May 28 Us Coronavirus News

May 28 Us Coronavirus News

California records highest single-day increase in Covid-19 cases

California is reporting the largest single-day increase in confirmed cases since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic

5/29/2020 2:22:00 AM

California is reporting the largest single-day increase in confirmed cases since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic

The US coronavirus outbreak has altered daily life in almost every way. Here's the latest updates on US Covid-19 cases, deaths, reopenings, the government response, unemployment and more.

Cancer patients given hydroxychloroquine combination for Covid-19 infection more like to die, study findsFrom CNN's Jacqueline HowardHydroxychloroquine sits on a shelf at Rock Canyon Pharmacy in Provo, Utah, on Wedneday, May 20. George Frey/AFP/Getty Images

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New data on cancer patients who were sick with Covid-19 finds those treated with the controversial combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin were more likely to die than those who weren’t.Early data published in the medical journal The Lancet on Thursday showed that patients treated with the two drugs, once strongly promoted by President Trump, were nearly three times as likely to die within about a month. The researchers found no significant increase in risk for patients given either drug alone.

The researchers from across North America and Europe looked at data on 928 cancer patients who also were infected with Covid-19 in March and April. Overall, 121 patients total — or 13% — died during the study period and within 30 days of being diagnosed with Covid-19.

"This is early and evolving data, and more time and analysis will be needed to confirm and expand on these findings," Dr. Jeremy Warner, who worked on the research and is an associate professor of medicine and biomedical informatics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said in a written statement on Thursday.

"Right now, we’re working to quickly get information about why some patients with cancer become infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and identify the factors that affect disease severity and death," Warner said."We're also interested in the effects of treatments that are being used to treat patients with cancer who have COVID-19."

Other studies have also found a higher risk of death among coronavirus patients treated with the drugs. One is an antibiotic and the other is a malaria drug also approved for inflammatory diseases such as lupus. Read more: CNN Breaking News »

If WE had the tests when WE needed them this number would would not be so high today. This should be no real shock. What did they expect from relaxed restrictions? Open them beaches👀 Here we go round 2 cause people do what ever they want and dont listen Is that because testing has ramped up? Report hospitalizations - that is a more accurate metric.

What? Didn’t hear you? Nobody is listening to you anymore since you never report accurate news items propaganda FakeNewsAlert Anybody surprised by this? They don’t want to follow guidelines, they think it’s gone away,........ what happens to a smouldering fire when you give it a fresh supply of oxygen?

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I’m worried about Minneapolis But there were warnings right? Cnn fake news And they are opening the beaches and some businesses...i guess money is more important then lives, I'm staying put...being stupid is not an option for me...i value my health, without my health I am worthless There's over 8 billion of us. Most are worthless. Let sweet mother nature do what she does!!

NEW: Police have arrested a man for allegedly beating an elderly man in a nursing home in Detroit, Michigan, after videos of the incident surfaced online. ***Warning: Graphic Content*** Trump:Fake News thanks to governor for letting people crowd beaches and resturants! On 5/25 it looked like there r no restrictions. In 14 days or so things gonna get worse, just wait.

All on trump wanting to open quickly and the moron is against wearing a mask! America needs to get real! Stay at home! If you have to go out then SD! It is incredible in a country that has so much going for it that people still don’t understand the basics ! Wash hands! SD! and don’t congregate together ! Good luck guys ! Just very sad !

No way, I'm shocked 🙄 You post lies so I thought I’d help ya. Yeah so what? The virus is still out there and is infectious. It IS going to continue to spread. No cure and no vaccine. Until they are available, it will spread. This is the Sheep driving Tesla’s to get tested God save us. All from this birus

MakeTheArrest Fake phoney Really sad , even though all these events were predicted, not many practiced precaution. This is how our species is going to end . MayorOfLA LongBeachMayor factsfaraone Orange County, thanks a freaking lot. Tesla ❤️ Awesome keep them all together Reopening the state too soon. Sad...

It’s best that we test people so they can target the positive cases... if we open up and people aren’t careful were going to be right where we started!! I love California Raisin. More test Y are you the only peoplereporting increases and everyone else reports how cases are decreasing FearIsASuperpower

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GavinNewsom Bring on the fear mongering. Fake news FALSE...Not in Southern California 💯 Why is the f’ing Mayor campaigning with the city’s money?😷 Exactly what Gov Newsom was trying to avoid by keeping the state on full quarantine, but naw certain ppl valued money over health What's the % positive rate over time? Doesn't say in article and would give a better insight into the numbers.

This isn't going away without lock down. Opening the country is insane. The Republican Party is allowing herd immunity. Literally, survival of the fittest. Sacrificing the weaker, older, etc. If we had a leader Jacinda Ardern in New Zealand most everyone would live.

Charts: COVID-19 cases in Alabama, California and Virginia are surgingAs the U.S. confirmed coronavirus case count inches toward 1.7 million, California, Alabama and Virginia are seeing case numbers surge. Sad to hear that... WuhanVirus ChinaMustPay 'For wherever two or three gather in my name ,there i am with them.' - Covid 1:9

California nears 4,000 deaths from COVID-19While much of California is steadily lifting restrictions, two Northern California counties have had to roll back plans as coronavirus infections jumped. California had 2717 new cases yesterday. That’s the highest number of new cases. If new cases get out of hand, we’ll be under another lockdown. We need to keep new cases low to protect us, the medical professionals, all essential workers. We owe it to them.

Barbershops to open as COVID-19 rules ease in parts of CaliforniaBarbershops and hair salons can re-open with some changes to their operations in parts of California where public health officials call it safe, Governor Gavin Newsom said on Tuesday, as the most populous U.S. state continued to ease its coronavirus-related restrictions. behappy🐝

LA Sues California Company, Alleging 'Sophisticated' COVID-19 FraudThe city attorney accuses Wellness Matrix Group of 'shocking deceptive conduct' over its sales of purported 'at-home' coronavirus tests and virus-killing disinfectant. Did they work or not? “falsely claiming that the tests were FDA approved” : So Be It नाय की तस्वीर हमारे यहां भी है लेकिन नाय होने मे वेवधान बहुत है।। गरीब को आखरी में या नहीं जैसा।

California Is The First State To Offer COVID-19 Aid To Undocumented ImmigrantsThe California relief initiative, first announced by California Gov. Gavin Newsom in April, marks a collaboration between the state and nonprofit groups hoping to relieve some of the burden faced by the immigrant community, particularly as it has faced higher rates of infection and disproportionate financial impacts.

States with the most unemployment claims due to COVID-19 include California, New YorkThe places where unemployment rates are projected to be the highest in the coming months tend to be those that rely on industries that will likely bear the brunt of the current economic downturn. Хорошо Hmm...what else do they have in common that is more impactful on the economy than industries? Oh yeah, Democrat governors.