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Caitlyn Jenner enrages Aussies by flying to Sydney for CBB amid Covid surge

Caitlyn Jenner enrages Australians by flying to Sydney for Big Brother amid Covid surge

7/17/2021 8:52:00 AM

Caitlyn Jenner enrages Australians by flying to Sydney for Big Brother amid Covid surge

The American star has provoked anger from Australians after they discovered she would be flying to Sydney to take part in a reality show at a time when Covid is rampant and lockdowns are in place

The 71-year-old reality star is heading Down Under to participate in 'Big Brother VIP' – and will be in Aus for three weeks in total as she will isolate for two weeks before spending a final week in the BB house.But Australian’s are not pleased that celebs are being given easy access to their country – even with a two week quarantine period – when family members have been locked out the country from elsewhere in the world due to the current global health pandemic.

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Plus Australia – which is lagging behind other areas of the world in the Covid-19 vaccination process – is experiencing a surge in Covid cases which has caused lockdowns in multiple territories.TMZ reported on the drama, stating: “Aussie's are not happy with Caitlyn flying to Sydney to take part in the reality show ... while the country's current COVID flight restrictions limit locals from traveling.

“Many have expressed their outrage, feeling Caitlyn got special treatment to fly to the country while Aussies desperate to fly to visit loved ones aren't able to do so.”Australia closed it's borders to outside travellers in March last year in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and is not expected to see a return to normal travel until 2022 at the earliest.

Meanwhile a source close to the former Keeping Up With The Kardashians star told the outlet: “Caitlyn will be in Australia for a total of 3 weeks – 2 weeks quarantining per the country's COVID rules, and one week filming the show.”While Caitlyn’s travel plans have angered Australians, some Americans have been left unimpressed by the star as she is skipping out of her Californian home in the midst of a run for Governor.

Cait is hoping to replicate the success of celebrity-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger who switched from being a Hollywood star to a turn in office as Governor for California from 2003 to 2011.The reality star has been forced to deny she is dropping out of the race as reports confirmed she was off to Australia at a crucial point in the pre-election campaign.

With the vote due to take place on September 14th, Caitlyn assured fans she wasn’t throwing in the town two months early.She tweeted on Friday: “I have not paused my campaign at all. I am preparing to launch a multi-week bus tour across CA.“I am honoring a work commitment that I had made prior to even deciding to run for governor. There is no pause at all on this race to save CA!”

She added: “My campaign team is in full operation as am I. I am in this race to win for California, because it is worth fighting for.”The odds are stacked against Caitlyn's campaign, however, as bookies predict just six per cent of voters will turn out to support the star.

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