California College Professor On Leave After Berating Student Who Is Hard Of Hearing

Officials take action after students post disturbing video of what occurred during an online class at Oxnard College.

2/21/2021 8:31:00 AM

Officials take action after students post disturbing video of what occurred during an online class at Oxnard College.

Officials take action after students post disturbing video of what occurred during an online class at Oxnard College.

who is hard of hearing during an online class.The acting president of Oxnard College, Luis Sanchez, called the video, apparently posted on TikTok by students, “heartbreaking. No matter what led up to that interaction,there’s no justification,” he told ABC 7 TV.

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“It was appalling, honestly. It was horrifying. This is 2021 that we’re living in,” Dr. Patricia Hughes, CEO of the Greater Los AngelesAgency on Deafness, told the TV station.The professor, Michael Abram, appears angry in the video as he badgers the student during the class Thursday. She responds: “

.”He tells her that she has “too much distraction to even understand what’s going on.”When she explains that her hearing translator is “explaining to me everything that you’re saying,” he snaps: “Then maybe ... just have them teach you the whole class ... I see you laughing and smiling and giggling with somebody else.”

A fellow student attempts to help by explaining: “Professor? She’s actually hard of hearing so her translator goes in ... she can’t respond right away.“Abram answers: “She’s not paying attention.She’s not trying.”The Ventura County Community College District announced at a press conference Friday that Abram has been placed on leave, pending an investigation.

The district is “deeply troubled by the behavior seen in a videoposted on social media by students on Feb. 18, showing an interaction between a student who is hard-of-hearing and an Oxnard College faculty member,” said a statement posted on the VCCCD website Friday.

“Comments in the video do not reflect the district’s values of integrity and honesty in action and word, respect and the constant pursuit of excellence,” said Board Chair Joshua Chancer. The district is “opposed to any language or behavior which is offensive or harmful to anyone based on gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability,” he added.

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Sickening, wonder how many situations like this weren't caught on camera. If you think this is bad, imagine what young, disabled children get told at school when they're NOT being recorded on video... This happens more often than you know. In schools, at jobs, at the store, at the airport, at the doctors office.... Think! DeafAndProud

Horrible teachers and tenure go together like congressman and photo ops. Get rid of both. Only two jobs I know of where you can be known as absolutely terrible and not be fired for it. He should be on Administrative review, not paid leave. Paid leave 🙄 OxnardCollege you can do better. Paid leave. Another term for this is vacation.

No. This teacher must be fired! What a horrible thing to do to anybody, let alone a student's professor?! What an asshole ADA Professor have forgotten that maxim: 'customer is always right'. You don't hurt the feelings of those who pay your salary. Crybabyies and their moms run the show nowadays. TRUMP’s College Professor! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸

Weather he was hard of hearing or not. He paid to take the class chill How can he be a teacher and not have patience with his students? Am I the only person who has a job where when I get in trouble I get FIRED. How the fuck do I get put on “paid administrative leave?” Horrible That professor made a lot of assumptions on his video link. Surprising he was tenured and behaving like this. Shocking actually.

He needs to be fired ! OxnardCollege This professor needs to be FIRED! As a mother of a HOH child, there is no excuse or reason to justify his behavior! He’s lucky that wasn’t my kid!! Hopefully when the administration listens to his explanation they pretend to not hear him and fire him on the spot. Mean people SUCK.