California theme parks can now welcome out-of-state visitors, it seems

California theme parks can now welcome out-of-state visitors, it seems

4/22/2021 5:22:00 AM

California theme parks can now welcome out-of-state visitors, it seems

SeaWorld was the first to welcome them. But a state public health spokesperson confirmed that if fully vaccinated against COVID-19, people living outside California can attend. Disneyland and Universal Studios aren't ready yet.

Here’s what is reopening as statewide travel reboundsThe California Amusement Parks and Attractions trade group was caught off guard Tuesday by SeaWorld’s move to allow out-of-state guests, then released a statement Wednesday indicating it was on board with the park’s interpretation.

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“As vaccinations become more widespread and state guidance evolves, individual parks may update their own responsible reopening plans in accordance with state and local public health regulations,” the association said.AdvertisementUniversal Studios Hollywood isn’t ready yet. “While visitation to our theme park is currently available to California residents only, we are assessing next steps to implement changes to previously released guidance, and will share updated information when it becomes available,” park spokesperson Audrey Eig said.

Disney released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying: “Until further notice, only California State residents are allowed to visit Disneyland Resort theme parks.”Ever since the state announced last month it was accelerating the allowed reopening of theme parks, Southern California parks began preparing for their long-awaited return to business — albeit with capacity limits.

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia and Legoland initially reopened for pass holders April 1 — the first day California theme parks were allowed to resume operations after a more than yearlong closure due to the pandemic. Universal Studios Hollywood opened April 15 to passholders and April 16 to all other Californians. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park are scheduled to open April 30.

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. You're actively contributing to the torture and abuse of animals when you report this atrocity. First of all, people should NOT be seeking out crowd entertainment. Secondly, all of these horrific parks should be closed and the animals released. Sea💩 opening to out of state residents because attendance is down!

SeaWorld, a culture of literally all the worst decisions I heard that you have to have an ID to get vaccinated.. Now you have to have an ID to visit theme parks? Isn't that racist? And if not, doesn't that mean that voter ID isn't racist? 🤔 After watching blackfish who wants to support SeaWorld? No thanks!

Yeahhh !