California recall that could oust Gov. Newsom projected to cost state $215M

The state Finance Department made the preliminary projection about a month after a coalition of county officials urged the Legislature to cover those costs.

6/11/2021 7:40:00 AM

It will cost California counties an estimated $215,000,000 to stage an expected recall election this year that could oust Gov. Newsom from office, state analysts say.

The state Finance Department made the preliminary projection about a month after a coalition of county officials urged the Legislature to cover those costs.

Amy Osborne / AFP - Getty ImagesJune 10, 2021, 10:16 PM UTCByThe Associated PressIt will cost California counties an estimated $215 million to stage an expected recall election this year that couldoust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsomfrom office, state analysts said Thursday.

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The preliminary projection from the state Finance Department comes about a month after a coalition of county officials urged the Legislature to provide funding to cover those costs, warning that they otherwise would strain local budgets already stretched thin by the coronavirus pandemic.

May 24, 202103:08Without state financial help those costs “fall squarely on the shoulders of counties, creating a severe financial burden,” the counties warned.The preliminary figures were provided by counties that estimated what it would cost for everything from printing and mailing ballots to providing face masks and gloves for election workers.

Legislative leaders and the governor's office continue to negotiate a deal on the new budget, which must be in place by July 1, the state of the new fiscal year.Projected election costs varied widely, from $49 million inLos Angeles County, home to about 10 million people, to about $36,000 in sparsely populated Modoc County, in the state's rural northeast corner.

In Los Angeles, its projection to stage the recall was roughly half of the $96 million the county spent to run the November presidential election.An election date has not been set, but it's widely expected to be held in the fall.The state is in the process of establishing and reviewing projected election costs, which is part of the lengthy, required process before an election is formally authorized.

May 7, 202103:15State officials earlier announced a preliminary tally that found recall organizers had gathered more than enough petition signatures to qualify the recall for the ballot.Democrats supporting Newsom have called the election a waste of taxpayer money, noting that he will stand for re-election in 2022 if he beats back a recall attempt in the fall.

Republicans who deride Newsom as a failure see the election costs as money well-spent in their effort to drive him from office."Given Newsom’s track record, recalling him will save California billions,” said Gus Portela, a spokesman for former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, one of the leading GOP candidates hoping to replace the governor.

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The recall took root last year, driven largely by public dismay with Newsom’s long-running virus restrictions that shuttered schools and businesses.Recent polling has found that Newsom would survive the recall at this juncture.The list of Republican challengers who have signaled an intention to enter the race continues to grow, though no consensus front-runner has emerged. State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley this week became the latest to announce he is considering stepping in.

Other Republicans in the race include businessman John Cox, who was defeated by Newsom in 2018, reality TV personality and 1976 Olympic decathlon champion Caitlyn Jenner and former congressman Doug Ose. Read more: NBC News »

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Know that how some people get a car no matter what kind to get from point a to point b? Its not spelling mind u. Its doing what you want it to do. Communicating assertively and not wasting resources. MSNBC Another Republican negative project that achieves in building nothing, just wasting $, time and good will!

Couldn’t they use that money for a desalination plant taking water from the ocean? Just a suggestion Drought2021 That is completely unnecessary! he's going to win again. I've got to say it again to irritate idiots. There is the future president of U.S. Republicans in California is not just obnoxious but costly as well.

It's ok we can print more money, right, Sleepy Joe Better spent than the $11 billion and counting, wasted and lost by the Newsome administration Money well spent! It’s a waste of time, Newsom will win, And the Republicans can F off, they will lose and lose big.. Don’t ask the Republicans for help. They start stuff but disappear when it’s time to pony up !

Republican former congressman announces primary challenge to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWineFormer Rep. Jim Renacci said Wednesday that he will challenge Ohio Gov. DeWine in next year's Republican primary. Are there any good Democrats in this race? Ewww

Do all of the Republicans realize what they are costing the taxpayers, or do they just not care🤨🤔 They complain about gas prices but spend millions on a a recall YIKES. 😅 Imagine if they put that money to help the homeless crisis ... My money is on him staying and this being a massive waste of taxpayer cash... This is yet another ruse by the GOP. Funny, tRump cried he was being spied on his whole presidency, all the while he was doing the spying.

MSNBC Why have a real Governor when you can have idiotic ones like Kaitlin Jenner..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It’ll cost the state much more to keep him… Good RecallGavinNewsom RECALLnewsom Worth every penny Newsom isn’t going anywhere. MSNBC This is such a waste of our time and money. GavinNewsom is doing a good job. California is in good shape. RecallTheRecall

Newsom recall will cost California taxpayers $215 million, state officials sayAn analysis projects the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom will cost $215 million, an amount that's likely to grow as more candidates emerge. Send the bill to California’s Central Valley: Bakersfield, Visalia, Hanford, Fresno, Madera, Tulare, Selma, Stockton—all of the ugly name towns. They’re the ones who had the most signatures. Keeping Newsom will cost billions. How about we shelter some homeless humans or animals instead?

We don't care about the cost we need him out Nobody pisses away taxpayer money quite like republicans. How much is it costing California tax payers for him to stay in office. I bet much more. Gavin Newsom is a disaster for California. Worth every penny. A huge waste of money. Newsom is not the greatest but compared to the alternative he is a million times better

It will be a big mistake to oust Newsom he is holding the state together. Is that all? Let’s do it twice! IAmSophiaNelson Thanks Republicans for your wasteful time and expense that will go nowhere. You have no ideas or platform except to attack positive ideas for the people. Thanks Putin. let's do it And it will be all for nothing

Newsom bashes federal judge as 'wholly-owned subsidiary of the gun lobby'Gov. Gavin Newsom delivered an extraordinarily fierce rebuke of the federal judge who struck down California’s assault weapons ban Doesn’t matter And? Good!!!!

Maybe I'm just desensitized by the overpriced garbage the government spends money on, but I saw $215 million and thought 'oh okay that's hardly anything' 1/1000th of the Total State and Federal Expenditures. Also supposed to have a $76 billion budget surplus according to Newsom. 🥜's. California is dumb.

Don’t worry about Gavin , he gets recalled . Next time his aunt Nancy is up for election , she will not run . And Gavin will run for congress. The fix is in , follow the money ,and the corruption. What a horrible waste of money!! Use that to fix the homeless problem!!! He should have lifted the restrictions back in March when the cases dropped closest to the levels we have now. Now we are lots of jobs gone, or people who will be evicted. Our state became hostage of “his science.” It worth every dollar spent to recall him

Yes thats worth it. Im sick of his policies and his entitlement to eat at french laundry, and his cunning way to win over la mayor garcia for governorship. He paid for gop candidate ads so la mayor gets bumped to 3rd. How many desalinization plants could they build for that money? Lord knows, the state needs the water and they sit right next to an ocean! USA CAGOP CAdemocrats

NBC News is genuinely worried about wasting money. (Old enough to remember when NBC applauded a multi-trillion dollar spending bill.). Complete waste of time and money. Gonna have an election next year. He will win next year too.

Newsom and California lawmakers approved to receive pay raise amid improving economyThe California Citizens Compensation Commission, which is appointed by the governor, voted 4 to 0 on Tuesday to approve the 4.2% pay hikes for state elected officials. this is terrible news Of course they are I really don't think legislators should receive salaries in most cases, maybe like $50k at the most

Good RecallGavinNewsom While I don’t think Kaitlyn Jenner will win the recall, it is important to not forget that 1/3 of California restaurants did close permanently due to the pandemic, they have the lowest rates yet they are still shutdown, and sales/gas taxes are high. Republicans don’t care how much taxpayer money they waste.

It will be more than worth it. They piddle away moneys like that all the time. Get him out before he gives all our money away. They are definitely fucking property owns already Prop tax CalFIRPTA That’s what Trumpists call being fiscally responsible. Oh don’t be ridiculous. Newsom is doing a great job, and he’s not going anywhere.

I owe you an apology to ever doubt your sincerity and professionalism. It’s was just like a dream to me when I received my first payment. After my second payment it became a reality now after several payments it has become a way of life. Jonas_claw_ He has to go. French Laundry is now hiring servers cook dishwasher and valet parking

He’s gotta go

California appeals judge's ruling that overturned state's ban on assault-style weaponsCalifornia is appealing a federal judge's ruling last week that overturned the state's longtime ban on assault-style weapons, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Thursday. This judge needs to be referred to the bar for expulsion. This clearly shows a person not able to distinguish reality. JudgeBenitez, get bent. Just in case the UK reclaims the USA as a colony, yes, we need well-equipped militia.

That’s ok, tally up the fraudulent EDD claims and it’s no comparison What a waste of money. Ironically, if you used a portion of that money to house & work with the homeless, you'd fix one of the favorite fear subjects of the right wing. Damnit. Shit wasted money, stupid theatrics by MAGA cult fascist loons.

He is not going anywhere. Right, but he unjustly forced the closure of businesses in his State leading to mass poverty when instead he could have just been giving the infected people some hydroxychloroquine. It’ll be money well spent

California appeals judge's ruling that overturned the state's assault weapons banCiting the threat to public safety, California appeals a federal judge’s ruling that declared the state's ban on assault weapons unconstitutional. Shall not be infringed.