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‘Call Her Daddy’ Host Alex Cooper Wants to Have the Biggest Podcast in the World

Cooper has built a brand on the link between raunchy talk and female empowerment. To Spotify, it’s worth tens of millions.

4 hours ago

Last month, it was widely reported that 'Call Her Daddy' host Alex Cooper signed a contract with Spotify worth $60 million. She says her understanding of millennials is the key to her success: “In negotiations, I own the audience they all want.”

Cooper has built a brand on the link between raunchy talk and female empowerment. To Spotify, it’s worth tens of millions.

will be available only on the streaming platform.The deal means that fans of her podcast, who affectionately call themselves the “Daddy Gang,” will be getting more episodes of it: Cooper says there will be 48 main episodes ofCall Her Daddya year, plus 26 bimonthly mini-episodes, though Spotify says exact numbers are still in development. She hopes for in-person live events too.

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The biggest addition to Cooper’s job, though, is that she’ll be hosting a second podcast, which is still in early development and will likely focus on crime, she says.“I’m a competitive psycho. I’ve recognized that in the [podcasting] space right now, crime is huge. Everyone wants crime,” she says during an interview at the Greenwich Hotel in New York City. In person, Cooper is warm, chatty and exudes an easy confidence. “I want to be the biggest podcast in the world,” she says at one point. Last year,

Call Her Daddywas Spotify’s fifth-most-popular podcast globally and number two in all female podcast categories globally. Read more: The Wall Street Journal »

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Sadly, I’ve aged out of entertainment… thank god for niches She and her guests discuss innovative ways to perform oral sex on men, so, $20M per year 🤷🏻‍♂️ Should I know who this is? I can't relate to most millennials, probably not worth finding out. Nice to see she finally ditched the fake tan. Help us

I think the show should be renamed to 'Call Your Daddy', and the audience can listen to her dialing up her father to tell him of all her 'exploits', while we can eavesdrop on an exasperated sigh of desperation and the clink of glass as he pours himself another stiff drink. this is terrible news

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