Caitlyn Jenner opposes boys who are trans playing sports on girls' teams in school, says it is unfair

Caitlyn Jenner opposes boys who are trans playing sports on girls' teams in school, says it is unfair

5/2/2021 1:22:00 AM

Caitlyn Jenner opposes boys who are trans playing sports on girls' teams in school, says it is unfair

Caitlyn Jenner, who recently announced a California gubernatorial run, on Saturday came out against allowing transgender athletes who were born male to compete on girls' sports teams.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Wednesday signed a similar bill, despite warnings that sports groups may protest by not holding college tournaments in the state. The NCAA in 2016 moved championships out of North Carolina in response to a bill about the gender-based use of sex-segregated bathrooms.

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SEAN HANNITY TO INTERVIEW CAITLYN JENNER, DISCUSS HER BID FOR CALIFORNIA GOVERNORTrans activists have claimed that gender identity, rather than sex, should be the determination for who is allowed into which sports teams -- and called such bans cruel and discriminatory.

Opponents have pushed back, saying that it would be unfair for males -- however they may identify --  to be allowed entry into sports intended for girls and women, considering the differences between male and female bodies. Read more: Fox News »

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Oh the hypocrisy... You got nuts Bitch sit down no one wants to hear from your confused ass. You sit to pee right? Agree. If you were born a boy then you play competitive sports as a boy. Pretty simple. Can you imagine the medals “Bruce” Jenner would have won competing as a women? This only works if boys went through puberty already. If they realize they are trans before puberty you can stop boys being bigger, faster, and stronger than girls. Its testosterone that gives boys an advantage

Says a 70 something year old Olympic medal winner that became a woman to become a governor. Doesn't sound fair Good for her to come out and say this. She is an Olympic athlete. She knows. Just like performance enhancing drugs gives you an unfair advantage, so does being born male. That said, many in the trans community just won’t acknowledge this. I think Caitlyn should be applauded here

Thanks governor It’s not “boys who are trans”, you ignorant garbage people. Hello; Caitlyn Jenner going on your own tweet is opposing Transgender ⚧ Boys play with Girls. This is right a Trans Boy should not be with Girls because the moment a Trans Boy transition to a Boy, Boy is who he is and not a Girl.

Oh so everyone should live in a closet until their upper years as she did if you want to play sports Spoken like a true Republican.

Caitlyn Jenner says she's watched California 'crumble,' says friends are leaving over homeless populationJenner said that she supports fmr. President Trump's efforts to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, saying, “We can't have a state, we can't have a country without a secure wall.' So then most countries don't exist. Including the US Stop giving her coverage. Please. What are Jenner's poll numbers, and do they warrant this much attention?


Caitlyn Jenner struggles to go from OMG moment to a campaign for California governorSpeaking with The Times on Thursday, Jenner fleshed out some of her proposals on governing the fifth biggest economy in the world. Good. she’s just Trump in drag and not good for progress TAX CAITLYN JENNER A transphobic trans women running for office. Who is her demographic?

Caitlyn Jenner, California Gubernatorial Candidate, Says She's 'All For' Trump's WallThe former Olympic champion told Fox News that she would 'secure' the border wall and 'do my absolute best' to eliminate California's sanctuary protections. So Trumpy. Maybe even dimmer. Somebody need to shut this man up and send him home Someone actually died due to a car accident where she was involved and had no accountability whatsoever... so she really shouldn’t talk about secure or being pro police / laws

Outraged as Caitlyn Jenner says trans athletes shouldn't compete in girls' sportThe former Olympian is transgender herself but says it's a 'question of fairness' - her latest comments on the contentious subject have sharply divided opinion

Caitlyn Jenner sparks fury with controversial trans sport commentsCaitlyn Jenner has been slammed on social media for saying transgender girls shouldn't compete in female sports - but she has received the backing of Piers Morgan DailyMirror I agree. Big difference between biological girls and trans girls DailyMirror Nothing controversial in what s/he said. Hope he digs his heels in & maintains his stance. He is best placed to speak on the subject as he has lived both realities: a decorated olympian who is trans... Trans people are psychologically female BUT physiologically male. Period DailyMirror Good for her. She’s right

Caitlyn Jenner Doesn't Want Trans Girls To Participate In Girls Sports'This is a question of fairness,” Jenner told the reporter while standing outside of her car. “That's why I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls' sports in school. It just isn't fair. And we have to protect girls' sports in our schools.' TappedCall