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California's wet season hasn't brought much drought relief and the outlook isn't promising:

2/22/2021 10:44:00 PM

California's wet season hasn't brought much drought relief and the outlook isn't promising:

Little to no precipitation is expected through the end of February. - Articles from The Weather Channel |

Just under 58% of the state was in severe drought Feb. 16 compared to just over 74% on Jan. 5.However, 99% of California is still at least abnormally dry. Just a small corner in the far northwestern part of the state is not because of stormy pattern there.

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Drought changes from Jan. 5, 2021 to Feb. 16, 2021.(U.S. Drought Monitor)The late January storm also helped the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains. But since then, snowfall has not been as abundant. This has caused the percent to average for snow water equivalents in the Sierra to decrease, according to the

California Department of Water Resources.The central Sierra is closest to where it should be for this time of year for water content in the snowpack at 75% of average. The southern Sierra is just about half of average for mid-February and the Sierra Nevada snowpack across the state is about two-thirds of average.

AdvertisementMountain snow is important in the West. Snowmelt is crucial to California's water supply because it recharges reservoirs and rivers downstream during the dry summer and early fall.Numbers indicate the percent to average for Feb. 18 for how much water is contained in the snowpack.

(California Department of Water Resources)Any Help Ahead?California receives most of its precipitation during the winter and early spring. If this doesn't happen it raises risks for wildfires and water availability in the summer and fall. Read more: »

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