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California Wants Cars to Run on Electricity. It’s Going to Need a Much Bigger Grid

If everyone in California drives an electric vehicle, will there be enough juice?

9/26/2020 1:20:00 PM

If everyone in California drives an electric vehicle, will there be enough juice?

Converting all passenger cars and trucks to run on electricity in California could raise power demand by as much as 25%. That poses a major challenge for a state already facing periodic rolling blackouts as it rapidly transitions to renewable energy.

At Tesla’s “Battery Day” event, Elon Musk outlined plans for a $25,000 electric vehicle using cheaper, more-powerful batteries. The company set a shoot-for-the-moon goal of eventually producing 20 million electric cars a year. Photo: Susan Walsh/Associated Press

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Enron will save the day! 🤣 NO! Let me be the first to put it on the Internet.. ONLY OFFERING ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN CALIFORNIA... 'will not work in the long run' Dictated not written 9/26/2020 4:09 pn GrantMBeasley no chance - dream on California has had rolling blackouts this summer....PG&E is probably the worst power company an yet California voters still vote for the idiots that allow that company to operate and not realize that California’s power grid won’t be able to handle all the electric cars

The short answer: No. The long answer: There already isn't enough juice 😝. Nobody said every car needs to run on electricity No Considering rhey are reducing electric infrastructure, No And what will supply the electricity? Coal You mean OJ? He’ll murder you. They want to do this, but they also regularly shutdown the power. Ok

Sure... Orange juice 😉 More Solar Power, less Big Oil. No Typical of CA. Short of electric power now, then passes a law that requires 25% MORE electricity, with no provision for finding it. As long as they power the grid with recycled dinosaurs. 🦕🦖🦕 They don’t have enough juice now. Fkc bevs... Petrol ⛽️ Powah💪🏼

You can take juice from sun free juice available The weather is so nice in California one wonders why they just don’t walk. Because Cali is just got money to blow on infrastructure right? Get ready for even higher taxes to pay for it Not unless they go nuclear. Hundreds of small nuclear plants all over the state.

We'll make it. Go California. Are you serious? They can't even keep the power on! liberals suck. Maybe CA can stop the rolling blackouts first. More importantly, only when those vehicles need to be disposed of will we realize that they pollute more than today’s gas fueled vehicles. On top of being impractical.

No... CA has to import energy due to self-imposed regulations passed years ago. It demanded a higher percentage of renewable energy, that it now cannot deliver because it is simply not available. The end result will again be higher cost to the consumer with no benefit. GrantMBeasley Each car will have to be a solar panel

California is for dreamers. All of these “pie in the sky” goals are thought up by politicians and Hollywood elitists who will still be flying around in their private jets long after they relegate the rest of us to our electric scooters. Cars are pretty clean today 30 miles to the gallon is possible. Yet people drive around in trucks....lucky if you get 15 miles to the gallon. No California does not have enough power. mandatory all gasoline vehicles minimum mileage is 30 or 40 miles per gallon solved

Why is it that left liberal states feel it necessary to mandate lives especially since there isn't anything illegal? There is always enough juice. Just have to prepare to make 8t available for use. 100% solar. Sure. It’s not like they’re having rolling blackouts every summer. That’s a trip of no return, mandate electric cars and then run out of electricity. Democrats in California careening off the cliff.

They can’t keep the lights on today. DC electricity from cars needs to be converted to AC before it can dump back into the grid. The inefficiencies of conversions from AC grid to DC car, and DC back to AC for grid are more wasteful of fuel than using a bigger generator to create sufficient AC in the first place.

No, there isn’t enough now and transmission causes fires. And California opposes almost all practical forms of power generation. Not to mention a much longer cord! There isn't enough now with the current state leaders, who believes that the next crop of leaders will address California's myriad problems with any more reality?

The real solution to reduce car production and operating pollutions, is fewer cars. Mass transportation is much less polluting than individual vehicles, whichever fuel is used. There is not enough now. California is being run by assassins. DEW. Sell your oil stocks and buy utilities Even fossil fuel used for electric generators is less polluting for electricity produced at large scale, compared to pollution from the total of all individual gas cars' inefficiencies, for the same total amount of energy required.

Seeing's how California has the worlds largest tent city, bigger fish may need be fried. My guess is that the wall street journal is only talking to the rich. They can’t keep the lights on now! Not enough juice to run a washing machine due to a outdated & mismanaged power grid=no electric cars=total control of our mobility!

You do realize that by 2035 we will have fusion power plants, right? Nope. That was easy. Can You say BrownOut ☕️☕️☕️ Maybe cause for the return of street cars and horse and buggies. Hey!! Stop asking such common sense questions! LOL!! 'Hey, Bob look a my new cool Tesla, no carbon created at all, I just plug it in.' 'Jim, do you know where the electricity comes from? A Coal Power Plant and it takes 7 years to break even for the manufacture of the Tesla!'

Very good question. The bigger question is whether or not this will reduce carbon emissions. California government is so full of shit. They cut funding for train service that would have got cars off the road. Its one big traffic jam from central Calif to San Diego. Will there be enough Power Lines? This is a Manhatten Program for the Transfer of electricity, Production is the lesser topic! Do they Realy know what they have done?

Electric cars can use electricity from any future scheme, as cleaner generation methods are developed. Gasoline cars will always create combustion pollution, and need modification to use substitute fuels. Electric cars need no modification when the electricity source changes. Since by the time this would come into effect, those left in the state will be traveling by donkey cart.

People will just drive to Nevada, Oregon and Arizona to buy new cars... In 10 years, it will be polluted by wasted batteries CA can’t even handle the electricity demand during a heat wave in the summer months No, never You're exchanging one source of pollution for another. & no, with psps events becoming more common, commonly hot summers, there will not be enough electricity for several days of the year.

Although fossil fuels will be used for a time, along with wind and solar, to generate the electricity for charging, electric cars, in contrast to gas powered, have no emmissions while idling in traffic jams, reducing pollution. Chargers can be controlled easily to adjust current draw to grid conditions; heavier charging can occur at low-demand times, primarily at night, but can be throttled back automatically during high-demand times of day, while still allowing reduced charging to continue.

I doubt they'll reach their goal, but if they do, they'll have enough electricity. The real question is where it'll come from, and if the source won't be worse for the environment than ICEs are. Of course not. Once again California leads the way Orange juice? Yes Global clean energy installations surpassed oil/gas last year, and the gap will only grow since prices keep falling. The key is to add more utility scale energy storage so the grid can be balanced when needed. This will all ramp up over the next decade as EV sales rise.

No . . . Maybe if they bring back Nuke plants, but the spent fuel rods make that not a great alternative due to storage/waste . . . Can we all just stop with this obsession with cars! Why not bicycles? Scotters? Do you really need a truck just to go to the store? Or to go to work? Europe have the right idea, especially the Dutch!

CA can’t even keep folks AC running With over 60% of the power plants fuelled with fossil fuel in the USA how is it going to benefit the climate, There also needs to be ways of storing energy to avoid spikes in demand People can always buy a gas powered generator to power their electric charging station! Then they should drive quickly to the nearest state!

GrantMBeasley More solar power! Hydrogen I think we should force CA to generate their own power. No importing of power from other states. Let's see if they can build enough solar panels and wind towers. They have put so many restrictions on power generation in CA, I doubt if they could generate enough power.

They have managed their current water & electric supply so well, I don’t foresee any issues... 🤣🤣 WSJ. You took the bait. This 2035 EV mandate is just political theatre. The state with rolling blackouts? Doesn’t produce enough electricity, despite there green initiatives! And how many more forest fire will be set by all the additional power lines?

Oh and electric plants that run on coal and cost $$$ You’re just thinking about asking this captain obvious question now. Wall Street journal doesn’t understand that electric comes from somewhere until just now. Try doing research on companies like Gevo_Inc who’s trying to create bio fuels that are safer for the environment

What's the point? One fire would have wipe out 100x of all the pollution benefits if any, of forcing the entire state on electric cars. Beside the obvious fact this will policy won’t work, American consumers have proven they don’t want electric vehicles. It'll be ok if they can just keep drawing in more power from fossil fuel generators sitting outside of California. Typical left-make their problem someone else's.

Since we know that we need a larger grid, let’s get working on it! While we’re at it, let’s build a proper fiber optic internet network. Why do people peddle this crap Diesel engines modified become zero emission truck vehicles unless you consider clean water as exhaust as the only air pollution. Investigate the Keyou GmbH company in Germany, recently funded by a billion dollar investment company. See: 'Proton Technology, Inc, Canada' cheap H2!

Probably but not if you run the AC full on in traffic AND at home. They can't even keep the lights on. Nope they have blackouts now You mean they don't drill and mine electricity? No such thing as a free lunch. Ooh, it’s just too hard to save the planet. Let’s wreck it instead. DF Americans used to be able to solve major issues. GOP throws in towel.

No I love how people think Electric cars aren’t powered by fossil fuel. Dumb. What an environmental disaster that will be We already have rolling blackouts when it’s hot. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️. Oh dear, this is not going to end well for California. solar? As long as the fossil fuel powered generators keep running.

The Electrical GRID will Certainly Fall !!! nope 😂 thanks

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