California Gov. Newsom signs law to replace term ‘alien’ with 'noncitizen' or 'immigrant'

Gov. Newsom signs a law that will strike the word “alien” from all of California's state laws, replacing it with terms like “noncitizen” or “immigrant.”

9/25/2021 11:40:00 PM

Gov. Newsom signs a law that will strike the word “alien” from all of California's state laws, replacing it with terms like “noncitizen” or “immigrant.”

California passed laws in 2015 and 2016 to remove the term from the state’s labor and education code. But the new law removes it from additional state codes.

Jae C. Hong / APSept. 25, 2021, 7:53 PM UTCByThe Associated PressCalifornia will strike the word “alien” from its state laws, getting rid of what Gov. Gavin Newsom called “an offensive term for a human being” that has “fueled a divisive and hurtful narrative.”

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Newsom on Friday signed a law that removes the word from various sections of the California state code. California passed laws in 2015 and 2016 that removed the word from the state’s labor and education code.But the law Newsom signed on Friday finishes the job by removing the word from all state laws. The word will be replaced with terms like “noncitizen” or “immigrant.”

“By changing this term, we are ensuring California’s laws reflect our state’s values,” Newsom said.The federal government has used the term “alien” to describe people in the U.S. who are not citizens since at least 1798 with the passage of the “Aliens and Sedition Acts.” But Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, a Democrat from Arleta, said the word “has become weaponized and has been used in place of explicitly racial slurs to dehumanize immigrants.”

“The words we say and the language we adopt in our laws matter — this racist term ‘alien’ must be removed from California statute immediately,” Rivas said. Read more: NBC News »

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OK… but why is this such a big deal?’ Look at that he solved the immigration crisis all by himself Scifi fans are gonna be pissed!! Lefties know how to spend money don’t they Bravo! So Newsom is preserving the word ‘alien’ for off world visitors? Good idea! I have always disliked the word illegal alien. I am in.

Lawless We why did offend exterrestials

Gov. Newsom Signs $15 Billion Package To Combat Climate Change In CaliforniaThe largest portion of the package will go to emergency drought relief projects and to expanding the state’s water supplies. If politicians would just shut-up, the level of CO² would probably be cut in half! California ClimateCrisis climate Of which, at best, $1mil will be effectively used

Double payroll taxes for Employers that hire those w out legaL STATUS,,,that way low income Americans will be paid more by forgiving payroll taxes for Americans in similar trades.Jail employer s that fail to pay on the books.,,., We need a lot of help.We need money to fight for our return. To fight for our safety. This Go Fund Me is to ask for help.For the help we need to secure our safety and help fight to secure the future of my son.I ask for justice for my son.He is only a baby and doesn’t deserve this

As long as it has the word illegal in front He is getting better looking as he ages. Very good, he got balls. Stupid! Good, it's truth not a bigoted poll you'd see on history sites which makes me close the site. I bet real Aliens will land in California and tell california how intolerant and offensive that state is to Aliens.

Sure, ok🤣🤣

California Gov. Newsom commits $15B to combat wildfire, drought and climate change“California is doubling down on our nation-leading policies to confront the climate crisis head-on while protecting the hardest-hit communities,” he said.

Change the words all you want, means the samething buddyboy ! What you really need to do is take care and not keep destroying that state of yours or maybe, just maybe the next time you wont make it past a recall and will be taken out of that office you hold so dear ! LoL Immigrants from outer space. Alien should be replaced by 'undocumented'. Petition should be replaced by 'application'. That tells some of the federal government employees still are the graduates of Trump University.

Alien...👽 Doesn’t he have other things to worry about? He really wants to call them 'Non-Registered Voter' but needs to ease into it! When we're finally visited from outer space by other sentient species, papa wants to know do we call them non-citizens or space immigrants? Virginia I wonder how Hollywood will approach that subject. No longer alien abduction, non-citizen abduction?

They’re Illegals all day long!!!!! Your the reason I left my home state for a common sense state! God Bless Texas ( keep Idiots out of my new home state ) Those are valuable voters to the agenda Do you want to be friends? Everything changes depending on whether you want to refuse. It's a question of whether there is love or not. I was disappointed that your level of thinking about foreigners was at this level. Part 2 '

HI Lt. Gov. helps change mind of anti-vaccine leaderDoctor Josh Green, the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii, tells Lawrence O'Donnell he was 'sad' that an anti-vaccine leader who organized protests outside his home was hospitalized with Covid, but 'it is good that he came around.' Islamophobia_in_india Stop. CIA anonymous source dropped report yesterday of entire covid-19 plan for population control, started in 2014 by Obama & Biden. Do research & seek real news folks

The word is not bad. The problem is the act of discriminating against foreigners, such as feelings of exclusion and contempt. Even if I change the proper noun, I can't get the desired result. The biggest theme is how you feel. Part 1 ' Newsom is sensitive like aoc,lets all have a good cry. I suggest the term nonciyizen be restricted to sentients from earth. Aliens may and should be used for invaders from other astronomical jurisdictions.

So what about the martians? I hope he get abducted 👽. Put into alien prostitution. He doesn’t have anything better to do? Should also replace California’s definition of Governor with Idiot. For as long as he is in office. 🙄 GAVIN IS AN ALIEN... Undocumented is best The word 'alien' should be reserved for the original non-human invaders from Europe.

New California law tightens gun-buying loophole exposed by Poway synagogue shootingThe law, just signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, requires the California Department of Justice to verify the validity of a hunting license for those under 21. Click bait, to get you to subscribe to The LA Times.

Yes. 'Illegal' and 'Alien' are dehumanizing. Good going Governor. Aliens are from outer space. When I read the words “alien” and “illegal alien” my mind goes go someone from another planet not simply another country Not news. 👏🏻 the correct word 👍 Ugh. Improve immigration, but breaking into the country should never be ok.

Waste of time. Words have an actual meaning. Ascribing negativity to them is a choice, not inherent. Sometime later the words “noncitizen” or “immigrant' will be perceived negatively and repeat this waste of word play. What is the cost to citizens to reprint/print changes? Thank you for being so intelligent and understanding!!

Why? Because most of his votes during the re- call election where from non-citizens! That is probably so we don't get confused when the real aliens show up. 🙁

Gov. Newsom Signs $15 Billion Package To Combat Climate Change In CaliforniaThe largest portion of the package will go to emergency drought relief projects and to expanding the state’s water supplies. If politicians would just shut-up, the level of CO² would probably be cut in half! California ClimateCrisis climate Of which, at best, $1mil will be effectively used

Sounds rather gimmicky to me, Mexicans coming over to US to work can also be called an expatriate Nice to see in the midst of all of the problems this state has right now our Governor finds new ways to waste time and money. Now this, will resonate with the rest of the country in 2 years. Good call, GavinNewsom .

He might want to wait with the government letting out that they have no way to explain UAP(ufos). The term “alien” sounds inhuman. Why not just “immigrant”? Offical term? Ashaming! Slap to the face of legal immigrants! Migrants. Replace with migrants! Very cool Cool, I also heard he’s renaming “rolling brownouts” “happy shadow time”

California Gov. Newsom commits $15B to combat wildfire, drought and climate change“California is doubling down on our nation-leading policies to confront the climate crisis head-on while protecting the hardest-hit communities,” he said.

Only the US uses that word to describe people, the rest of the world use it for little green men. MarciaBunney “Shrug” Undocumented is the better legal term. We are all immigrants (legal or not). And many legal residents are noncitizens. Wild How about you replace every f’in word that can be misunderstood That should cover 90% of English as we know it.

brontyman When will any of these people learn to use the word that specifically applies - and which has specific legal impact? ('REFUGEE') Good change. ‼️🇺🇸🇺🇸🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Total bullshit, it's ridiculous that pro-crime advocates want to do stuff like call illegal aliens 'undocumented'. They are in this country illegally

Coming from the man who removed Richard Allen Davis from death row. Even though voters in CA supported the death penalty

Gov. Alien signs a law that will strike the word “Gavin Newsom ” from all of California's state laws, replacing it with terms like “stupid” or “idiot.” Oh thank god, Californians are really hurting due to that Thank you. 'Alien' is such a hateful word. No one is an 'alien'. All are persons, residents and citizens in the constitution.

I am not attracted to men but I just noticed from that photo that he is a handsome guy. My father was a immigrant, I never thought of him as a Alien 😄 He can house lots of ALIENS in his new multi-million dollar mansion that he bought for a dollar…🤣 Good!! USCIS doesn’t use it anymore either. Good. Right thing. Thank you, Governor Newsom.

So he's prepping us for when the real aliens reveal themselves? Save Alien for the real Aliens!

The states on fire, homelessness at an all time high, crime out of control, affordable housing initiative is a joke. Billions lost and or stolen from state programs poorly and ineptly run. But by god that word is being smudged out, so we’re saved !! Illegal immigrants right illegal noncitizens. And radiation will now be called ‘magic moonbeams’

Makes sense. So what does this mean for the space aliens? Do they get rights? Signed: resident space aliens Its about time, the word 'Alien' should only use for Real Alien 👽 from Space Create a problem. Then Create a solution to the problem you created. Or. Hehe... rename it. I like that Newsom has done this because I never liked 'alien' but also because it will freak out the Trumplicans & make Tucker Carlson's voice go all high & squeaky

My good friend Balzarr from Alpha Centauri is NOT going to be happy… Welcome back to Cali, political correctness. I've missed the basic human decency you always carried with you. Wish you could also come home to the rest of the nation.

L3HARRIS_DONOT_Leave_AfghanFSRs_Behind A good change. 'Unlike us' it's what they really mean...what else are they left with? What about 'alien' *aliens*? It *is* California after all. Single Wide with Fireplace! Strong and fine! We see you Newsome! ? Aliens are from other planets anyway. Oh God I hate this world and all the stupid idiots in it

Good ppl always get massive pushbacks for doing the right thing. This is a great step in the right direction.

Another reason to love this man! That how you do it. All noncitizens are really immigrants in a way. And they help this country prosper. A law that the typesetter’s Union can finally get behind. We all know Silicon Valley is where the aliens are. Are you nuts. About time? 💭 …Making big moves to better his state for sure. 🤡🤡🤡

good. i was an immigrant. i know the names i was called. i can't imagine how bad it gets for people of colour. an accent alone can bring the nasty out. You gotta go

I lived in the US for 20 years as a “resident alien” and never felt slighted. Now that I live abroad, I file taxes as a “non-resident alien” and I still don’t feel slighted or categorized as something weird or derogatory. But if it makes Newsom happy, go ahead, change it. Much needed. Great job Gavin. This is a “major crisis” and what you should be spending your time and tax payers money on. 🙄

About time. ILLEGALS. check this Small but important step in the right direction That is commendable, The US is the only English speaking nation where human beings, not naturalised or born on US soil, are referred to as “alien.” This may have been appropriate 50 years ago, but no longer is. The US still has a physical earth presence.

Because this will do something... I for one think this is a great thing. Words matter.

Well according to Title 8 United States Code - ALIENS AND NATIONALITY section 1101 (a)(3) The term 'alien' means any person not a citizen or national of the United States. And there is such a thing as a non-immigrant alien. I like that better ❤️ Great! It’s not hard to treat people, in word or action, with dignity. I appreciate Gov. Newsom’s leadership.

Now that you’ve solved the semantic issue what are you gonna do about your homeless population that has taken over your cities? Tourists don’t want to visit your state because of this. Smart. The word 'alien' is de-humanizing. A big part of the problem. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig! Same thing with illegal aliens!

Because.... And you telling me this guy won re-election.

🇺🇸 Words matter TY Gov. Newsom He should also replace it with LGBTQ community. I like that. One more thing he should do, not to call Native Americans Indians, Indians live in India!!!! Good cause the only ones with the word aliens are those from outer space. If it makes them feel better about themselves, I don’t really care what they are called so long as they are removed from the United States. If immigration laws don’t matter, which laws should matter?

Wow, what leadership. Give him an award for using a synonym in a sentence.'s gonna help them alot... Stop with the word politics and do something about it... Noncitizen is way more accurate, also

Words matter! thank you, governor Newsom. Well done! Thank you, Governor Newsom 🙏 Yes!!! Finally I hate that word “alien” People on Mars were offended? California deserves what it gets … I’m so happy he is going to remain governor he’s a good man. Still Alien to me..spend my tax dollars in better ways than this

Oh look, more performative B.S. to distract us from the fact that they're corrupt and have no intention of doing anything substantive to improve peoples lives. WAHOO Illegal Alien, illegal immigrant, or just plain illegal

This guy survived Trump’s jr “girlfriend “…. Anything at this point is just a bonus Now that it's a law. How much do you want to bet that Tucker and Hannity will triple the word alien in their vocabulary... It's their rhetoric🙄 Another successful withdrawal Investor_Teri I invested $1,000 and made $8,000 after 7days of trading. Indeed you are good in trading friends why don’t you invest your money in bitcoin through Investor_Teri. She 100% guaranteed and secured your will never regret it.

Virtue signalling BS. 'Alien' is the legal term for anyone who is not a citizen. They can be; Resident aliens Non-immigrant aliens Immigrant aliens Illegal aliens. Why were actual aliens offended? I like noncitizen. Much more accurate. They are still humans, not visitors from another galaxy. And what are we going to call our outside orbit visitors. That the government isn’t saying but sorta is saying exist?

👽 Hey, just because we’re an undocumented non-white minority doesn’t mean we don’t exist! 🛸 Great! I found that word very offensive & I find the anti-democratic crap bantered about by GOP/far right to be very 'alien' to what I know about being an American.

LMAO he got his priorities straight Hi, I really appreciate it for a while. I'm a full-time SEO professional. Client satisfaction is my first priority. I'll offer you the simplest in my job. If you get to promote your business just click below this link and read more of my offers. Thank you. Gov. Newsom signs a law that will strike the word “French Laundry” from all of California's state laws, replacing it with terms like “blatant corruption out in the open” or “Corporate Gathering”

Changing the name of a problem doesn't solve the problem. So glad he’s focused on the important things. Thank god he won the recall… That will last about five minutes until 'noncitizen' because the new 'n' word. Can we replace the word Governor with the word Compromised Leader Go Gavin!!