Caitlyn Jenner Says Joe Rogan's Joke About Her Transition is Transphobic

Caitlyn Jenner Says Joe Rogan's Joke About Her Transition is Transphobic

9/16/2020 11:14:00 AM

Caitlyn Jenner Says Joe Rogan's Joke About Her Transition is Transphobic

Here's what Caitlyn Jenner has to say about Joe Rogan's ignorant joke about her transition.

told about her transition, claiming it's simply transphobic and hurtful to the entire trans community.Caitlyn's on"TMZ Live" Wednesday ... talking about Rogan's podcast last week, in which he recounted a bit he once told in 2016 about her transition ... and likened it to her being driven crazy by living with the Kardashian women, whom he calls"crazy bitches."

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Joe broke down his joke-writing process toTim Kennedyabout the Caitlyn bit that he used in his Netflix special,"Triggered," explaining in his eyes some people are born trapped in the wrong gender, while and others become that due to their environment.

He joked Caitlyn might be the latter ... using the"he" pronoun and calling her"Bruce." Caitlyn's upset at that, but even more upset at Joe's characterization of her daughters.Caitlyn takes her own shots at Joe -- who is super successful -- saying her daughters have done better in every department.

BTW, Caitlyn just launched her own. It's seriously worth a watch. Read more: TMZ »

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Cra-cra I see Bruce looking for a reason to remain relevant. Oh shut up 🤐 Bye Dude 😂😂😂 He killed a lady while texting Wow I used to be a winner now look at Bruce Jenner South Park made fun of caitlyn the best Didn’t you oppose gay marriage for most of your life Jenner? And you’re really gonna sit here and call Rogan homophobic?

I don’t care what they say. That was funny. I agree also. Be what u want to be. But still funny 🤔 Does she not understand comedy shows arent real life? LMFAO boo hoo Caitlyn talking about how her daughters got famous because they are smart and hard working is probably the funniest thing. The only hard working one is Kim in that video😂

gender bender 😂😂😂 We live in a world where both south park and people who get offended by everything exist Joe used to make people eat bugs on his TV show, consider the source. Nobody gives a damn about Bruce smh Stop crying over jokes It’s life live with it You spent 60 years as a Bruce Jenner a male iconic hero. There is going to be some feedback there is going to be some jokes.

This thing is creepy. 🧟‍♀️ Oh Caitlyn grow a pair! Never mind...😗 Everything is Transphobic/homophobic 🥴 I am speechless Bruce Jenner. she has man hands and still sounds like bruce jenner. HEY BRUSE!!!!! HEY MAN YOU IN THERE? Awwwwww she lost the attention she got when she became a man now wants joe organs attention. Look MAN!!!!! Just cut Yur dick off and people will talk about u for another week

But you admitted it was a joke so... Did she say ... TRANS Ooop, someone needs some attention .. Freak show express She/he looks like a sweaty amandabynes BruceJenner She literally killed someone and got away with it I bet Caitlyn can beat Rogan in the decathlon. Well if a Kardashian said it it must be true. DGAF

That lady will do anything for attention. Free speech ... it works both ways Why is it so mad? Rogan made that joke a while ago...I’m sure it’s heard worse. Well, Caitlyn killed someone so what’s worse? Remember when 'Catlaiyn' ran an old lady over with his car Remember when 'Caitlyn' hit an old lady with her car

Well, TMZ knows what crap their target market will click on... 😂No it’s not! It’s accurate. Enough of this made up pc and let’s get back to just being correct. No one... and I mean no one give a fat flying fuck. Bruce, you’re a joke So what if it was? WTH !!!!! was a joke Lol U r disgustin' 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

theposieparker Get over Bruce.u did this to yourself stop trying to act like ur so hurt when u know people have said worse things to u Why is everyone so afraid to say it? This guy is mentally ill ! Joe is clearly a target now. She'll never have what it takes to be a Kardashian. It’s ‘he’ not her Don't bring me down. Bruce. No no no no no. Ooh ooh ohh. I'll tell you one more before I get off this floor, don't bring me down.

Well if your going to be in the spot light you need to be able to deal with stuff like this. He is a comic- no one is immune to his jokes- if you don’t like it- turn it off and walk away- problem solved. If you Born as a( he) I think facts will confirm you a (he). I think Bruce and his peers are living in denial.

That’s a dude. science remember? So what the presidents remarks about other nationalities is racist DNA doesn't lie. Joe is more self made than any kardashian or Jenner. Booooohoooooooo If Rogan said “I’ll let u come on the podcast IF Joey Diaz is also on and we get to make all the jokes we want no limits” Jenner would jump all over it

No one cares........ Joe Rogan's a comedian. Relax. He's just busting your balls. Really? Well I guess most of us are transphobic. Who told transgenders that anyone is suppose to accept their way of life? If bruce or any other person wants to be something they're not thats their business don't force the rest of us to accept it

Shut up. How many times is this gonna be posted? Really sad Still disgusted that she won “woman of the year”. Having 0 idea of what a real woman actually goes through in life. Ucan go after JoeRogan for way more than that too. 'Consensualsex has only been around a few100years,meh,whats big deal'paraphrasingREsexual assault&he supports Trump&promotes FoxNews lies as truth & lies he's mostly a liberal progressive whocoincidentally just fled fromLAtoTexas

It’s a joke Awww. He got his feelings hurt..... Seriously She did the Alec Baldwin roast and heard worse things.. now she wants to cry about someone else making a joke? Just sounds like she wants attention Huh... Again who cares This person is the poster child for mental health issues. Please get help, stop acting like the world needs to change for you.

This just in: Someone is offended on the internet over a joke because they lack a sense of humor and still no one gives a fuck how some rich asshole feels. Didn't y'all post this cancer story earlier? Doesn't everyone know Joe Rogan makes fun of everyone including himself? It's Joe Rogan? Remember the good old days when you could still make jokes

TMZ is starting to wreak of desperation on this one. How many times are they going to post this, and still no outrage? She needs to grow some balls and get over herself This freak will pounce on anything for attention. 🙄 Bruce is having a mid life crisis and is desperately looking for attention. It's sad.

We live in a world where we are no longer able to take things in a joking manner. Everything is not that serious. Sick fuck Bruce Jenner Well you're a guy so It’s good she’s speaking out sometimes we don’t realize we are hurting others hopefully they will connect 🤗♥️ Shut up Bruce No it wasn’t, it was a stab at his psycho bitch family, and he wants to stay relevant.

Now Bruce the Botox must stop now, stop now Joke also funny as fuck. Remember that time it killed someone Hey Bruce Transphobia could be called an evolutionary advantage over transformation itself... Just ask the women getting raped in jail. Nasty Even Bruce Jokes about Catlyin 🙄 She’s a he.. Go away sir. Just a kardashian needing attention...

Lol, your family is famous because of OJ Simpson, and a sex tape. Your girls are rich because their moms like a pimp, and put them to work. Gonna cry GN Thank you Joe Your Bruce will always be Bruce Lol nobody cares No, it’s a joke. Oh shut up man OK. But. is it funny? transition to losser Shut up 😂 y’all too sensitive nowadays

I'm sure it absolutely was. Also, how tf could she have supported Trump if that was an issue? Buckle up bukaroo joerogan went against the machine and now he’s on their hit list . It wont work! When is she dying ? But I thought that comedians can say whatever they want and the media condones it... Joe Rogan also stole that joke. Most his material is lifted from others.

Come on what a joke Grow a pair Boo boo... shit and go vote for Biden worthless So?🤷‍♂️ TMZ we are hearing wedding bells, no more hiding or back room secrets for these 2, Closet Racist Harvey & Confused Racist Charles, they giggle at each other's silly jokes, finish each other's sentences, heard they looking at summer 2021 to make each other happy forever 💘👬🌈

someone tell bruce to take a seat. Because you are not a woman you are a man remember the wheaties man hello Blah blah blah smh everyone still waiting for u to take responsibility for yr DUI vehicular manslaughter, theres lots of guys in prison for over 20yrs for manslaughter that will cut off their cocks to get out of prison, at least tell them how u stayed out of prison do they need cut off their cocks?

awwwwh- poor 'Caitlyn' had his/her feelings hurt regarding the truth.... too bad that woman he/she killed on the freeway can't complain.... if u dont want people talking about u stay out of the public seeking attention as for the daughter's he/she is correct they are not bitches they are prostitutes that manipulate men for their money, ok maybe they are bitches too...

😂😂😂 You don't get to say that when you don't transition till 70 She plays from the men's tee box, then brags about it. Ppfffttt Bruce is such a baby 🤦‍♀️🤣 Yaas queen pop off! She's so right. ✨👑 Calm your 🥜 Mental issues big time Wait! What? It is? Hmm!? 🤔 Seriously?!?! It was a joke, lighten up... Comedians are not meant to be PC... joerogan didn’t do anything wrong... I don’t here you speaking out against fat jokes, blonde jokes etc... ITS JOKES...

Why was he arrested 🕵. Shut up bruce. Anit nobody tell you to be a freak And caitlin jenner is opinionphobic If you can take getting your dick cut off, you can take a joke The entire world is making fun of this dude. Omgggggg enoughhhhhhh Why did she sit through all the jokes at those ComedyCentral roasts then? Those were fine with her?

Stfu 🙄 Buuuuuut being at a Roast for Alec Baldwin and everyone throwing out jokes towards you was ok? You laughed and applauded at the jokes. What is he bitching about now? No its not....its a joke. Did anyone actually watch the whole thing? C’mon Caitlyn, grow a pair. She is not getting enough sleep 😴 😒 😂😂!

It's a joke r bad joke. I didn't hear the joke 😂🤣🤣! People r getting too sensitive 😂😂🤣! This dude won a medal at the Olympics now he’s NVM “Her” Until Bruce gets his penises and testicles removed he is not a woman LMFAO Transformers LMFAO She/he isn’t going to cry again is he/she? Remember when Caitlyn killed that person with her car

Someone is hitting the BoTox too much. joerogan is a top notch comedian, anyone that follows him knows the work he puts in on everything he does. He’s said how dope Kim’s work is on getting innocent people out of prison. You assholes make it hard to keep it real now a days. Which part of 'joke' is misunderstood here?

The fuck is this Lay off the hormones and grow a pair Y’all leave this dude alone, imagine living with a house full of Kardashians 🤣 A little late News Flash Bruce! Not Caitlyn! Everyone is laughing and disgusted. You say your trapped in the wrong gender! How! You don’t know a women’s pain (child birth, bleeding, menstrual cramps) I hope you read this, you like to play dress up, and now your a women🤫. God makes who we are.

You're a Trump supporter.. hows that for Transphobic..? Calm down Bruce Well you guys remember when all of our fathers cut off their wangs at age 60... totally normal healthy behavior woke Um Bruce Bruce please cease 😆😃 Lol no it’s the truth 🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤮🤮🤮 he probably said;. she has man hands. It will be okay Cait. Go take your $100million net worth and go on a shopping spree... I have bigger problems.

Yea, it was transphobic. Curious if this “trans community” that’s offended has more than 5 members. She? It’s Bruce Jenner, he’s is male in the real world. No one cares Grow some balls and shut up OH 👀 I forgot 😂😂😂😂 had to Oh grow some balls Oh piss off mate.... 😂😂😂💩 Since you’re posting this twice. Nice like ratio

Who is this old lady? Well, he still talks, walks, behaves like a guy and has a girlfriend. And according to dna he is a guy, so this really has to stop Okay we get it you haven't been in the news lately..... Now you have...... Go away Damn, if she thinks the Rogan routine about her is offensive I hope she doesn't watch South Park

Hahahahaha Bruce stop being a drama queen 🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻💃🏼 Wasn’t this joke like 4 years ago? Didn’t have an issue then? Why are you offended now? Because you need the press? Because the Kardashians are going off the air and you need to feel relevant again? You tell him Caitlyn! Cut that dick outta your life

And on point What was the joke Caitlyn, please shut the fuck off and don't drive. Who Shhhhhhh What about those jokes on the roast of Alec Baldwin? Those were okay? Is this not selecive outrage? Say his name! God bless you, TMZ! Well, that chosed it when it went under the knife !! Kim is that you? Identical! poor pitiful brucie

Isn't that BRUCE JENNER?!? Silly Bruce...... Yeah but was it funny? Asking for a friend people with disorders need real help also nobody asked I’ll call this trash of a human a girl I’ll let him call “himself” a girl but if he wants me to pretend he’s a girl then “He” is being un acepto g of me and means when he thinks we r being transphobic he can fuck himself cuz he’s a confused shit stain. He’s a straightphobic.

Remember when you voted and supported a transphobic? I want the trans community to select a better representative than a white male conservative Trump supporter in a dress. Literally NO ONE cares what Caitlyn thinks. Oh well So why does everyone have to pretend that this is a woman 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️again! Let’s be real here....

🤔 Imagine that More hard work... *subscribes to joerogan podcast* BRUCE BRUCE BRUCE.... I CAN SEE HIM ON JERRY JERRY JERRY.. I'M A MAN... 😆 😆... “My family did it through hard work”.....yeah fucking a guy on camera is real HARD work. “I try to be a good person” says the person who got away with murder 🤣🤣🤣

Did ole Bruce finally get his wiener and gonads wacked off? The last I heard he was still hanging onto his jewels 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 BRUCE Tmz misspelled Karon Aww look at him crying like a girl!! 😂🤣😂 Boo fucking hoo. Kardashian curse endures 😂 Bahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaaahhaahah. Waa he/she is a joke

Looooool Caitlyn Jenner should just laugh off the negative attention or use it to fuel a better fire. BoPoCamp is a bodypositive campaign that encourages women to build the best version of themselves. Subscribe our YouTube n watch today! Lol The crowd is not booing, they're just saying Bruuuuuuuuce. I remember how caitlyn didn’t want any car crash jokes on that Comedy Central roast she was on or else she walks 😂😂

What did he expect to happen? Trans people don't even like her, Caitlyn needs to sit in a corner and just be quiet. Oh shut up. What do you expect Buckle up, buckaroo. But, he (Caitlyn) is a joke 🤔 I thought Caitlyn herself was transphobic/homophobic A joke from 2016? A joke. Good lord. I forgot that this person even existed💀

Bruce acts like it is a big deal. It is not. Get over your self wheaties man Who really cares. Oh stop 🛑 you voted for Covid~45!!! You need to regroup!! Man fuck this nigga lol Whew these comments are sad. So no one is offended that a man is pretending to be a woman? The law of nature and/or God created a man and a woman. There is no alternative. To force acceptance of anything else is disturbing.

HahHahHah kyledunnigan ... please make another youtube video... Joe rogan challenged Biden to a debate with the president that can’t be controlled by the DNc. Now they mobilize against him. Hey you put yourself out there. Deal and lay off the hormones. Man Bruce gotta chill Here comes the cancel police. Why is tmz reporting on this washed up celebrity?

Daaam, always try to shoot you down when you doing better than them, i guess the clout is needed😭😭😭😭😭 Joe Rohan is awesome. Crazy bitches. Haha haha Live with it Bruce I'm old school. A man's a man and a woman's a woman. What Transition? She is more masculine as a Woman than as a Man. Remind Caitlyn what jokes are. And Burr and Chappelle had even better jokes about this. lol

Give us back our gold you fraud. The key word there is “joke”. Nobody gives a fuck Very uncool indeed. When did everybody become so sensitive! Man up!! Caitlyn should be more concerned that the community basically wanted nothing to do with her simply for being a suspected conservative. That’s conservativephobic.

'man up' Bruce Yes let’s kill JoeRogan Right. All the jokes Caitlyn sat through at the Comedy Central roasts were fine though. Ok. Lol that one is about broke It’s was a joke. Just a joke and nothing more. Girl you support trump bye 😂 No its comedy! Time to stop ignoramus population from setting the narrative... blacks, whites, fat, skinny, children etc gets joked cracked on them but trans are supposed to get a pass? gtfoh

A joke is a joke. Didnt hear it but when someone let's a joke hurt their feelings it's time to see a doctor and get on medication. Lmao who? That’s one ugly dude! He is not a woman He is crazy This guy/man isn’t ashamed leaving he’s fatherly duties for this ? Smh 🤦‍♂️ He Caitlin Jenner is a guy and he should have not gotten “woman of the year” as rosemcgowan exploded up about that 😁

Bruce is a bum Lol fuck Bruce Jenner Bruce you are not a victim. Who? His Daughter's would be nowhere without Kim's BJ on the web. No one would know who they are. Rogan is a comedian. Along with many others. They make jokes. If you don't like them. Don't listen. This is just another reason for you to get exposure. Kardashian TV, Done TG

pinche Bruce 'They' mad because Joe wants a debate with Biden and Trump. Everyone knows Biden wouldn't be able to handle it. So now they are trying to make joerogan look bad. nah, just making fun of ugly. No one gives a shit about this freak, TMZ stop posting rubbish!!!! Only thing that comes to mind when it speaks

STF At least Rogan didn't murder someone with his car. Yeah Kim K did work her tail off 😂😂😭😂😭😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💣🖕🏽 I cant believe some of these comments!! I dislike that whole family however i would never attack HER choice to transition. And can we all just stop the hate. Dont like or believe in transgenders then keep scrolling. This is all over a stupid joke, she needs to grow up...

I’m more offended Bruce killed somebody because he was texting instead of paying attention to the road Whatever you say Bruce. One, I didn't see it as a joke. I felt he was trying to justify in his mind his grieving process of losing Bruce Jenner. While at the same time blaming parties, those crazy bitches, for creating Caitlyn. It sounded like a toxic masc hit against toxic femin

Everything is funny to some and not others, if your offended... so what. If it’s not done out of hate, then it’s not offensive. It’s just a joke. I don't think anyone is actually 'transphobic' meaning scared of trans people..... They just don't agree, nothing to be scared of manbearpigwomanthingymajig

I was always taught not to be so sensitive. Instead of worrying about who’s offending stop getting so offended. People are a bunch of bitches. Glad I was brought up in the time when you were told not everyone’s gonna like you, not everyone’s going to agree with you, and that’s ok What ever Bruce My question...lemme read the joke because if we wouldn't laugh if it was any other trans then it wasn't a transphobic joke. Brb.

TMZ T. THE M. MASTERBATING Z. ZUCCINI Is, at an all time low here! Rogan is just a motor mouth pot head, and Jenner is a who am I personality! Neither worthy of any media headline what so ever!!! TMZ scraping the bottom rust bucket for a media post here! shut up Bruce Did she really just say “they got their fame and money through hard work”. Yeah RayJs HARD work. lol gtfoh

Buckle up buckaroos Idk why ppl think just because they decided to switch what God made them now we all have to pretend! That's like having an imaginary friend, after awhile someone would say cut the shit no one is there! Hey caitlyn didn’t you kill someone with a car? Joe might have made some silly jokes ( god forbid ) at your expense but you’re actually a murderer soooooo there that.

Dont forget Bruce Jenner is a trump supporter cant complain about people being transphobic when you're a racist How is jenner any better,she's against gay marriage so gtfo He’s an idiot, so is she... RIP to Kim Howe who you killed by rear ending her in that car accident. transition from AHole to Bitch? Shut up, he’s a damn comedian. Soft ass people now a days. Always crying. This shit is getting old.

So who cares? There is only 2 genders anyways SGT_Jay_ PEPPYCHIMPERS jrivero79 Here we go He’s a nice lady I am convinced California people have been poisoned in some way causing severe mental illness stfu Bruce 🙄 Ha,wasn't that person on a box of wheaties? Here we go....JoeBiden ‘s people are terrified. joerogan better be careful

*Bruce jenner Karen Jenner I believe Joe is right, Bruce even changed his name that sounds like the rest of the kartrashians just without the K in front. There are mental issues with Bruce without a doubt.. It was funny ... get over it Karen Jenner Lol that pic is hideous, man or woman. 😂 Sounds a little like buyer's's never to late...

ma'am... It's ma'am! Ahhhh what's really gonna bake your noodle later on, is if I call him ” KAREN” Oh yawn Offended the “trans community”... Mutant A HAM!!!!!! Joe has issues and they aren’t pretty. Be a man walk it off 🤣🤣🤣 Oh god, the Kardashion show is over so now anything to stay in the spot light. How sad.

Was she surprised? Very on brand for that DB. Why is everyone so afraid to say it ? Jenner is mentally ill ! Shes right it is transphobic,but is also a joke. Idont understand how we,as nation is gung ho,on grouping everything tgethr.I think that problem is what j Rogan said. Jus bcuz someone is rep. dsn’t make thm a racist or if u believe blm it dsn’t mean u believe in riots or looting

Bra go sit down I think Joe Rogan has a crush on Bruce Ok. Now what? That's ok, we all did. No one cares It really took balls to come out and say this Anyone who does that has mental issues Holy shit when is this pony show going to end? Trans is a choice stop pretending it’s any else. You have a right to make that choice but you don’t have the right to start controlling everyone else because “muh feelings is hurt”

Girl Bye Lol he said they have more money than joe.They could be trillionares but they'll never have what joe has. Respect.If a dude wants to be a chic ok, his mind is disagrees with his anatomy.But they seem like they want to be worshipped by everyone for being transitional. It’s called a joke. He’s a comedian

🙄🙄 Cry me a river joke key word in this. Entitled asshole... imagine killing someone and their family comes back at you 4 years later Caitlyn. Makes more sense to me. Joe Rogan may know a lot about elk meat and hot saunas, but the guy is a misogynist. Everyone knows this (well, people paying attention know this)

Yes ok & so ? You know what’s the hardest part of the surgery going from man to woman? When they have to remove half of the brain! Bahahahahaha Uh oh... Remember the Democrats want us to believe the scientists about global warming then they want us to believe that caitlyn/ Bruce Jenner is a woman.i don’t know what to believe

Little late to the party. Super old joke Nobody cares. And do we care? So much for pride and equality. We’ll treat you different and walk on eggshells. 🤦🏼‍♂️ He’s a comedian. It’s a joke. Grow up. what’s happening with this case! WHATS THE HOLD UP? Autobots roll out Caitlyn why don’t you grow a pair! All woke and no joke

How sad, trying to get a life by changing identity Still funny though 🤷🏼‍♂️ Sick deviant Joe rogan is a jerk, sure trump whats him in debate, he loves trumps, docent like anyone else, oh wait he likes Dana white also and mma fighters, thats it Here we go with the Rogan attacks. 🙄 Rip She/he ......uggggg who gives a rats ass

If you can’t make fun of this freak then comedy is dead Bruce is in need of attention Y’all care? 🙄 Comedians should be off limits or none of us will ever laugh again. Race. Gender. Religion. Social Class. Politics. Ethnic groups. Languages. Etc etc - have to be open season for comedians at all times. get your next environment friendly Bamboo Fresh toilet rolls from zero plastic! more sheets bigger value!

Cry me a riverrrrrrr Cry me a riiiiIiiiIiiverrrrrr Rogans bullshit armor is steel right now. He ain’t losing fans. Bruce called ... he wants a come back.✌🏼 If a male dressed like a female and no matter what, can not give birth to a child..... than that is still a MALE.🤷‍♂️ It is funny Hey Bruce Bruce is a JOKE I can’t believe u had a crush on HIM smh now look at him smh looking a hot ass mess

So did the rest of the world.... Kaitlyn is transphobic 🤷🏾‍♀️ Didn’t she killed someone Joe always says he supports trans ppl as long as they stay out of sports (fighting mostly) which is facts But isn’t Caitlyn Jenner transphobic? Says the homophobe LMAO Dude, shut up.. Lol everyone has their own phobia It's a man.

Really now 😞 No one really cares....more important things in the world atm A joke can’t be labeled as transphobic, it has no feelings, it’s derogatory. That’s how a joke works. Joe’s a comedian and everyone knows it’s a joke. It’s easy to see this character attack as just a way to attach her name to someone popular for a boost to declining relevance.

The last bit promoting Jenner’s YouTube channel and that Jenner would consider being in Rogan’s show was my favorite. This nasty thing murdered a person Stfu😭😭 Joe Rogan needs help? Look in the mirror bozo!!!🤣🤣 Its crazy that she acknowledges gender dysphoria but made the transition. I thought that it was an idea that people shied away from that in the LGBTQ community ?

Her transition was complete when she killed that woman in the car accident Leave joe rogan alone damn You can’t go on a comedy roast, and accept / dish out jokes about a subject, then moan that somebody else does it. How's Bruce? Delusional🤦 Y’all hear sum..? Yes and some of your previous comments Caitlyn_Jenner before your transition have been just as hurtfull and transphobic so maybe you and joerogan should engage your Brain before opening ones mouth 🙄🙄😘😘

Why is he crying like a women? 😐 It's okay to be transphobic No one cares😂 CaitlynJenner ... Fuq this confused Trumper. Joe Rogan sucks but to call him phobic when u support trump makes me enjoy ur pain not sympathize. Does he still pee while standing up? Reminds me of an Aerosmith song for some reason these comments r seriously so disgusting, you’re all awful heartless people.

Well..... Smh Boo hoo he hurt your cry Baby feelins ! Yet Another California Crybaby who can't handle words !!! Cow}:-O) Come on stop clout chasing transjenner!!!Aka Brucilla!!My God you got away with murder so count your blessings!! Shut up 🤐 I don't know if I got it right: is she complaining about a joke he made 4 years ago, which he was explaining as a example how he writes his jokes? a) It's a joke! b) Has she complained before? c) It's a joke and it's his fucking job!

the left trying to prevent Joe Rogan to become the debate moderator. No one gives a flying fuck She's a Decepticon Let’s not forget “Caitlyn” pushed another car into traffic by rear ending it and killed someone and got off clean 😎 Dude, you’re crying like a woman. someone sat in their balls This is an old joke before everyone became woke police. If yall wanna go cancel someone cancel jerry Seinfeld yall went after Chris delia for messing around with 19 and 20 year olds. Seinfeild literally dated a 17 year old when he was 36 and it was public

Reaching This dude must need to grab a headline. Bih sensitive now huh lol 😆 until trans ppl can produce children with eggs or sperm of their new orientation they still who they were to me Bruce 😒 Get over’s probably not your first and won’t be your last. Why is Bruce Jenner dressed up like a woman?

Waaaaa waaaaa Waaaaa ! Also...fight him then!! *his DNA 🧬 says *he is BruceJenner.... Science Bruce, it's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard. Oh, wait..... That joke is legitimately 3 years old. Well he literally mutilated himself to play pretend while no one else has to go by his game of pretend 🤷‍♂️ sorry I refuse to join in on your delusion

Yawn He needs to get a sense of humour!! Joe is sharing his views Hi Caitlyn Jenner, What happened is happened. I think that is wise to look forward and try to make best of it. Mvg Chill dude its a joke. Bro u a transmissioner chill out The level of transphobia in this society is ridiculous. Ahhhhhhhhhh shut da fuck up!

It’s a joke.... What's wrong with being transphobic? If he goes to jail what jail would they put him in male or female population jail 🤷🏾‍♂️ Serious question Sensitive ass niggas these days Aunty take a joke I’m offended that he finds this offensive Bruce, chill dude. Ask him about the time he ran someone over driving

Well you're a guy so Lol “Her..” not y’all being transphobic... Gee ya think? 🙄 Queen Caitie! Oh.. how could I possibly forget Jenner! I think we should’ve had a funeral for Bruce. It’s like Bruce is forever gone.... “Anyway, as for whether she'd go on Joe's show, Caitlyn says she would.” Well, she’s right.

Boo fucking who Another reason we need bullying Nobody cares for this ogre Bruce Jenner* Shut up B... Is that DingBat still a Republican ? No one cares I mean Shut Up Dude!! Boo hoo. It's a fucking joke Caitlyn just trying to stay relevent. Awww shit she’s coming for joe

Caitlyn Jenner Hopes Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian Get Back TogetherCaitlyn Jenner Hopes Scott Disick & Kourtney Kardashian Get Back Together (via JustJared) JustJared Shim doesn’t have a say on the matter. JustJared No 😥😥😥😥😥 JustJared it's not really her place.. And I could care less about the kardashians..

Caitlyn Jenner hits back after the Kardashians are branded 'crazy b****hes'Podcast host Joe Rogan laid into the Kardashians and Caitlyn Jenner's transistion and she was not going to let that go without having her say on the comments DailyMirror No words DailyMirror Why are you misgendering her in this article when you manage to gender her correctly days ago?

Kris Jenner 'will never marry again and is not engaged to Corey Gamble'Keeping Up With The Kardashians mastermind Kris Jenner was previously married to lawyer Robert Kardashian and former Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner

Kendall Jenner Finally Revealed Why She Ranked Kourtney The Worst Kardashian Parent'I think naturally there is definitely differences in discipline and all those things.' Oh and 195,000 Americans are dead and the west is ablaze. But yeah, these people. Guess one gives a crap.

Kris Jenner Ended 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' After Kim and Kylie Threatened to QuitKris Jenner Reportedly Ended 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' After Kim and Kylie Threatened to Quit You earned a fortune by selling your family's privacy, daughter's body, and people's lust to enter others bedrooms & fantasy to be as artificial as your family. They probably most selling that's Why you naming them. It's kourt who wanted to end. She wants to be mother n enjoy life as it is. She is happy with fame n money she has n have no desire for for more. Rest still hungry for more

Kendall Jenner admits to marijuana use saying 'no one knows that I'm a stoner'Kendall Jenner has admitted that she smokes weed after being outed by Kourtney Kardashian in a podcast that has been released eight months after being recorded DailyMirror And no one cares. Well they now 🤣