Caitlyn Jenner says transgender girls in women's sports is 'unfair'

Jenner changed her position on trans people competing in sports in what some are calling an effort to pander to Republican voters.

5/3/2021 7:47:00 PM

Caitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic champion and reality TV personality now running for California governor, says she opposes transgender girls competing in girls' sports at school.

Jenner changed her position on trans people competing in sports in what some are calling an effort to pander to Republican voters.

The Associated PressCaitlyn Jenner, the former Olympic champion and reality TV personality now running for governor in California, said she opposes transgender girls competing in girls' sports at school.Jenner, a 1976 decathlon gold medalist who came out as a transgender woman in 2015, told a TMZ reporter on Saturday that it's “a question of fairness.”

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“That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. It just isn't fair. And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools,” Jenner said Saturday during a brief interview in a Malibu parking lot.It was Jenner's first comment on the issue since announcing her candidacy to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, in a recall election. Five states have passed laws or implemented executive orders this year limiting the ability of transgender youths to play sports or receive certain medical treatment. There’s been a vehement outcry from supporters of transgender rights.

Jenner, a Republican, supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election but later criticized his administration for some discriminatory actions against transgender people.Many transgender rights advocates have criticized Jenner, saying she has failed to convince them that she is a major asset to their cause.

Kai Shappley, a trans 10-year-old who lives in Texas, asked Jenner to"stop hurting" trans kids.If you don’t want to help trans kids at least stop hurting us!!! 🥺 Not all trans people are rich, white, and live in CaliforniaSome of us have had to fight for equality. And yes this is MY tweet. Mom has her own account 😡

— Kai Shappley HER/SHE 🍫 (@KaiShappley)May 2, 2021Some trans people said Jenner doesn't represent the community.Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t represent trans people. She doesn’t even represent cis views on trans issues, considering 68% polled are against laws banning trans girls from sports.

She represents no one but herself, power hungry, ready to step on other trans people for political gain. Read more: NBC News »

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So she wants people who cannot accept her own gender identity to vote for her? They literally call trans persons mentally damaged. I oppose her competing in politics, not because she is transgendered but because she is ridiculously unqualified. Please Jenners and Kardashians—go away for awhile. Live your best lives but please, we don’t need to know.

You tell em Bruce Such a hypocrite too ! Bruce was not this person Any you believe what it says In other words she opposes boys dressing up as girls so they can play girls sports I oppose stupid people running for office. I oppose news organizations giving washed-up-has-been morons platforms.

Go away Please stop this is getting stupid Don't bite the hand that feeds you. I don't think you can say that. Caitlyn is a different person that never competed in any Olympics. She got to compete as a man and benefitted as a man until she could come out comfortably with money and privilege to protect her. Now she said to the younger generations that they are not valid and should suffer. Disgusting troll.

How about the Olympics? How do you go from woman of the year to the most hated woman of the year. This South Park GIF should be the only response to amplifying her. How about we just have general sports now instead of separating it into girls and boys sports, just to make it fair. Good grief, how many times do we have to see this stupid article? It literally is showing up on my timeline multiple times a day. Are the news outlets running out of fodder?

Stop giving this fraud airtime. Nothing of value. So it’s ok for her to be trans but not anyone else. Ok. That’s on brand for that whole family. Gross. I really hope no one votes Jenner in. This is none issue, provide names of schools where this happened? This is just misinformation and misdirection by the Republicans, there are far more important issues out there, housing getting the people off the streets, education funding, public healthcare, local transportation

She is right. Atta boy Bruce. that is one confused human. The sad part is, there are people out there that will vote for said human to head one of the biggest states in the country. fml S(he) is absolutely right. So, she’s right about one thing at least! She knows nothing. I say let them play... what could possibly go wrong

How to make our Government officials look even more ridiculous 🙄 elect more ridiculous TV personalities. Haven't we learned our lesson yet?

And the “LEFT” is coming for her/him… how dare she/he go against the NARRATIVE of what she/he’s supposed to BELIEVE! 🤔☝️ When I look at he/she I just want to vomit Sounds like she's insecure with whom she has become. Wonder how she feel about transgender girls using a women's bathroom. Somebody leading her on a dead end street to nowhere.

Can’t she just go away like her damn tv show. She dumb Dubious campaign messaging? Must be Republican. She speaks the truth and the democrats are running to their safe spaces. Go Caitlin go! Run for governor! CaitlynJenner What a dick So does that mean Bruce is admitting that girls are girls and boys are boys?

Havevto agree XY is not XX

I'm sorry you were born Chris Jenner DNA is Chris Jenner you will leave this earth Chris Jenner Shame on her Jenner running should cinch Newsom staying in office. I've been reading a lot about famous people suddenly running for political office. You know what's missing in all those reports? How is this person, whose only asset seems to be name recognition, qualified & experienced to be an effective & competent public official.

As far as Susan54634251 is concerned, the parents of promising young female athletes who end up losing to biological males can go hang. The ambitions and dreams of THEIR kids don't count. Their daughters don't have that Y chromosome that would make them important enough. Hey dude/dudette or whatever. SFU

She/he has a lot of nerve I disapprove of Caitlin. Stop electing dimwit, know-nothing celebrities to important, powerful political positions! More theater from her just to stay relevant and in the media.

What a surprise, a transgender former athlete speaking out against transgender rights to appease her republican base. Party over morals, how on brand for the GOP And you guys are going to get upset about that despite how eminently reasonable that opinion is. Well, there you go Rep, she’s all yours. Wait a minute - common sense

That does not sound like a good campaign issue..... Since Caitlyn won the Decathlon in 1976, think how well he/she would have done in the Pentathlon. Now you are criticizing the one who you had given the god status? I don't understand how one being part of the LBGTQ community and being Republican works. How can you be a part of a party that for the most part thinks your immoral and has mental issue? Google Renee Richards, being a transgender women doesn't mean you can beat the women.

And rightfully so... So is it ok if i dnt want a transgender as my governor

A great example of when you hate yourself Caitlyn_Jenner Stop giving this asshole free publicity. She's going by IOC guidelines. People far more intelligent than many Americans Shim/sherm is really more on the right of moderate than most would know. Good When voters choose populist vs. qualified, this is a testament to our values. We MUST stop electing figures who have little to no experience in law, budgets, public health, and diplomacy! Voters have to take their civic duty more seriously & consider only those qualified.

Good for you! Biological males differ from biological females, difference in bone/muscle mass, heart size, lung capacity, one has ovaries, one has prostate, it’s common sense! Have male, female and transgender sports but don’t allow biological males to compete in female sport How twisted and weird broadcast news is.

Boys, even those who take replacement therapy hormones are much stronger than girls. Their basic physical structure is male and it would be unfair for girls who have fought so hard to be taken seriously as athletes to have to compete against someone who is essentially male. She is not a supporter of trans rights nor is she a spokesperson for all trans people. It would be good if you didn’t amplify her marginalization of trans girls.

Liberal progressives, once again, are showing their true racist, nasty colors attacking her. Just like with Sen Tim Scott. These people are ugly while hashtaging no H8 How does one just keep missing the mark? Seriously? You love me now that should I think all transgender should have to join women's sports

After transition a trans person has to wait while the hormones take effect. I'm not a doctor so whatever that time is should be applied as a standard EXCEPT before puberty. Then it doesn't make any difference. This drumbeat to attack trans people is just prejudice.