California attorney general to issue subpoenas to 6 Catholic dioceses in priest abuse inquiry

California attorney general to issue subpoenas to 6 Catholic dioceses in priest abuse inquiry


California attorney general to issue subpoenas to 6 Catholic dioceses in priest abuse inquiry

The move marks another escalation of the California attorney general’s investigation of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal.

The dioceses in Sacramento, Fresno, Orange, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Francisco received notices sometime last week that they would be issued the subpoenas. It’s unclear whether any have officially received an order.

“We anticipate [the subpoena] any time,” said Kevin Eckery, a representative for the Sacramento diocese.

“To protect its integrity, we don’t comment on potential or ongoing investigations,” officials said in an email to The Times.

Read more: Los Angeles Times

RaymondArroyo Pray for Bishop Brennan in Fresno. He would love to bring back the Latin Mass and inherited a complete mess from his predecessors. He does not want business as usual. roccopalmo Brace for another bout of lies, deceits and betrayals🙁 Good. Throw out every last one of them that had anything to do with abuse.

New York attorney general intensifies investigation into the NRANew York Attorney General Letitia James issued a new, wide-ranging subpoena in the probe, a person familiar with the document told NBC News. THANK YOU NewYorkStateAG !!! Someone with the courage to do something NRA WitchHunt

New York Deepens Its Investigation Into the N.R.A.The New York State attorney general, Letitia James, has issued a new subpoena to the National Rifle Association, deepening her 8-month investigation Leave it to both liberals; ‘N.Y.Times’ + N.Y. AG office to ‘subpoena-again,’ the National Rifle Association. Democrats all love to tell us voters how much they support (‘ya-right!’) r 2nd Amendment of r Constitution ‘Guess what, America’..Dems don’t! Elect Dems = find out!! When will you look into this NewYorkStateAG If this Ugly Thing spent as much time Pursuing Drug Traffickers in her Hometown (NYC Slums) we would all B better off.

Barr condemns IG report's finding that FBI probe of Trump campaign was justifiedBREAKING: Prosecutor tasked by AG Barr to lead separate review of the Russia investigation has released an extraordinary statement where he disputes an inspector general's findings, despite the prosecutor still leading the ongoing review. Wasting tax payers funds Clifford1462 Durham has just proven he is on Putin's payroll. Did you not listen to Linda the other night?

Trial begins in U.S. states' effort to block T-Mobile/Sprint dealT-Mobile and Sprint begin their court battle to defend their long-sought merger from a challenge by a coalition of U.S. state attorneys general opposed to the deal T-mobile and Sprint aren’t giving over phone records like AT&T. 💢 📰| The harvest of Isl;amic state news in Shaam Wil;ayah - Barakah from 7-9 Rabiʼal-Thani 1441H ImpeًachmentHeaًrings / Liًzzo / // Boost YouTube Videos Rank Organically [Go Viral]

On Fox News, GOP Rep accuses Adam Schiff of 'spying' on the press, members of Congress and Trump's attorneySchiff has faced criticism from Republicans for subpoenaing the phone records of several individuals involved in the impeachment inquiry against Trump. Dreadful sad Fox and GOP GOP Accusing him of “pulling a Nunes” That is correct, this is not over my friends, Americans need to wake up and get pissed. We have been taken for a corrupt 3 year ride down the DNC and MSM shithole.

William Barr Goes Rogue on His Own Inspector General’s Report on Russia InvestigationWhy did the attorney general and his handpicked prosecutor undermine the findings of his own investigation? That the Fix was in for the Dems,, anything to hurt Trump. After all , he's seeing how much we're stealing from the American taxpayer. NOT ROGUE! He has a purpose to protect this president at all cost. Corrupt.

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