Camila Cabello Preps Quarantine Concert Series

Camilizers are you ready? #CamilaCabello revealed that she has a two-part concert series in the works! 🎶

5/24/2020 6:00:00 AM

Camilizers are you ready? CamilaCabello revealed that she has a two-part concert series in the works! 🎶

Cabello revealed on Tuesday (May 19) that she has a two-part concert series in the works, with the first chapter dropping next Wednesday (May 27).

Camila CabelloWhile the rest of us have been baking bread, dancing like actually nobody is looking and cleaning the kitchen as if our lives depend on it,Camila Cabellohas been in the lab. The singer revealed on Tuesday (May 19) that she's spent the past couple weeks working on a"jam session" for her fans.

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Working in collaboration with Mastercard, Camila said she's getting ready to bring"u a mini concert series, inspired to invoke a sense of nostalgia for you guys & me." The two specials will kick off on next Wednesday (May 27), with part two slated for June 3.

According to a release from Mastercard, the intimate, acoustic Cabello shows featuring new versions of her biggest tracks are part of the company's ongoing globalDigital Priceless Experiencesseries, which create unique at-home experiences during a time when we are unable to enjoy them in person. Among the other experiences available are a visit to Spain's Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza to learn the stories behind its masterpieces, lessons on how to throw the ultimate online party from sommelier Belinda Chang and golf tips from Ian Poulter, Justin Rose and Annika Sorenstam, among others.

In the promo video she sings a medley of"Should've Said it" and"Havana." See Cabello's tweet below. Read more: billboard »

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