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Bud Light: Brewer Plans Slimmed-Down IPO in Hong Kong

Budweiser Brewing is taking another crack at a Hong Kong IPO, though its plans have been watered down


Bud weiser Brewing is taking another crack at a Hong Kong IPO, though its plans have been watered down

Two months after calling off a blockbuster initial public offering in Hong Kong, European beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev started shopping a slimmed-down version of its Asia business to investors in the city and is hoping to pull off a deal in the coming weeks.

As global beer sales have stalled, major brewers such as AB InBev and Carlsberg are flocking to China. WSJ’s Steven Russolillo in Hong Kong tests their strategies, sipping the beers specially crafted to win over Chinese drinkers. Photo composite: Sharon Shi. Video: Clément Bürge

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Then lower the valuation please Please follow this page at for your augmented and virtual reality contents you can call them and ask for it. I used to work in the tech sector and we would do a line called 'Best Buy.' It was absolutely amazing. Adding fuel on existing fire by getting them Drunk in Hongkong?LOL) But the 'deal' with LondonEX has to go through first.

Drink more Just like Budweiser!

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