Buttigieg hits back: I won't 'take lectures on family values' from Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh suggested Americans wouldn't elect Buttigieg because he is gay, saying, 'How's this going to look ... on stage next to Mr. Man Donald Trump?'


Pete Buttigieg says he won't 'take lectures on family values' from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who suggested Americans wouldn't elect Buttigieg president because he’s been 'kissing his husband on stage' after debates.

Limbaugh suggested Americans wouldn't elect Buttigieg because he is gay, saying, 'How's this going to look ... on stage next to Mr. Man Donald Trump?'

Feb. 5, 2020 03:30 Buttigieg, who is vying to be the first openly gay U.S. president, addressed the historic nature of his candidacy during an interview on"Meet the Press" last week. “There was a moment before we went out when Chasten pulled me in and just reminded me what this means for some kid peeking around the closet door wondering if this country has a place for them,” Buttigieg said."I didn’t set out to be the gay president, but certainly seeing what this means is really meaningful and really powerful.” In a radio interview with Geraldo Rivera, Trump was asked if he thinks Americans would vote for a gay man to be president. Trump said, adding,"I think there would be some that wouldn’t. I wouldn’t be among that group, to be honest with you." Buttigieg heads into Nevada after and finishing second in the New Hampshire Democratic primary to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Allan Smith Read more: NBC News

Only fools listen to Limbaugh A This guy is a embarrassment to our country. I'm still in shock that the majority of the people elected a mentally unstable person under the power of Russia to run our country! presidential elections should be based on political views not on their sexuality and who they are married to. If another male candidate kissed their partner on stage, no one would bat an eye, but since it was a man kissing a man it was a big deal.

If America cannot accept a gay president and accepts a known pedophole and rapist, then people need to re-evaluate their moral compass. Does a Liar Hypocrite Gay man can get a lecture to how to be a Man or a Woman ? 🌈 LoveIsLove and cannot be killed or swept aside. 🇺🇸💞🏳️‍🌈 ✨“It’s a beautiful day in the 🇺🇸🏡👫💞 neighborhood”✨ with 👏🏻💞MayorPete PeteButtigieg🇺🇸 running for POTUS‼️ ✨👏🏻PeteForAmerica🇺🇸 ForThePeople 🌈🏡👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼💞✨

That's not what Limbaugh said. Nobody cares what Limbaugh says. He talks crap about everybody. Keep an open mind PeteButtigieg

Buttigieg: I won't 'take lectures on family values' from Rush LimbaughPete Buttigieg had a simple response on Sunday when asked about talk show host Rush Limbaugh&39;s questioning whether Americans are ready to back a gay candidate for president. Mr. And Mr. Family values Well then maybe take some from the man above Peter Lover PeteButtigieg so what would make u better than ANY other candidate..it's a sin to have a Peter and also like another man's Peter .. Pete and BTW u couldn't go2 alot of these countries w/out havn ur Pete cut off its ILLEGAL

How many time you guys gonna run this story. Old news, Pete ain’t gonna be the guy. Dems are toast Limbaugh is correct Rush Limbaugh HA! Chuck Todd and MSNBC helping to defeat democrats, and give trump another 4 years!! NBC White Boys love their stock options too much!! JoyReid go to CBS!!! MSNBCLovesTrump ChuckToddSucksGOPAss NSNBCStockOptions NBCPlantation WhiteRules

As a black man, sad to say but most middle age and older black folks will never vote for a gay man Limbaugh, the merchant of venom, shouldn't try and teach people how to behave after his own past behavior. Presidential Medal of Freedom, my foot. Rush has a point. America is on the whole a homophobic country. Buttigieg should be more sensitive to the sentiments of the majority.

Sodomy isn't family values It's sexual perversion. I wouldn’t call kissing your husband “family values. “

Buttigieg responds to Limbaugh's homophobic remarks: 'I love my husband'Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to Rush Limbaugh's recent homophobic remarks, saying he doesn't take 'lectures on family values' from the conservative radio host and Medal of Freedom recipient POTUS He does however take lectures from the CIA on imperialism CIAPete I’ll take calling a hairy mans ass love for 100 Alex

Nice going,Trump supporters.Limbaugh a disgrace to the Medal of Freedom Fuhrer Trump gave him , debased the award for all future recipients. LimbaughClownShow Things that the LGBTQ crowd doesn't want you to know: According to leading scholars at John Hopkins University, there's no evidence that people are born Gay or transgender.

I love when Pastor Pete lectures Christians about getting everything in the Bible wrong. No one should take any type of lecture from RL! He is a vile human being. Spews nothing but hate. I’m Pretty sure Puckering Pete probably won’t be winning any Elections unless you count all the Help he’ll be for Donald Trump ✊🏾

BidenBounceback I'm so glad the left has grade C candidates for president.All of them are pathetic. Limbaugh can't keep a wife so what does he know about family values? Limberger and his cronies love to tell everyone else how to live their lives instead of paying attention to living theirs. RL used to speak out against drug users and then it came to light he too was a drug user.

CNN Host Jake Tapper Criticizes Rush Limbaugh After Homophobic Comments About Pete Buttigieg'We should point out Buttigieg is married to one man. I don’t even know what number spouse Limbaugh's up to,' Tapper said Rush Limbaugh is a POS. I still can’t believe he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Very disappointing So what. Take that medal away from that racist!!

Good luck with the black southern vote tbh it’s just kinda gross Rush has been married 4 times and is a junkie. Not exactly a paragon of virtue. If a woman were to pull that same stuff she would be called every name in the book. My family values say you shouldn’t target black people using your police force

Limbaugh suggested DEMOCRATS will not nominate a gay candidate. Nobody cares. I noticed you retweeted abcnews Homophobia is one of the biggest obstacles between Pete and success. I don’t think it is something he can overcome in this cycle. I say this with great hesitation considering how many people were saying the same thing about Obama in ‘08. It just feels different this time.

Pete Buttigieg Responds to Rush Limbaugh, Has Steve Bannon in His CornerSteve Bannon falls in line with Trump when it comes to Pete Buttigieg's sexual orientation. Lis is more Pete's worry then Rush Limbaugh now, he is bottom of the totem pole for his failing campaign. Rush is POS. Steve Bannon is the best!

I think Pete needs to focus on the urban voter more, and less on an old radio host. Hear they sorta have the same issue with the topic of homosexuality. No. Maybe Pete I should start by reading the Bible. From a man who divorced his sick wife? That coward has no morals or values. Butt igiieg is a corporate puppet🚫

Kissing in public, not really cool, 2 dudes kissing in public, super not cool. Not what Rush said. Pete just like other bot-politicians won’t engage and used it for a sound byte. Why should he take advice from a drug addict with a microphone and a insincere unearned medal of freedom around his neck. He is a joke and he is a coward.

Well good for him. Limbaugh/ Drumpt I am not sure who is the bigger sleaze. People need to look past this and look at his policy. Is his marriage to a man really going to affect you personally? Remove your “ism’s” and vote for who will do their best for our country.

Pete Buttigieg responded to Rush Limbaugh's comments about his sexualityThe controversial radio host sparked bipartisan backlash for mocking the Democratic candidate's appearances alongside his husband. Yet Rush gets a medal from Trump. Totally disgusting behavior rewarded. Stand up to 'em Pete.

it's just a fact don't shoot the messenger Nor should anyone take lectures on family values from Pete when he wishes to deny millions healthcare and education 👍 both of them can jog on tyvm. 'The president and the first fa**t'? Doesn't matter, he will disappear into obscurity very soon. I mean rush is right.. i dont want a gay president and im a dem.. just not rdy for it idk 🤷‍♂️

whatsApp the temple via +15015033078.. Join the brotherhood online today to achieve all your heart desire. Now for more information do message us on how you will be fully initiated to the Illuminati and make life a meaningful one for you to start up new living... Not a fight I’m interested in MitmChronicles There was no lecture. Just Rush giving his opinion that Americans aren’t ready to elect an openly gay guy. He didn’t say it was right or wrong.

🌈 LoveIsLove and cannot be killed or swept aside. 🇺🇸💞🏳️‍🌈

Limbaugh draws bipartisan criticism for Buttigieg 'kissing' remarksRush Limbaugh draws criticism for saying the country won’t elect Pete Buttigieg president because he’s been “kissing his husband” on stage after debates. Truth Problem isn't that Pete's gay, he looks weak. He ain't no John Wayne. Putin and Xi have had leftovers more intimidating than Pete. This guy is a true deplorable

Nice answer. Bootyjudge knows family values? Mayor Pete does not 'Take lectures' he has them uploaded during his nightly software updates. Rush has nothing on ShadowFamilyValuesApp V1.06 There’s lots of reasons not to vote for Bootyedge so sucking face with his husbman doesn’t matter. Go get'em Pete.....

Seems he takes lectures from no one given his performance as mayor. You mean the man who was vacationing in the child sex capitol of the western hemisphere with a pocket full of bootleg Viagra. Nobody should take Anything from Rush Limbaugh, especially not an ethics/morality lecture.

Pete so sorry that slimy insect 🐜 is still on his hate mission. I had anal sex with RushLimbaugh while he slept. He was like a puppy in a dream with his legs and arms spasming but I did not seed him so he’s pretty much straight. PeteButtigieg realDonaldTrump Seriously though ..Nobody wants to see them kissing

Rush needs to understand that the world is accepting of diversity and actually believe it to be healthy. At a time of illness, Rush must understand love is not un-natural, people pine for affection and differ in the partners that serve such affections. Each to their own At least Chasten Buttigieg kisses Pete. Melanie won’t kiss Trump on the lips or even sleep in his bed. FLOTUS constantly avoids her husband's puckered lips. Even more, she has a longtime boyfriend and Trump knows about it.

Why not? He'll take lectures on health insurance from right-wing talk radio. I believe he should bc America is too divisive with cero understanding about the LBGT and when these fake Christians vote, we will continue to have 4 more yrs wit DT. Buttigieg on FAMILY values? That's funny. Probably true. We all might understand that there are individuals with gender defects and to want them to have happy private lives. But the public at large is not ready to watch two men kiss each other yet. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

You should... Well, it's PeteButtigieg's right! 🤷‍♀️ Definitely not in support of gay lifestyle/having gay POTUS but respect as a person. In my voting strategy session, I believe there things for which we can all, gay/straight, find common ground on to help select next POTUS. NEEDS vs WANTS Please. His PDA is stircktly politically motivated.

Works both ways Pete!!! Good for him. Rush Limbaugh is a cancer and his show can’t go silent soon enough. Limbaugh has been married 4 times. I’m not sure Rush should been lecturing anybody on their sexual orientation or their marital status. All these grifters ignored Buttigieg until he started to rise up in the numbers. Thankfully, I don’t think this concerns young voters that much.

making this into a bigot statement is taking everything out of context. In a close election, even losing 2 or 3% becomes huge, and some will be turned off by this. It's just a realistic observation. Conversely, some will be turned on PeteButtigieg will always rise above the hate. His message of unity is just what America needs right now. Haters just jealous, so ignore.

Rush is jealous Kobe Bryant was a rapist.

So Butthead is the Wife ? Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂 A drug taking, sexist racist has no right to be talking about “family values”. You should take some advice from somebody. You are the WORSE EXAMPLE. The very worse..And those that promote this filth are even worse.. But Limbaugh was fine with telling Sandra Fluk to record herself having sex online for being a slut supporting birth control. Republicans pay MILLION$ for these hate mongers

kurtbardella Look like Rush down , a Hannity to go .... Because he knows what is traditional family values. this is when two boys play mom and dad, when both know that they both men. Well, somehow not so. as it’s not traditional. I’m not against gay but it’s doesn’t sound like a truth. Fine. Nobody knows where America stands on this issue. the only acceptable public stance is to condemn Rush Comment. All those who agree are silent. We don't know the totals on either side.

I don't like Pete but he is right. How many divorces has Trump and Rush had? On top of their actions? they have no room to say a god damn thing

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