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‘Call My Agent!’ UK Remake: Lydia Leonard, Jack Davenport, Jim Broadbent Among Cast; Series Details Revealed Ahead Of Shoot

‘Call My Agent!’ UK Remake: Lydia Leonard, Jack Davenport, Jim Broadbent Among Cast; Series Details Revealed Ahead Of Shoot

5/6/2021 12:15:00 PM
Bron Studios, Call My Agent!, Headline Pictures

Call My Agent! ’ UK Remake: Lydia Leonard, Jack Davenport, Jim Broadbent Among Cast; Series Details Revealed Ahead Of Shoot

EXCLUSIVE: In recent weeks, intrigue has been building in the UK industry about the local remake of French hit Call My Agent! (Dix Pour Cent in France), but cast and plot details have been a tightl…

).We understand that a host of A-list Brit and U.S. guest stars have been lined up across the series, which will be made up of eight one hour episodes and shoot until September.The adaptation will retain the essence of the French series (which has found global success on Netflix) where a Parisian talent agency’s employees must scramble to keep their star clients happy and their business afloat after the sudden death of their founder. However, the remake will incorporate Morton’s British sensibility and introduce some new storylines.

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Exec producer Christian Baute (The Man In The High Castle), Company Director for Headline Pictures, is well-placed to shepherd the remake as a French and English-speaking film and TV vet who splits his time between Paris and London.Netflix’s Call My Agent!

NetflixHe told us: “I first watched the show on TV in France back in 2015 and fell in love with it straight away. I immediately thought it would be a slam dunk in English and I went to speak to TF1. Sometimes people think comedies don’t travel well but when there’s the right mix of comedy and drama and a strong story they absolutely can travel. The appeal of the show comes a lot from its very flawed characters who band together as a community to get things done against the odds. The show ultimately expresses humanity in a very sweet way.”

The remake’s Anglicisations will include a greater focus on Transatlantic industry relationships, and include nods to Brit obsessions such as the class system.“John went to speak to UK agencies and agents and this adaptation is inspired by stories he heard, as well as by books and interviews,” Baute continued.

The tone will remain humorous, we are told, despite numerous agency indiscretions coming to light in recent years as part of the industry’s reckoning with inappropriate behaviour. “Bad behaviour is implicit in the show but not an explicit storyline”, says Baute. “We see human beings, not only mean executives. It’s in the background, but not the focus of our story.”

President of Bron Television David Davoli adds: “There is a whimsical nature to John’s writing and an authenticity to his characters that is sure to resonate with audiences around the world. It is because of John’s writing that we have attracted such strong talent in front of and behind the camera. We are thrilled to be working with Headline Pictures and the fantastic crews in the UK to breathe life into a wonderful show.”

Bron is handling world sales and we hear theJokerandJudas And The Black Messiahfinancier-producer is close to tying up deals in key markets. Interest is high from streamers and traditional broadcasters.Morton, whose popular BBC mockumentaryW1Aran for three seasons, is writing and directing the first two episodes and executive-producing.

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Other writers on the series are Bryce Hart, who is also associate producer, Ella Road, Cat Clarke, Abigail Wilson and Keith Akushie, with Tom Williams acting as story editor. Jessica Swale, Sam Leifer, and M.J. Delaney are attached to direct later episodes with Baz Irvine on board as director of photography, Candida Otton on board as production designer and Rachel Freck casting.

Jim BroadbentAPExecutive producers are David Davoli, Samantha Thomas, Steven Thibault and Aaron L. Gilbert, for Bron Studios, Christian Baute, Frank Calderon and Laurence Lenica for Headline Pictures, and David Tanner from Turbine Studios. Sarah Curtis is producer and Ben Rimmer is co-producer, with Bron’s Emma Fleischer on as supervising producer.

Call My Agent!‘s original producers Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin of Mother Productions and Dominique Besnehard and Michel Feller of Mon Voisin Productions, are also executive producers.While a fifth season of the French original is in the works, as well as a feature, Baute confirmed to us that there isn’t currently a U.S.-set remake on the cards.

Bron recently sold Irish crime dramaKin, also produced with Headline, to AMC+. Headline is best known for co-developing and co-producing Amazon’sThe Man In The High Castleand for movies such as Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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NOOOOOOOOOOO. JUST NO. This is tacky AF. The French production is incredible. A UK remake is POINTLESS and ARRRGHGH JUST NO STOP ITTTTTT Nooo. It just won’t be the same. Although I do like Jack Davenport. GilesBGPerkins Predicable remake fodder Oh I’m not sure about this!!! French one was absolutely perfect!!

This is obviously great for the cast & crew but I don’t understand why do a remake of something which was, is, utterly perfect? Surely there are writers out there w new ideas which could be put into production instead? Don't like that Jack Davenport, something about him Don’t , don’t, just don’t do this !!

I was like 'Oooh' then I was all 'nope nopity nope'. French version just too merveilleux. Fin de. YvesM ! BronStudios ❤️

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There have been great remakes of “foreign” shows. Homeland and In Treatment were both remakes of Israeli shows. And there was The Office - a remake of a UK show. Oddly - All In the Family was a remake of a UK show. Learn to read subtitles Quel horreur. Appreciate the effort, but is this a joke? 😬Genuinely you can't improve on perfection; if you can't understand French to watch the original they do a great job on sub-titles.

No Miriam Margoles? Damn, she would have been great with Jean Gabin. Why? But who’s playing Jean Gabin? Down with this sort of thing.... Tough act to follow. The original was soooo good

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