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Calls grow for Cuomo to quit from top New York lawmakers

The two top Democrats in New York’s legislature withdrew their support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment and undercounting COVID-19 deaths in nursing...

3/7/2021 11:44:00 PM

BREAKING: New York Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins has called for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment and undercounting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. Cuomo has refused to step down.

The two top Democrats in New York ’s legislature withdrew their support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment and undercounting COVID-19 deaths in nursing...

March 7, 2021 GMTFILE — In this Feb. 22, 2021 file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at a COVID-19 vaccination site in the Brooklyn borough of New York. New York's attorney general said she's moving forward with an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo after receiving a letter from his office Monday, March 1, 2021, authorizing her to take charge of the probe. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool, File)

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FILE — In this Feb. 22, 2021 file photo, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at a COVID-19 vaccination site in the Brooklyn borough of New York. New York's attorney general said she's moving forward with an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Gov. Andrew Cuomo after receiving a letter from his office Monday, March 1, 2021, authorizing her to take charge of the probe. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, Pool, File)

The two top Democrats in New York’s legislature withdrew their support for Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday amid mounting allegations of sexual harassment and undercounting COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins became the first senior Democrat in the state to say the three-term governor should resign. Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie stopped short of demanding that Cuomo quit, but said in a statement that “it is time for the Governor to seriously consider whether he can effectively meet the needs of the people of New York.”

On Saturday, another woman who worked for Cuomo publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior, on the heels of other allegations in recent weeks.“Every day there is another account that is drawing away from the business of government,” Stewart-Cousins said in a statement. “New York is still in the midst of this pandemic and is still facing the societal, health and economic impacts of it. We need to govern without daily distraction. For the good of the state Governor Cuomo must resign.”

Her push for his resignation came shortly after a Sunday press conference where Cuomo said it would be “anti-democratic” for him to step down.“They don’t override the people’s will, they don’t get to override elections,” Cuomo said during a conference call with reporters when asked about members of his own party calling for him to step down. “I was elected by the people of New York state. I wasn’t elected by politicians.”

Cuomo said the next six months will determine how successfully New York emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. “I’m not going to be distracted because there is too much to do for the people,” he said, noting that the state must pass a budget within three weeks and administer 15 million more COVID-19 vaccines.

ADVERTISEMENTAsked about Ana Liss, who told The Wall Street Journal in a story published Saturday that when she worked as a policy aide to the governor between 2013 and 2015, Cuomo called her “sweetheart,” kissed her hand and asked personal questions including whether she had a boyfriend, Cuomo said such talk was “my way of doing friendly banter.”

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He acknowledged that societal norms have evolved and noted: “I never meant to make anyone feel any uncomfortable.”Liss told the Journal she initially thought of Cuomo’s behavior as harmless and never made a formal complaint about it, but it increasingly bothered her and she felt it was patronizing.

“It’s not appropriate, really, in any setting,” she said. “I wish that he took me seriously.”Cuomo’s workplace conduct has been under intense scrutiny in recent days as several women have publicly told of feeling sexually harassed, or at least made to feel demeaned and uncomfortable by him. The state’s attorney general is investigating.

Former adviser Lindsey Boylan, 36, said he made inappropriate comments on her appearance, once kissed her on the lips at the end of a meeting and suggested a game of strip poker as they sat with other aides on a jet flight. Another former aide, 25-year-old Charlotte Bennett, said Cuomo asked if

and made other comments she interpreted as gauging her interest in an affair. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Donald Trump remained President so andrewcuomo should remain Governor. K so what about the gross mishandling of Covid deaths Guess that doesn’t matter 🤔 Where is Pelosi, Schumer and their band of far left wing nuts who I’m having so much trouble dealing with a predator it was also a far left wing nut.

RaymondArroyo What about priest molesting children, at least Cuomo is single . i would be flattered if he hugged me a little to long! It’s my understanding that he’s trying to work out a plea deal with the Feds regarding the manslaughter of all those innocent elderly people. I say No Deal. Arrest him immediately and let him stand trial for his crimes.

Why didn't we as a nation castigate Trump when we heard how he treats women in his own recorded words? I guess nothing sticks to slimy punk. SIX women have come forward with allegations of inappropriate touching and unwanted sexual advances. And people are standing with the man and calling the women liars? You fucking idiots are brainwashed. It's good to know who's ok with sexual harassment.

Where is Pelosi, Harris and all the democrats? Where is cnn, NBC? Where are you democrat voters? Double standards Only imagine what will happen if he was republican.. Leaving from Pitlochry at 10.30 so will try to stop by lily terrace first Ms. Cousins does not speak for me- Gov Cuomo has worked relentlessly during the worst crisis in decades and this is what he gets? Disappointed in Ms Cousins to say it mildly.

I also would like to add that Donald Trump as president REFUSED federal government help to these governors and mayors who were pleading for it during a deadly crisis. You think Trump cared how those elderly people ended up? Know the whole story folks instead of half of it! You know, with Brett Kavanaugh I can believe those women who were sexually abused by him but a great governor who has served the people is a bit difficult to accept. During a pandemic and with money tight, an opportunity to make money and be known for what? Ruining a reputation?

Do not resign. Al Franken should never have resigned. The dems need to start playing like the Rs. Innocent until proven guilty, then deny and repeat. Good stand strong Andy Where is cnn and Chris on this latest development....nowhere. Resigning is not enough. Criminal charges! Don’t resign Coumo. This is a witch hunt orchestrated by tRump.

Presumption of innocence until it’s proven otherwise. If guilty, he must RESIGN! Toxicity of male privilege intensifies if you are conservative for sure but it’s still there even if you are a left-wing progressive! Nope, let the courts check out the allegations. DontResignCuomo Trump is trying to get you out for himself!

Manufactured charges. (t)rump worker bees hard at work behind the scenes on this whole fakery. -(t)rump wants new Gov (most likely a MAGA Republican) as Gov. so that new Gov. can pardon him of all pending NY crimes. - The timing of it all. 🤔 No resignation for what is being spoken 'on the streets'. Central park 5 had a whole state believing they had the perpetrators. Only to find out the whole state was wrong. Evidence came out after being convicted. Let the process run its course.

How irresponsible to call for resignation on only allegations. I call for irresponsible NY politicians to resign due to their stupidity and arrogance. DONOTResignCuomo , CUOMO STEPPED UP WHEN THEIR PRESIDENT DID NOT PERIOD Do not step down! Please understand Gov Cuomo has done his job well. Cuomo continue to do your job! Continue to understand you are the best at what you do! Actually, turning to Jesus is the best thing! They know you are touchy.Trump is behind it! They thought what to push/expose.

Shouldn’t the Governor be found guilty of something before any talk of impeachment should made. Right now it is the media and politicians having a trial without hearing from the defense. Cancel culture is all GOP Due Process needed and wasn't given to Al Franken The allegations of sexual harassment may or may not be accurate; and ,Cuomo should be held accountable. They alone don’t warrant a resignation. The allegation that he intentionally misstated the number of people who died in NY senior care facilities is grounds for resignation.

Does anyone know where Roger Stone is? 🤔 full investigation. Not resignation. Also, how about DT For the last 5 years, nothing. Let's go! Good enough of this let the investigation run its course! This guy has been in public for 10-12 years and suddenly when trump is gonna need a pardon shit is being slung about him- as a woman who is a victim of abuse the timing screams wrong!!!

Did 45 resign? Asking for a friend. Do you really believe he’ll resign!! Trump didn’t... Why did it take this long for These women to come forward? When he was at war with Trump and blaming him for the COVID deaths in New York. He was untouchable. Now the Biden/Harris admin and their allies have no use for him.

Do NOT RESIGN Governor Cuomo! Stewart-Cousins said, 'Every day there is another account that is drawing away from the business of government.' That is HER problem. Why can't she just do the job she was sent to Albany to do while she waits for reslults of the investigation? He doesn’t need to step down.

So just impeach the bastard She shouldn't call for him to resign. They shiuld impeach him. They have the power. His replacement is going to be a Democrat anyway. A Woman of Color at that. Stay the course CuomoDontResign Hold fast Cuomo!! I wonder if he will include this chapter in his book. Timing is everything. Trump is trying to stop NY from investigating his taxes.

Notmetoo theProgSoapbox Hit the road Cuomo. Your time is up! ratio He needs to go!! Hey Cuomo! If you arrest Trump, you'll earn brownie points 😳 Don't do it Cuomo! It all smells fishy with these women! EliseStefanik why is LtGovHochulNY still quiet does she believe the 5 accusers ? is she also behind nursing home scandal ? terrible job and shockingly quiet about it

Shoe 👞 is on the other foot now MF. Karma is a bitch! Lets see how you like it. So dems, we may not have saints but we definitely have GOOD people compared to the whole Republican line up, countrywide. Even with cuomo.And you can take that to the bank. Compared to trump's 'grab them by the pussy' and nearly 500 thousand lives lost just as he left, Cuomo's 'crimes' pales superbly low.

Democrats, and Americans cool down. It's not an end of the world incidence. These are fiascoes that if proven true wouldn't even warrant a dismissal from service. However if you think he is not deserving vote him out in the next election. That is the process. EliseStefanik So did this one! This seems to be a coordinated attack. How many times was trump accused of rape?

time for him to resign 1/2 mother of 25 year woman. Cuomo not perfect but will vote for him - he DELIVERED on the covid crisis . I am assuming investigation does not uncover sexual assault nor retaliation for “ spurning” his advances. Like look at Trump!! WTF!! so far no assualt or harassment!!!! NYGovCuomo don’t much like Cuomo but he should not resign.

No wau. He better not. Trump bragged about the women he abused and still became President Oh Cuomo....weeping and gnashing of teeth...This is what happens when you deny the power of the almighty and focus on the I, me, We... ones ego, the id, the self. Denying the mercies delivered from an almighty God will lead to ruin.

NYGovCuomo and ChrisCuomo Good job Gov. Cuomo! Stay strong and please do not resign. El Trumpo set the bar for female harassment. It’s very low and you could never reach it. Remember if you resign El Trumpo wins because you are 1 on his hit list. Really?!! Cmon now!! Stop this political theater One think I can say about Republicans they support each other no matter how evil sh-t they do. Dems are p_ssies not p_ssy grabbers.

This is why democrats always look weak. They don’t defend their own. Just asking a woman if she has boyfriend qualifies as sexual harassment. Give me a break. Let this be a republican and see how they will rally around their own. An accomplished governor you are asking to resign Cuomo 2024 Stay strong Andrew don’t cave to anyone

Impeach I hope he doesn't resign... F them. Ah democracy, when you want a public official to step down and they say no......wait No, investigation first. Its a targeted hit. Chump can only be pardoned bybthe governor of NY. the lieutenant gov is a female Joe Manchin who is supported by the NRA and would probably pardon chump.

Aligations are not convictions Maga Karen's who wanted to get got by that old Drumpf and Ken's who wanted the same get outta here go put hold up your Q flags in another country Who was DeNiro? He needs opportunity to defend himself and the allegations should be investigated not just accepted. Stop calling for resignation until. We do not need to repeat Al Franken

i guess she wants a trump victory and the total destruction of the democratic party. Boylan is a big girl and says this happened at the height of the metoo movement but did not speak out then. The other claims are ridiculous in their banality.We just try people on twitter now? Judge not, lest you be judged.

Yes let’s dirty him up so when he’s replaced by a Republican Trump can have the AG fired. Cuomo doesn’t understand that his “party” does not tolerate anything. Culture, arts, flirting, working, caring, jovial.... if you’re not a gender neutral robot, you’re out. Good luck idiots Going to go ahead and guess if there was an R next to his name half these folks wouldn’t be “wanting to wait for the investigation”

Unless they wanna see a Republican strong-armed in there to save Trump’s ass from prosecution, Dems better just hold their goddamn horses. He’s toast..done deal They are NOT SEXUAL HARASSMENT and he does not have to resign. Investigate yes but this is a political witch hunt. If you want to talk about covid deaths start with TRUMP

Cousins has Demons of her own! Leave Cuomo alone. yuhline Andrew Cuomo should not resign. PERIOD! IM CALLING ON THOSE ASKING HIM TO RESIGN TO RESIGN THEMSELVES BECAUSE DEMOCRATS DON'T NEED COWARDS SHAKING IN THEIR BOOTS OVER TRUMPED UP CHARGES. LET THE INVESTIGATION PLAY OUT. HE WILL BE CLEARED. kfdmnews What trash is about to come out on Cousis or what has she been promised? She’s full of propaganda malarkey and then some!!!!

EliseStefanik Meanwhile in news Elise ignores He will Remind me if Trump ever resigned. Cuomo needs to stay in office so the Trumps can’t be pardoned for their crimes in NY. Disgraced Cuomo doesn't have any more political & civil morals to govern the State of NY. He must resign or be impeached. No Way, have you forgotten already? This Man rose to greatness in the worst public health crisis in 100 years. NY OWES THIS MAN. What have you done ? This petty politics is nauseating, pathetic.

Governor Cuomo must is going nowhere until the investigation is finished. This is bad for public relations between leadership and subordinates. Don't put emotions above the serenity to analize the facts. Good for him! What country do we live in that people are supposed to resign over accusations? Most which include stuff like he called me sweetheart, he touched my back, he asked me to find him a girlfriend. This is ridiculous. Let the AG do her job. More smear like with every new accusation.

Cuomo “now understand” apologies. What a joke. He understood what his intentions were. Now he’s doing damage control. Get out Cuomo. What needs invrstigation? The order for nursing homes to accept Covid positive patients, infecting thousands, and not recinding it when danger became known, is enough. Coumo is welcoming investigation. Will this guy?

Whoa. Someone is pulling out all the stops to get Cuomo. Who? Trx1000 Cause thats how we roll. Someone says something, then come the calls to resign before any trial or guilty plea. You can't have it both ways America. EliseStefanik At it day and night wow, seems like lil elise has nothing to do. Why are we using tax dollars to pay her ProjectLincoln TheRickWilson

Time state, federal legislative staff/executive officer staff are rolled into a union. Legislators, executive officers are frequently abusive. This needs to end. Strict rules of behavior should be written, enforced & corrected. Time to stop coddling elected officials. Trx1000 Nope. No stepping down. Trx1000 Good. Right now, I’m with NYGovCuomo

Tell her here in TX we have had an INDICTED Attorney General for 5 years. Paxton won’t resign, trump didn’t resign, Cuomo shouldn’t resign. And she did not call for DT to Resign and he has a Rape charge! Cuomo investigation first then resign. He is so arrogant he won't resign. This is WRONG. Wait for the investigation to finish! Enough of Dems being the only ones required to take a beating! No more Mr./Ms. Nice Person!

He should not resign unless an investigation determines ethics violations. Innocent till proven guilty ! New York State Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign. He will eventually step down. EliseStefanik Really stefaniQ? Why didn’t u call trump out ? FYI, if your only defense of Cuomo is something related to Trump, then you’re no better than Trump supporters who always brought up Obama or Hillary to justify Trump’s actions.

GOOD NOR SHOULD HE. YALL TWO COUNTRY BULLSHIT NEEDS TO STOP NYSenate He is not going to quit, you need to open a criminal investigation. Impeach him as fast as you did Trump and then throw his as in jail... NYGovCuomo While the actions of Gov Andrew Cuomo cannot be condoned, I am sick and tired of Democrats to take the righteousness stance every time some dirt comes out before giving a chance to the person to defend! They did tat to Clinton’s and now Cuomo’s!

Gee, why don't we do it the American way? Symbolically lynch him after the investigation. So Trump's cases can be waived? Oh, HELL no. Please live this man alone. Even Donald Trump who is commander in chief of sexual harassment and most dumbest person was at least one time president of America. REPUGNANTS SMEAR PLAYBOOK IN ACTION. DON'T FALL FOR IT! CUOMO STAYS UNTIL ALL IS INVESTIGATED. PS: WORK ON INVESTIGATING TRUMP AND HIS CRONIES FIRST

NYGovCuomo DO NOT RESIGN. We will wait for the investigation. So we not going to wait on the investigation? Joe Biden was accused by many women of inappropriate touching and now he's the liberals' darling... people just dislike Cuomo because he's a bully. Wonder, how much Trump’s cronies paid her! Last I check, investigations are ongoing, let the facts come out and till them. Zip it!

Top Democrat in New York state Senate calls on Gov. Cuomo to resign What’s to investigate? He’s admitted it. In the name of God go, Cuomo. He’s a sexual predator always on the make and using his office to do it. Do we really want go back to the days when it’s open season on women? Hell no! Don’t be like Trumpublicans by defending it.

Remember that time Al Franken had no history or even rumors about sexual harassment and one comedy thing came up and he resigned because of ethics? Good for him. Have an investigation, THEN decide on guilt or innocence. STOP persecuting people thru the media. Hmmm.... with all the debate over how Covid deaths were determined we will never know the actual count anyway. Dieing of a pre-existing condition while having Covid was counted toward the preexisting condition not Covid. Was that our government trying to make things not so scary?

Utter nonsense. One “scandal” blown out of all proportion layered, likewise, on another. This is a hit job. In the name of God go, Cuomo. He’s a sexual predator always on the make and using his office to do it. Accountability for bad behavior is what should set Democrats apart from Republicans. Do we really want go back to the days when it’s open season on women? Hell no!

Let's have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Accusations are one thing, absolute proof is what is required. M. Cuomo should stand down while this is properly investigated. I am not a huge fan of this man but you know what he has a right to see this investigation through. He was democratically elected by the people of his state he has a job to do until the investigation concludes he did something wrong.

Ted Cruz should resign. Cuomo is a good man ! These Women are looking for 15 minutes of fame ! This has to stop ! I don't think he harassed anyone. I do think he made some women uncomfortable. But none of them said he asked for sex.I do think he under reported the nursing home deaths, and should step down for that.

I thought the Dems were worried about trump not stepping down? The nursing home issue was a lose-lose no matter how he wldve handled it. Think about it.A nursing home resident sick with COVID, bouncing around between hospital&nursing home,it’s musical chairs of death. What do u do?But the sexual assault? He shld resign if it’s true.

NYGovCuomo should not resign. Hmm... Remember when Trump was a dictator if he refused to step down during impeachment? Here we have Cuomo amid sex scandals, threats, political bullying, causing deaths & covering everything up... Where are the hard-ball style media reports? Why go easy on this local dictator?

EliseStefanik What about Ron Jackson? Have anything to say about his sexual comments? I’ll take a wild guess and say no, because he’s a Republican. Watching Dems whataboutism is hilarious. You all came up with this PC purity test not Republicans. I am very tired of politicians who do not understand our justice system.

Wake up America before you're too late, Trump is attempting a Hail Mary pardon from New York State and this is the first step to achieving that. EliseStefanik Still haven’t heard you say anything about Trumps allegations. HS to go I invite criticism of my position, but only 2 of these cases sound like sexual harassment. All are inappropriate, 2 sound like potential harassment, and 1 sounds potentially resignation worthy depending on the veracity of the claim (v. fact). Not that 1 is ok, but just context.

Everyone has a motive for everything that they do or say, what’s yours? He needs to be removed from office today! cuomafia 'Resignation' isn't an appropriate consequence for covering up one-step-removed murders of the elderly. Allegations are meaningless. Why should Gov. Andrew Cuomo resign? love all the people in here wiping this under the rug but when Trump had accusations it was the end of the world!

Trump is the wolf at his door. Jan 27: Trump made an offer to President Xi Jinping to send experts to China to investigate the Coronavirus outbreak & was trend down. Now my Mom got the Covid shot & she is sick because the vaccines needs testing. Trump started operation warp speed not Joe. Funny they didn’t mind the 30 or so allegations against Trump and the 2 woman he paid off..

Give it 10 years and women will be even more single, divorced, depressed, lonely than they are now. No man is afraid of a strong woman, they just dont want an overgrown child. Speak up when it happened like a strong woman, or it never happened. 'Allegations' Do as Republicans would do and stand your ground - flip the script - investigate thoroughly first

GOP opinions don’t matter at this point. Until they stop sucking off from their millionaire/billionaire friends from the private sector, they can STFU. Oh and the GOP doesn’t care about the 99%, but only the 1% What say you SenGillibrand? Pretty clear Republicans are trying to get rid of him to have a Trump-friendly governor for when the lawsuits hit. Don't blame him for not quitting.

AndreaSCousins . Not that I totally disagree but, let him have his day in court or in this case an independent prosecutor put all the evidence out there. Or do your diligence as part of an impeachment process. Show that you can apply the laws unbiased. CNN nytimes billmaher Why should he after all the shit other politicians have done and just kept going?

Tell him to shut up He his scared of persecution A Republican wouldn’t resign. Time for Democrats to play by those rules. What happened with metoo movement? Im suspecting Trump has something to do with this and his criminal family...he obviously hates the man ..too suspicious No don’t resign, that’s why Trump wants

Wow...guilty until proven innocent, huh? RaymondArroyo Let the investigation play out. It’s due process. The worrisome part is CNN isn’t trying to back him which means he is toast Al Franken never should have resigned and neither should Cuomo, until a full investigation is done. Let the investigate process work out. Don’t Franken another Democrat.

We will get to him after trump It might be best 🙁 EliseStefanik Sue. Did the Former step down, with an avalanche more? Nope. Stay, Cuomo. He is a jerk, but this is nonsense. He's a Murderer and a Sexual Deviate! No more Al Frankens. You got to remember that sludge don't stick to slime, which is why most women don't report sexual misconduct, assault, and Rape. Time to put the shoe on the other foot and put the gutter scum back in the gutter.

You want eunuchs as leaders. We have become so narcissistic that we feel harassed by next to nothing. And sexual consent is manufactured by society anyway, even in matter of hardcore sex. Just ask any prostitute! Trump wants him out so one of his buddies can get in to let him off the hook. The timing is saying everything

Impeach the piece of garbage. I guess we don't have to be concerned with CuomoPrimeTime interviewing him any time soon... Republicans if this were Trump: “Fake news! Everyone’s just out to get him!” Dems to one of their own: “Ba-bye, Andrew. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.” Free Cuomo!

The court of public opinion is the worst court of all It’s more about nursinghomes death than stupid MeToo bullshit. COVID19 hoax. I mean he only made policy decisions that led to the deaths of thousands and then covered it up, but sure, let's worry about his shitty behavior towards women. That's what really takes precedence.

EliseStefanik If one more woman accuses Cuomo of being an old, perverted horndog, Cuomo will be entered in a sweepstakes to win a new car!! He’s not going anywhere ! He’s a democrat ! He’s protected and can’t actually believe AP posted this ! Damn ! Was just reading that one of his accusers stories has big holes and she quit her job quickly due to harassment charges against her. I’ll wait for the investigation.

RaymondArroyo Then time to start impeachment! Funny, you are asking him to resign, where were you when Trump was in office. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Tired of the double standard favoring republicans. Don't know how guility Cuomo is, but I damn well know it's a nothing burger compared to what Trump, and other GOP has done and he only got a slap on the wrist. WTF?

Proverbs 16:18 ESV Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. And what am I supposed to do about it? Vote Republican next year? Where was all of the outcry during the accusations against Trump? I am going to wait on Cuomo. It will pass. He just needs to wait them out. He does not need to resign.

Accusations are just that. Until proven in a court of law, why should he resign? EliseStefanik I love all the woke liberals calling for an investigation while at the same time posting tweets that immediately condemned republicans over the past four years. To be a liberal is to be a hypocrite. Don’t do it. Trump wants a gop gov to pardon him for his crimes.

He should step down. I wouldn't either. Let the AG do her job and investigate. I am tired of seeing Dems resign with no investigation to determine the facts. Besides this looks like a hit job by the GOP related dirty tricksters. Wish I understood how the removal efforts come together. Both the nursing home scandal & sexual harassment accusations have been known 4 some time. Who pushes them to the fore? Is it organic? Some1 could make bank n politics if they cld figure this out, Bc Everyone is smear-able

EliseStefanik She can call all she wants. The accusations are minimal and do not qualify. Move on. Democrats ALWAYS call for a resignation before an investigation/trial. ALWAYS. Hell no!!! Dud he grab anyone by the kittie AndrewCuomo DO NOT RESIGN. Why—Remember Donald Trump?! I don't care if he murdered someone, Cuomo can't resign until the Trumps are prosecuted and hopefully put in jail.

ladyndewgreen88 allegations......allegedly......blah blah nursing homes....blah blah The guy is a friggin scumbag and a fraud EliseStefanik Hyphenated last name = bitch. If it is wrong for Republicans to sexually harass women, then it should be wrong for Democrats, too. Enough of the court of social media....let it go through real investigation and/or real courts of law. Not taking a stand either way, but it sure seems to be if you are a replubican you get let off easy, but if you are a democrat condemed before trial. Equal treatment for all..

Good... 🤦‍♀️ fcs... i can't even with these people. GOPPlaybook Did the t camp pay her off? It’s a desperate attempt by the republicans to mitigate Trumps future NY trials that if found guilty would make him ineligible for a second term as a felon. Joe Biden: to defend the truth and defeat the lies. This is *absolutely* the correct call. Cuomo needs to resign & cooperate with Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to ensure a smooth transition. His personal behavior is *completely* out of line & New York deserves a governor who can focus on the *people* instead of fighting multiple scandals.

Fuck me, he's convicted before the investigation. How stink does this have to be. Oh, GOP involved. Pure SHIT! Why don’t Joe Biden have a word? EliseStefanik He shouldn’t resign. Young woman took conversation as a romantic gesture. Therapy needed maybe for this frighted young woman, like Pence couldn’t be alone with a woman besides his wife

EliseStefanik 'undercounting deaths' what about locking them in with the covid patients and murdering them? He won't resign because he knows that's the end of his political career. That said, he's probably trying to line up a job to replace Donna Brazille at FoxNews. ChrisCuomo why doesn’t his brother have him on that Shitty network CNN.. I’m sure they’d love to have a no bias report

NYGovCuomo MUST go!!! Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 3 women! Andrew Cuomo covered up COVID19 Nursing Home deaths Nah. That was a quick trial in Andrea's mind. Never resign just because of accusations As he should refuse. Allegations are not charges, and he's due his day in court. EliseStefanik Good luck with that. He will never resign. He's too power-hungry.

Leave him alone long way to go. Compared to trump Cuomo must resign. Maybe they need a redesign...