Burger King Manager Told To 'Go Back To Mexico' For Speaking Spanish İn Florida Restaurant - Cnn

Burger King Manager Told To 'Go Back To Mexico' For Speaking Spanish İn Florida Restaurant - Cnn

Burger King manager told to 'go back to Mexico' for speaking Spanish in Florida restaurant

The general manager of a Burger King restaurant in Florida was told by a customer to 'go back to Mexico' if he wanted to keep speaking Spanish.


The exchange, captured in a video that was later posted on social media, shows Ricardo Castillo, who is of Puerto Rican descent, being berated by two unidentified women as they are eating in the restaurant in Eustis, 40 miles north of Orlando

The general manager of a Burger King restaurant in Florida was told by a customer to 'go back to Mexico' if he wanted to keep speaking Spanish.

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Glad he kicked their skinny arses out the door, nobody needs to hear that BS. The manager was more polite than I would have been and I commend him for keeping cool. It's sad & frustrating to witness Americans being discriminatory & hateful towards this store manager from Puerto Rico. My apologies to the manager. How people may feel they have permission to express cruel & arrogant remarks towards others is disturbing. Ignorance is bliss?👎🙊

This kind of “casual ugliness” makes me so sad. Really, people? Mind your own business. Someone speaking Spanish doesn't affect you in the slightest. Maybe I want to speak Klingon tomorrow. I've learned years ago...NEVER piss off ppl that handle ur food. Nope. That will not end well Get out and have a nice day 😂🙌🏼

Come on! Those ladies are too old. I would just ignored what they said. Self confidence, brothers and sisters. 2 words, YOU’RE FIRED. This is typical no surprise here many do not understand that people of color are experiencing an escalation of racist incidents since the election of President Trump. Petty things like 'mad doging' dirty looks, throwing fingers all for no reason. Just stupid on steroids.

Mugres viejillas metiches y ellas que les importa. Tal parece que en todo el mundo se habla ingles y solo en Mexico se habla Español, por que toda palabra en español que escuchan los gringos por default emana de la boca de un mexicano. Pobres estan traumados con nosotros Obviously the two master race members were upset that the guy isn't a Seminole, like they obviously are.

Burger King manager told ‘go back to Mexico’ for speaking SpanishA bystander recorded the incident at a Florida Burger King where 2 unidentified women yelled at the manager, who is Puerto Rican, for speaking Spanish to an employee. Why doesn't this woman crawl back under the rock from whence she came? Trump supporters, for sure! Over this crap! latinorebels

He handled that perfectly! Mexican Country 😂😂😂😂 Oh the irony. Two old ladies from New York criticizing someone NOT from Florida. This is terrible treatment. I have no problem with people speaking their native tongue. It's those who have lived in the U.S. for years (or in his case, the States since Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens) and refuse to LEARN English that annoy me.

iam_pasam Great now I have to see those hags at McDonalds ! I’ve ALWAYS wanted an encounter like this. I would rip these two Old Racist hags a new one verbally. Two wasted souls. Death will come to them soon enough. So foolish They are is USA wich is located in America where not only English is spoken. They need to read a little more.

Next time they’re eating Chinese food or Tacos someone should tell them off! Always in the south with these dim witted hateful people Please go home maga grannies, take your pills & drive your families crazy instead.

Two Burger King customers tell Spanish-speaking manager to ‘go back to Mexico’“Guess what ma’am? I’m not Mexican,' said Ricardo Castillo, who is of Puerto Rican descent. 'You’re being prejudiced and I want you out of my restaurant right now.” EnemyOfThePeople The only better than a racist is a self-owning racist.

Typical CNN. They believe anything on social media, as long as it fits their extreme left wing agenda ! Not really sure why their faces are blurred out. If these people can act so outrageously why should they be afforded anonymity It amazes me that people like those ladies seem to think Americans just came into existence on this continent through devine intervention. One minute only native people then boom! English speaking people! All other languages need not apply.

Mediocrity. Excuse....? Public Space. Freedom to speak. No accountability for thoughts, words and actions! Right. Left. Centre. Virtue signals. Based on their age I can almost guarantee you that in the 60s they were drinking from “white only” fountains. I wonder how they feel about being famous? I thought the manager handled that about as well as a person could; and no, I wouldn’t blame Trump for her actions. Personal responsibility, she doesn’t need his help to be a fool.

Trump's supporters at its best. No brain only ignorance. Kudos to Burger King for backing employee and for employee not needing to get police involved. “Take your business somewhere else” is what anyone who has issues with police being in an establishment or bigoted customers should be told to do. Give that man a raise

Uneducated. It's very upsetting to watch. I'm more irritated that its Florida...again...like what is going on with Florida?! As I have said, Florida is very racist. Lived there, saw it.

'Go back to Mexico': Viral video shows Burger King manager abused by two womenElderly customers asked to leave restaurant after berating Puerto Rican owner for speaking Spanish to employee. The moron in the WH has managed to make all non-white, non-english speaking human beings to be boogeymen in the eyes of every naive old person in the country... So sad... Let's all get out and go back to hell from where we came and let native people's have their land back. RealChristianValues

Offenders blurred and offendee face shown 🤔 Coma mierda trump. So there! Security should be called to start escorting these racists out of ANY establishment! This behaviour NEEDS to go! guess I'll boycott and quit BK from now on....find a mom n pop independant grill burger places around PNW Seattle, there are many here bye bye BK bye bye

I work right by this Burger King and everyone is always nice there. But there’s always that one person that has to say something Bravo to Mr. Castillo! WHY ARE YOU PROTECTING THESE WOMEN? Although there has always been this, since the Trump Administration has come to power many more feel free to release the worst of themselves in public.

So Florida...again?

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We added more coutnries to Mexico?! Clever bunch! This is what trump has normalized

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