts you mean those in power who despise diversity of ideas 1A FreeSpeech yr comment indicates that u want social media platforms to curtail that! NPR = National Propaganda Regime Well that wouldn't work since that's what drives their profit engine DefundNPR Kinda like book burning? Wouldn’t that put entertainment corporations like CNN MSNBC PBS ABCNetwork and all other MSM out of business? If they can’t lie and manipulate for their owners, they wouldn’t have content.

That would be great in the case of flaming Democrats. This is how free societies are destroyed. Little pieces at a time. What measures do you think we could enact for actual journalists that weave their own opinions into questions and articles? Is their opinion more important than mine/ours? Gatekeepers should be banned/deplatformed especially the publicly funded ones. LLinWood 1stamendment

Why, so it can then continue to be subjected to corruption and manipulation by anti-democratic interests? Sounds like a form of censorship to me. So which 'experts' are those that think this? Are there such things as 'experts' when it comes to controlling people's thoughts/speech? Expert propagandists? Expert political operatives? I'll pass. I prefer ordinary people when it comes to the 1st Amendment. might as well become Nazi Public Radio Obviously not constitutional 'experts'. We are SO SICK of all the political nonsense, wrong blame, asinine reports and fatuous attitudes! We won't even listen to or watch the twisted news anymore, we can't WAIT for this to be over so MAYBE our normal lives can return!

Which experts exactly? LisaV_CT So, censorship? NPR aka Nazi Propaganda Radio is pushing social media to become the thought police. Holy crap, what a simple concept. Some “experts”.... oh yeah? OK, who? Let’s see the list of names and their background. Didn’t think so. That would be called journalism. I say we stop funding NPR Democrat platform.

Like CBSNews today. “WikiLeaks' Julian Assange at 'very high' risk of suicide attempt, expert tells court” Total fake news Ummmmmm... Like when a Democrat tweets? It already happens. It's just one sided wouldnt want those uppity peasants inform each other and circumvent elite approved messaging. cant have that. DefundNPR MediaCorruption MediaLapdogs

Hahaha. Damn grapes keep chatting 'Unfounded rumors that left-wing activists were behind the fires...' ❓ Jedidiah Fulton, 39 [Alberto Vincent Acosta [Kevin Carle, 37 [Ivan Geronimo Gomez, 30 [ Some expert yeah sure👌 Just who are these *experts*? Here is one group: NPR is Trash! Maybe breakers should be implemented to halt the False Rumors pushed up the Leftest’s that run . YOU KNOW Like Russia and the phony Dossier, the Ukraine, bad mouthing the Troops, ETC, ETC,ETC. DefundNPR

I think you are a complete waste of public funds. You should be embarrassed. What do you think of that? 🤔 Can't wait to see if they censor the non-stop lies told by NPR. Interesting, but ultimately impossible. Who decides what trips it? How do you ensure they aren't using it to control the information they want to be public? How do you verify it's actually false, abd not just unknown?

NPR often reports falsehoods as fact. I gather one reason for taking comments off their webpage was, many times their misinformation was called out. Yes, it’s nothing new. It’s called censorship. Good job, NPR. I used to listen to your stuff. Now I know better. YOUR PANIC IS HILARIOUS AND OBVIOUS. THE TRUTH WILL WIN, AND EVERYONE WILL REALIZE YOU ALL ARE THE CENSORSHIP REGIME FASCISTS.

Russia connection: Johnson-Grassley report says Hunter Biden's company received $3.5 million from Russian billionaire. 👉 Translation=Media Blackout. If it’s not in their agenda to brainwash people, they won’t report it and call it false. By rumors, do you mean truth? YOU HAVE TO READ THIS YOURSELF! TALKS ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING...WOW! Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption: The Impact on U.S. Government Policy and Related Concerns

Forensic accounting is the Biggest Fact Check of all ! People need circuit breakers in their heads. Experts want to censor. Got it C U L T DefundNPR As has already been discovered, those purporting to be checking and deciding on what is false information have biases so ridiculous as to make the whole exercise moot. Can any 'circuit breaker' not be biased or discriminatory?

I do not know what my cousins will have to look at if they stop right wing extremist false posts. False rumors that go viral- unfounded on facts... Such as your stories on Russia collusion w/ Trump ? This is actually a great idea I think Weird. I haven’t read the part of the constitution that says they can manipulate free thought and free speech like that. 🤔

And you say Vlad is the bad guy? why pushing this now, why did not start 4 years ago, losing the narrative, so just shut them up. people are waking up, Sure, and let's finally make clear this places are neutral. DefundNPR HunterBiden BidenRiots THE BIDEN TRANSACTIONS ARE NOW PUBLIC! Biden corruption on a scale of epic attempted coverup with - spygate, phonyimpeachment, COVID19 plandemic mueller: Its OVER!

Yes. The amount of false info festering on Facebook is dangerous Translation: we need a way to prevent the stories that prove liberalism is the biggest problem in this counter from becoming public. Credible news organizations would also help. When controlling the narrative is all that matters. defundnpr 😡

Translation: NPR is scared to death after being exposed as fake news. No we need to change the law so they can be sued cancelnpr Yes! More attempts to censor opposing viewpoints. Awww, must have learned that from China. Maybe Iran? No censorship is communist block of truth. Society dictates threw debate of what science or tech is useful to our civilization. You block that and you only get false conspiracy like we on TV now. Your madd that conservatives dominate social media avenues

Some 'experts' can eat shit Many experts think NPR should not be funded using tax dollars. ThisIsNotJournalism They're called brains... And by 'false information', you mean information the establishment doesn't want getting out, right? Wakey wake people, times running out. 1984 is rapidly becoming reality.

You hate when the people think... for too long you have been doing the 'thinking' for the people. SHEEP NO MORE!! Sounds like NPR. WANTING TO HIDE THE DEMS DESTRUCTION OF THEIR OWN CITIES. WHERE IS BLM MONEY GOING? DEMOCRATIC PARTY THUGS WITH ANTIFA. DEMOCRATS WAKE UP!!!!!!!! When you see the words “circuit breaker” plug in “panic button”.

Defund the NPR. Literally the 'Soviet version of PRAVDA'. That sounds like censorship and a violation of the 1st Amendment. Who do you think you (or social media platforms) are to stifle speech of American citizens? You guys keep this up you're gonna get an attitude adjustment in the form of new legislation, and it will be painful.

Who decides what is true and what isn’t? Clearly these major companies aren’t capable of unbiased “fact checks” If you want social media to filter what fact and what’s not, then it’s not “social” media. Social media is like a gossip column, some may be true and some may not be true ... Could we do that for the MSM?

That would make them publishers and editors. Ready for that? How about just apply the rules equally, rather than just trying to silence conservative voices? Shut it down. If SM was made to pay for the public cost of their disinformation it wouldn't be a profitable business model. Except...they DON'T TREAT BOTH SIDES it would just break when any Conservative conversation gains ground. Lest we forget the multiple flips flops just for COVID mask, no mask, mask; 2-3% deaths, .02%, millions will die; flatten the curve, prevent all deaths, vaccine

This is censorship and will be used to suppress conservative speech. The news media would never accept supervision by some agency designed to halt their 'amplification' of false rumors, and neither should ordinary citizens communicating via the Internet. Who get's to decide what is a 'bad' rumor, and what is 'good'? I will do it if you want.

This is a double-edged sword 🗡 And by “false rumors” you mean politically conservative speech, right? we need to try this on you and the mainstream media and the Democrat party first defundnpr Anonymous sources have confirmed that nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. So, who decides if they are false? Such as these fact checkers. They only fact check one side, when it's overt obvious that both sides should be. If they are allowed to use the tax supported US market, they should have to follow FCC guidelines.

🙄 “Everyone is dull-hearted, without knowledge; Every metalsmith is put to shame by the carved image; For his molded image is falsehood, And there is no breath in them. They are futile, a work of errors; In the time of their punishment they shall perish.” Jeremiah 51:17-18 NKJV With biased 'fact checkers'

Orwellian Tell the 'experts' such circuit breakers already exist in the form of any number of legitimate fact checking sites. Those sites have a lot of credibility to lose if they get things wrong. Having the public lose confidence will doom those sites. Google: fact checking websites Hmmm.....I wonder where people got the idea that left-wing activists were starting fires in the west? I‘m sure it wasn’t because left-wing activists were rioting and burning down buildings!

I posted this on FB and got a 30 day for violating community standards re sexual activity Those who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones. NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, all LSM would be permanently they probably should be! Sounds great as long as I get to say what's 'false' Haha false RUMORS !? Like the ones social media produces each day ? How are you comparing stock market to SOCIAL MEDIA ! That’s a joke in itself - what will you all loose? What’s in it for you You afraid people are finally going to see through the corrupt lies !

I fact check the 'fact checkers' it ain't hard. Once you see who their 'partners ' and 'funders' are, you know they're paid for corruption. I'll think for myself thanks. There's NO getting around the TRUTH Social media is already censoring,stopping any other opinion that isnt the narrative. Those that like the narrative don't see the real censorship.

NPR fails to mention the false rumors it propagated for the last 4 years. Who decides what is true? Let me guess...NPR. Why are my tax dollars supporting a communist propaganda outlet? Not a good idea because the one controlling the circuit breaker may be a liar and actually block truth. you npr ppl have zero journalistic integrity, openly calling for censorship...

False rumors.. you mean you think it would have stopped us hearing a couple years worth of muhrussia bullshit? Oh, wait.. it was social media that got the truth out on that.. hmmm. Why, sure! By all means let's implement a 'circuit breaker' (wink wink.) Can't have anyone believing the actual TRUTH about the evil of the liberal party now can we - that's what it's really about. The storm is still coming . TrumpLandslide2020 LiberalHypocrisy

NOT. A. RUMOR NothingCanStopWhatIsComing You scared bro? 'BuT fReE sPeEcH!!!' - people who have never actually read the Constitution or First Amendment Facebook already puts warnings on stories claiming they’re misinformation based on nuances when they’re true. Who’s going to be responsible for the truthfulness? I’m thinking this will limit free speech and is a bad idea

Extra extra read all about it NPR advocates censorship of opposing political thought DefundNPRNow You mean it. My goodness... you really don't like free speecb, do you? SMH Who are these ‘experts’? And what about the 1st amendment? This is the left again try to control everything. Who determines what’s true? 🙄

'I disapprove of what you say, so Imma just ban your ass.' --Not Voltaire. Oh yeah, what could go wrong there Fascists 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ 💛 Other experts think media should apologize to the American public for allowing what's his name free publicity to sell hatred and division. Hire black editors while you're at it. No shade.

NPR gets ratioed into oblivion on every tweet. 🤡s keep 🤡ing, doing master's bidding. 😆 🖕 This should be an individual conscience rather than a biased institution who can indeed spread or insinuate rumors that can go viral MarkMeadows WhiteHouse Sounds like Censorship to me NPR: RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA . . . maybe circuit breakers are needed.

No more lies? Who will tell people how to think? Teram323Tere Does anyone else think that maybe they are getting a little too good at manipulating the media? I mean, This time it's for good. Beyond this incident, extrapolate it out. Not paranoid, just musing.. I used to listen to NPR, then I realized you are the one creating false rumors. We are the news now, thank you.

First time I've ever seen millions of $$$ spent on controlling 'rumors'. Where was this passion for rumor control when I was in high school?🤔 This has nothing to do with rumors and everything to do with C O N T R O L at all costs. Control the narrative, control the people. Look, if Facebook and Twitter are a national threat then treat them as such and make them sort it out or step in, shut them down and start arresting people. Just imagine they are owned by someone in China...

So censorship. Experts shut down the country. No thanks to the non friendly advice. “Some experts” 🙄 No. What experts? The only people that need to be censored are the Mainstream Media. CNN ABC MSNBC et al why do you care what info goes out look how many times npr has pushed bs in the last 4 years - what you are saying is only npr's fake news matters if it helps anyone but democrats it must be stopped? millions of working class democrats are sick of this bs we see whats up

In other words...censorship on steroids. Maybe when can make an amplification engine that will halt NPR...for good! Seriously? Are they not doing that already to a large extent? jason_kint Here’s a newsflash. Most of these platforms already have this circuit-breaker technology. When an advertisers native post gets too much traction it gets down ranked so the platform can charge ad revenue.

Man if they had circuit breakers for petty mofos Someday taxpayers won't fund your fake news NO FUNDING NPR!! Let’s make it trend! Why not, we’ve had the best Use Cases for these in the last 4 years!🤷🏼‍♂️ Love the headline image - total firestorm, these social media companies are. Something needs to be done. Start somewhere!

What if this story is a false rumor that needs to be short-circuited? I bet they do. I mean, what good are real opinions. You only need the ones that further our goals and narratives! Sickos! “Some experts” 😆 If I tweet a reply saying somebody should d1e or be k1//ed my account would be flagged immediately. They already can scan content as it is posted and react immediately. The question is do they WANT to change functionality that currently makes them a ton of money?

False rumors? Like Coronavirus? Most Americans don't want their tax money going to public radio. Interesting. Time to pause and research. What a concept. Perhaps a defunding circuit breaker for NPR would be appropriate. Let’s see how you do as self funded propaganda network. Or, people could not be so gullible and do their own research.

Defund npr There WAS arson. That is a fact. They just don't want anyone to blame the arson on antifa. Because that is dangerous? Some 'experts' can go f*ck themselves.. So in other words, censorship, which will be thoroughly abused AKA, shut it down when you disagree with the message going viral. Hmm? Fake News

JohnDav48148088 NPR’s days are numbered. yeah... they are leftists... you lie fakenews All these social mediums as well as NPR will be the cause of civil war with their lack of investigative and truth reporting!!! except they've arrested dozens of arsonists and they are all leftists... why do you want the truth muffled under the guise of quelling rumors?

DefundNPR censorship That's why mainstream media don't like to show the crowds at Trump Rallies. Their narrative is that the videos proving the President's huge support are just false rumors. President Trump would fry their circuit breakers on a daily basis. No, we don't need more sensoring. Sounds like corporatism, a defining feature of fascism.

the left blames the right, the right blames the left cops arrest the arsonists and idiots still blame climate change Sonofabitch are you going to take this or go out of business You already censor out the real news. That's why donations are down. People are waking up to what MSM is feeding them. 👎 MSM needs a circuit breaker, take month off !

NPR should be defunded Circuit breakers are trash in markets and media. Who the f do these academic types think they are to try to control reality? ‘Circuit breakers’ to silence speech...hmmm what other society did that to a group of people🤔 Here's another good example NPR could have used of false rumors spread on social media: A lot of people still think the violence at recent protests is all right-wing agitators trying to make BLM look bad. If NPR had an interest in objective journalism... But, who am I kidding?

'Some experts'. Haha Do people understand facts are facts? A thing is either true or it's not? And there are USUALLY (altho not always) ways to verify that thing is either true, or unsubstantiated (which means no proof)? Fact-checking is an actual evidence-based thing that doesn't depend on opinions. People will still’s not possible.

“Experts”, huh, NPR? 😉 Tactical manipulation is an art. This was a leaden attempt. Try harder to coerce and mold minds to your ideological beliefs. “Experts agree!” elicits 😂 today. False rumors? The entirety of your own platform would be missing. Also: I think that the social networks would have to care about their starring role in disseminating lies...

Who controls the switch? That's one problem. The other problem is having the ability to stop speech. People need to discern what is true for themselves. Stop trying to put training wheels on cars. What are y’all scared of? The truth getting out? No shit Some experts think that NPR is a useless propaganda machine of the Democrat party. I agree with those experts.

Some experts think they should control the narrative that we are all exposed to. And they want to make sure there's no option for free discourse. Regardless of what's true or not. Some experts think we should de-fund npr. I think it would be great to have a fact checker, social media is the heart of viral misinformation. Anyone who thinks this issue is exclusive to any one political side should re-evaluate themselves and maybe put down the koolaid.

Like RussianCollusion? Can a circuit breaker be thrown for 3+ years of crappy journalism? We are all goldfish now. Everything is fine. The media would know. No one better knows how to spread fear, convince the innocent and drive a narrative better that mainstream media. Why don’t you clean up your own organization first? You could start by retracting everything you ever reported on “Russian collusion.”

What happened to IQ and Darwin? More journalising from NPR. Good job. Everytime I think you may be a reputable news source you disabuse me of that thought. As long as it includes NPR too. 'Some Experts' huh? Your problem is in thinking there are social media “experts.” WTF are you even talking about? DefundNPR

NPR you are already dead. I’m pretty sure there were people arrested? You’re getting nervous, aren’t you? Hahahahahahaha. It’ll be so delicious when the charges start pouring out. CDC estimated survival rates by age: 0 to 19: 99.997% 20 to 49: 99.98% 50 to 69: 99.5% 70+: 94.6% Big Tech and the media have hijacked the DNC political apparatus for the biggest power grab we've ever seen. They've learned their lesson from 2016 and have the algorithms honed. Biden is a cardboard cutout. He doesn't even have to exist.

Defund NPR! Mouthpiece of the DNC! marionjwayne It's called censorship. Sooooo many tweeters mad that liberals tend to prefer being presented with facts & data 🤣 🤣🤣 If they didn't hear it from 'Q', it's just lib propaganda, amirite? 🙄 .Twitter can start by flagging Coronavirus misinformation. False rumors = Everything that goes against the narrative.

maybe those should be applied first - to NPR....... in addition to ending the public funding Ah, so you're talking about implementing more censorship, which if done from the start, wouldn't allow your present platform today. Do you understand this? If not, you have a tough row to hoe. Doubtful you can break to good, soft soil for that tree of life to grow. Oh, well.

In other words, NPR and other Corporate Media Outlets must promote, enhance and enforce the narratives that are prescribed. Something this nefarious and nothing more than a deviant political weapon is something China would do. NPR is shameless Fuck NPR Live Free or Die 🇺🇸 Thought police.............

In other words, Leftists can’t allow truth or anything that thwarts their narratives. George Orwell is spinning in his grave. To anyone that calls BS or is curious look up Paradise, CA 2019 Direct Energy Weapon. There’s a very interesting video on bannedDOTvideo. And yes I had to type it like that. Grfoh

'Some experts'. Hilarious. We can all see what's going on. Dont want those people talking.... Were done playing along with the narrative. Nothing will stop whats coming. No, no they really shouldn't, lol...tell them we said no Works for China 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like a narrative control knob. Turn down any dissenting opinion you want, and turn up the stories itching ears long to hear. I think you may be on to something. Just don't let news organizations find out about it!

Let me guess... this would be implemented with no political bias right? Lol. Big tech is so corrupt They can halt my ability to follow others if i do too many.., why not fact check first Um, they already do. Guess how many conservative pages I have to refollow each week? Shocker, none of the clowns commenting have read the article. It hurts law enforcement when rumors are spread, read the damn article!

You mean that you all in the media ( CNN MSNBC) should stop reporting falsehoods right after these flashpoint type stories break? Then I agree. NPR would be shut down quick How to stop them when they come from the POTUS Translation: we can't have people spreading information freely. The FakeNewsMedia needs to control the narrative at all times. EnemyOfThePeople

Soooo censorship for anything that goes against acceptable 'good-think'..... shocker. Works well for China I guess. So they can sponsor true news like this? False rumors. You’re losing the narrative. If you don't support the freedom of those you disagree with, and even those you truly believe are wrong, to speak freely, then you don't support freedom at all. Thanks for making it clear where you stand on that.

Goodness...wouldn’t want people to thinking for themselves. Experts, like the fact checkers funded by Gates? Because, the PEOPLE can't have all that power.... Is that fire a rumor? Let’s put democrats in charge!🤪🤪🤪 Your tax payer funding should be halted. Death NPR Shutdown DefundNPR ✅✅✅ Why does NPR hate freedom of speech?

“ Some experts want huge companies and the government to censor individual citizen speech” Fixed it for you, NPR Maybe these 'experts' should be named, ridiculed, and have their voices silenced MANY PEOPLE (American taxpayers) think that NPR shuld be DEFUNDED AND SHUT DOWN. How about we start with insane lefty death threats and promises of violence first?

Wow. The communist infiltration is strong. What about the viral rumors that the mainstream media [including NPR] spent over 3+ years peddling about “Russian Collusion”? Where is the circuit-breaker to check those outlets? Hopefully in Trump’s 2nd term he’ll put a circuit-breaker on NPR & pull their tax-payer funding.

Remember when China started doing that? I think they called it communism. censorship DemsAreDestroyingAmerica Yes please. Facebook needs a mechanism to immediately, across its entire global platform, to shut down disinformation and prevent its spread. Sadly, I'm sure they already have the ability but choose not to use it. They'd rather profit off the rage clicking. stophateforprofit

does this apply to CNN too? Who determines something is false? Just because something isn’t proven yet, doesn’t mean it’s false or “baseless”. Yes. Ban the people who do that, and if they come back ban them again. Who decides what’s false? “If we ain’t feeding it to ya, we can’t let u eat it” - Lol so you can shut down twitter if democrats don't like what people are saying

but how would liberals get their message to voters if they can't share fake news? Truth does not elect Democrats! 'some experts' like who ? CEOs already censoring conservatives? I’m beginning to think this guy was misunderstood. 2020worstyear Interesting. JohnSumser thoughts on this? Yes, social media has ruined the world

“It’s catalysing a much bigger discussion about who gets to be in charge online”—the WeChat battleThe Trump administration’s battle over WeChat won’t be the same as that over TikTok, halhod tells “The Intelligence”—over time it may be far more consequential halhod

Ty Pennington Returns to Home-Improvement Reality With HGTV’s ‘Ty Breaker’Ty Pennington is going from “Extreme Makeover” to a more considered one. The carpenter, who rose to prominence last decade on the TLC program “Trading Spaces” and ABC’… Ugh 😑 always found this man very unlikable... hard to do when youre the one giving a home to someone in need.

Cardi B Just Responded to Rumors Offset ‘Got a Girl Pregnant’ Before Their Divorce.iamcardib just responded to rumors OffsetYRN 'got a girl pregnant’ before their divorce.

Do You Qualify to Be a Company's Chief Meme Officer?Get paid to be hilarious and viral. Hmm... paper magazine whos your bias? paper mag stream my joon edit

Facebook election turnout: Company says it has already registered 2.5 million Americans to voteMore than 2.5 million Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users have registered to vote as part of the company's get-out-the-vote drive, Facebook says. Yada yada yada Hate is a purely human feeling. It doesn't exist anywhere in the wild. A lion kills a Zebra because it wants to eat, not because it's been pissing it off with its ass stripes. BanTrump

10 Years On, Twitter Is Shaping The Spread Of K-Pop2020 marks the tenth year of K-pop's rise on Twitter, and Twitter Korea is celebrating by commemorating all its milestones and exploring how K-pop's grown on the site. What the fuck happened to the once great Forbes magazine? It’s become tabloid trash. I’m embarrassed that I once subscribed to this. there too pld now 2 minutes video no one should skip: Dr. Yan: the coronavirus was made in the lab to target human by the Chinese Communist Party!