Fast-Food, Food

Fast-Food, Food

Burger King Makes the Perfect Fast Food Fry

Stop kidding yourselves and give into the King.

9/25/2021 2:48:00 AM

Stop kidding yourselves and give into the King.

There’s nothing crunchier, oilier, or more artificial.

Are they more artificial than any other fast food fries? Yes. Does every fry have a crust on it as if it had been breaded and double-fried? Yes. Does it seem like, more than any other fry, to have been inverted through a series of funhouse mirrors so that it resembles more the idea of french fries than any discernible food a person would prepare? Yes!

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AdvertisementAll of these factors contribute to making this aggressively fake fry win out above all others. Because when evaluating the quality of fast food, artificiality is the essential factor. At its best, fast food is the pure distillation of the notion of food, an efficiently crafted series of components that are easily shuffled around in different formations to simulate the supposed variety of fare that fast food is imitating.

Fast food was created to provide the impression of a meal, a capitalistically playful interpretation of the dining experience. It was never meant to be dining. It was always a sleight of hand trick, distracting us with its hypersaturated flavors and textures so we’re fooled into thinking we just sated our hunger.

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But, I can't...he's watching me..... I loved KFC's potato wedges. McDonald’s used to be the best until they switched to vegetarian oil. Now they have a bitter aftertaste.

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