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Nfl Football, Sports News İn Brief

Busy Referee Regrets Not Finding Time To Throw Flag Around With Son

Busy Referee Regrets Not Finding Time To Throw Flag Around With Son

10/17/2021 12:45:00 AM

Busy Referee Regrets Not Finding Time To Throw Flag Around With Son

TAMPA, FL—NFL referee Bob Turner wishes he could find more time to be at home throwing a flag around with his 8-year-old son, the veteran official said Friday. “Every dad wants the chance to spend some quality time in the backyard with his kid, tossing a flag on the ground, but traveling across the country every week…

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KellyScaletta ☝️🤣 “Where did you learn to miss crucial calls in the clutch!?” “I learned it from you, dad! From you!” He's the kind of jerk that gives his wife a 10-yard penalty for having Lime Jell-O instead of the Cherry Jell-O for dessert. “When you coming home, Dad?” “I don’t know when, but we’ll flag some players then, yeah. You know we’ll call some holding then.”

Probably TomBrady's fault... At least he calls him regularly, although it's for holding. Tragic, really

Bidets are quickly becoming a must-have bathroom fixture — and, yes, toilet-paper shortages are playing a roleDemand for bidets took off because of toilet-paper shortages --- and manufacturers say the market is poised to remain strong wow 🤦We have been using water for ages here in India and bidets are a common fixture here for more than a decade now.

Some Americans are finding a way around the toilet-paper shortages -- and they're not going backDon’t get mad if you see empty shelves in the toilet paper section. It could be a blessing in disguise. By CharlesPassy CharlesPassy Haunting picture CharlesPassy “Don’t get mad if you can’t buy presents for Christmas this year, it’s actually a good thing!!!” Lol huh? CharlesPassy Bidet's are the 💩

The Brain on Slowed-Down TimeWhat really happens in the brain when time seems to slow down? Here's one compelling explanation from Allthetimebook Allthetimebook I experienced this when something drew my attention to a man playing frisbee. I was standing behind my mom when suddenly he threw with force but at 90 degrees to his intended direction. I reached out on either side of her neck & caught it just before it reached her throat.

Potato, Leek, and Kale Gratin With Too Much CheeseLayers of creamy potato, three cheeses, and savory kale and leeks mean that this is one dish that's here for a good time, not a long time. PhatswaggycheezeCHEEZE

Where Will Wally the Wandering Walrus End Up?A walrus named Wally wandered far from his Arctic home, taking an epic European tour. He inspired walrus-themed souvenirs. He balanced a starfish on his nose. He relaxed in a speedboat. Then he needed to go home. That boat will never smell the same. Welcome to Wally’s World🦭!

Peppa Pig Calls Out Adele for Rejecting a Possible CollabThe singer immediately regretted it. uhh marcelinhobtw pandit4s