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12/7/2022 3:20:00 PM

#Cryptocurrency Markets Move in Tandem With #Equities on Wednesday, BTC Drops Further Below $17K, Down 1% — News Daily Price Update

Cryptocurrency Markets Move in Tandem With Equities on Wednesday, BTC Drops Further Below $17K, Down 1% — News Daily Price Update

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Ok, I only listen to ChiefraFba for signals! Good to see green charts on bitfinex still got a long time to go

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Races to 3-Week High on Monday – Market Updates Bitcoin NewsBitcoin was trading above $17,000 on Monday, as the world’s largest cryptocurrency raced to a three-week high. climb to freefall It may be a sign of bull trend. If bitcoin starts trending, other significant cryptos like eth and some others will do the same. It is time to catch the dips. Bitcoin will definitely recover by the end of December. That's why I'm keeping a long on bitfinex open

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BTC price levels to watch as Bitcoin holds $17K into the market openBTC price has the potential to head higher still after three-week highs, Bitcoin traders hope. Hopefully, the green candle, which represents hope from the lower rate coming, lit up. Christmas is coming and you can choose anything to win as a gift! What would you choose?👇

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BTC price levels to watch as Bitcoin holds $17K into the Wall Street openBTC has the potential to head higher still after hitting three-week highs, Bitcoin traders hope. Nah, I don't recommend investing $usdt in bitcoin right now. It always goes won. I expect Bitcoin to hit 20k usdt by X-mas. Honestly, I’m looking forward to continued capitulation. Exchange como buyers for solid maximalist that have witnessed the difference between crypto and BTC. That’s is what we want, and need to build. An ironclad foundation of people who understand bitcoin to be more than just 📈

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Bitcoin advocate dishes out sats over Lightning Network to raise BTC awarenessA Bitcoiner called ShireHODL onboarded over 100 new people into the Bitcoin payments network, the Lightning Network, in a mega onboarding session. ShireHODL InuKishu KİSHU INU 🚀🚀🚀 ShireHODL Everyone willing to start educate themselves about how crypto is aboit to change should read up on shimmernet asap ShireHODL 'This can't be done with shitcoins. [...] Fees are higher, settlement takes longer.” Guess you haven't heard of Nano. That's as alright not many people have. It is feeless and settlement is instant

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis for December 6Can BTC remain above $17,000 until the end of the week? NickSzabo4 alistairmilne Maybemore_DC WhalePanda maxkeiser

Bitcoin on-chain data shows 5 reasons why the BTC bottom could be inOn-chain analysis gives compelling reasons why BTC price could be in the final stages of a bottoming process. Daily question: is the bottom in? 🤣🤣 Daily answer: no. If it really is then shimmernet is positioned perfectly well due to their upcoming releases. Brand new tools for developers to create better usecases for crypto The bottom will be in when everyone gives up and stops asking when the bottom is in.