California sees first daily decrease in ICU hospitalizations

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.

4/10/2020 4:23:00 AM

NEW: California experienced its first daily decrease in intensive care hospitalizations since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are the latest coronavirus updates from around the world.

in multiple states by parents of children killed in the Newtown, Connecticut, mass shooting for using his website and show to promote the false conspiracy theory that the attack was a hoax.In March, New York Attorney General Letita James sent Jones a letter demanding he cease and desist selling supplements and creams under false coronavirus claims.

California police are arresting dozens of protesters after curfew in Los Angeles and Oakland Episcopal bishop 'deeply offended' by Trump using Bible, church as a 'prop' Live Updates on George Floyd Protests: Tear Gas Clears Path for Trump to Visit Church

The FDA has not yet approved any vaccines or treatments for COVID-19, the disease associated with coronavirus.Share this -Dartunorro Clark, Geoff Bennett and Peter Alexander1h ago / 12:12 AM UTCFederal funding for local coronavirus testing to end on Friday

Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that federal support for community-based coronavirus testing sites across the U.S. will end on Friday.Pence said that many of the sites will not close, but will instead be managed by local officials."In this instance, we wanted to at least give them the option to take control of that. But, we will continue to resource them with personnel, supplies, and any other support they need going forward,” he said at the daily White House coronavirus briefing.

The availability of widespread testing remains scarce in the U.S. and public health officials have called it a failure of the administration's coronavirus response. And although states are expected to take over testing, some sites will close. For instance, a

drive-through testing sitein a hard-hit area of the Philadelphia suburbs, which has tested 250 people a day since late March, will shut down, according to the director of the Montgomery County Commission on Health.A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services told NBC News in a statement Thursday that the federally-managed testing sites were initially formed to create “immediate high impact intervention."

Share this -2h ago / 11:46 PM UTCTrump says Russia, Saudi Arabia 'close' to deal to salvage oil sector amid pandemicPresident Trump said Thursday he spoke by phone with Russia’s President Putin and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman about the oil industry, in an attempt to salvage jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bragging on television jinxed them ..... Go, Cali. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Yeah, but how is this somehow bad for Trump? Please tell, I'm a Democrat who can't go 10 minutes without my Orange Man Bad report. Please, help! brooklynmarie Amazing what you can achieve with competent governance. And? 期待连续下降 April showers bring May flowers

Sailor from USS Theodore Roosevelt in ICUA sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt has tested positive for the coronavirus and transferred to ICU after being found unresponsive in their room in Guam. Latest updates | cases per million population👇 COVID2019 COVID19Pandemic very sad. He will come out strong, physically and mentally by the grace of the almighty. He will soon be with is lovely family The USNavy owns this! This is their fault! No matter what War you’re fighting sometimes you must break a few rules to save your soldiers/sailors it’s called Commonsense! My heart goes out to all the sailors of TR and Captain Crozier!

Mom covers her ICU nurse daughter in a sheet to give her a hug'I see on social media that all these healthcare workers are feeling very isolated and I didn’t want that to happen her.' does that work? “ hey can I cover you in a blanket to give you a hug?” This is heartbreaking. Just thinking about all the isolation, stress and high risk medical staff around the world has to face is a tear-jerker...

U.K.'s Johnson, Suffering From COVID-19, Spends 2nd Night In ICUForeign Secretary Dominic Raab said: 'I'm confident he'll pull through.' Meanwhile, the U.K. on Tuesday set a new high for COVID-19 deaths, with 786 succumbing to the disease. NPR would be in intensive care if it didn’t scam American taxpayers out of $75 million in the Covid19 Stimulus bill. DefundNPR WHO and China Deceiving the world 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hang in there Boris! You’ve got this! Gotta get well for that new member of the family on the way!

Karl-Anthony Towns' Mom Still In ICU And Needs Prayers, Says John CalipariNBA star Karl-Anthony Towns' mother, Jackie, remains in ICU and continues to fight her battle with coronavirus ... this according to KAT's old coach, John Calipari. Prayers Prayers up, my aunt, mom , dad, and have it. My grandma is stressed and in the hospital. 🙏🙏🙏

USS Theodore Roosevelt Sailor In ICU After Testing Positive For COVID-19The aircraft carrier now has more than 400 confirmed cases after its captain was ousted for expressing concern about the virus. He wasn’t ousted for “expressing concern”. Report the whole story. The Chinese thank you for that information,,, 🤦 alezvay

Steph Curry FaceTimes Oakland ICU Nurse, 'I See You Have My Jersey On!'Amazing moment from Steph Curry ... who found out about an ICU nurse on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle who wears his jersey for inspiration. Still blew a 3-1 finals lead Why don't he give the nurse 25K