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Bucking GOP trend, Alabama governor extends mask order

BREAKING: Alabama’s governor extends mandatory mask order for another month, bucking the trend among other Republican governors.

3/4/2021 8:06:00 PM

BREAKING: Alabama ’s governor extends mandatory mask order for another month, bucking the trend among other Republican governors.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Breaking from other Southern GOP governors, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey extended her state’s mask order for another month Thursday but said the requirement will end for good in...

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Breaking from other Southern GOP governors, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey extended her state’s mask order for another month Thursday but said the requirement will end for good in April.Following the recommendations of medical officials, Ivey said she will keep the mask order that was set to expire Friday in place until April 9.

“We need to get past Easter and hopefully allow more Alabamians to get their first shot before we take a step some other states have taken to remove the mask order altogether and lift other restrictions. Folks, we are not there yet, but goodness knows we’re getting closer,” Ivey said at a news conference.

The governor said masks have been “one of our greatest tools” in preventing the virus’ spread but emphasized that she will not extend the mask order further, saying it will become a matter of personal responsibility when the mandate ends.“Even when we lift the mask order, I will continue to wear my mask while I’m around others and strongly urge my fellow citizens to use common sense and do the same,” Ivey said. headtopics.com

Medical officials welcomed Ivey’s decision after recommending an extension, arguing that easing restrictions before more people were vaccinated could reverse recent improvements. Alabama’s rolling seven-day average of daily cases has dropped from 3,000 in early January to below 1,000 and hospitalizations are at their lowest point since summer.

ADVERTISEMENT“This is very good news. This gives us a month to vaccinate more people and to get a better handle on the role of the UK variant,” said Dr. Don Williamson, the former state health officer who now heads the Alabama Hospital Association. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Jolly good decision! She sees an opportunity to not be last in everything and she's going for it! Until April, wow big win. SethAbramson Effing Republicans are going to kill us all A leader. Nice to see! gumboqueen3030 So there is ‘some’ sense in the south! 🖕that whore Time to remove that ol bat from office

JonLemire Finally a Republican with a spine. Nice to know that there are some Republicans who have some brains She’s not bucking the trend when she lifts it in April? Very misleading headline! JonLemire Obviously Alabama Gov. isn't a Trump insider. Cares about citizens who elected him. Abbott & others are outright opposed to POTUS successes proving Trump failures.

It really needs to be extended Yay Alabama! Kudos to Alabama. 👏 Shocked Alabama actually has common sense here Great job!! drop a dime now to AbbottFailedTexas so he can turn around his Neanderthal thinking NeanderthalGOP Thank you, governor. 🙏 Good That governor is thinking of HIS CITIZENS AS HE SHOULD, NOT THE PARTY LINE. WELL DONE

Oh my God. A responsible Republican. Alabama cares about its people. So not all GOP want to see people get sick and die? She's Homosapien Mask is for protection don’t know why some Republicans are against it. Brava gov ivey Did not see that coming Republicans. GovernorKayIvey Bravo. All that we ask of state governors is that they are rooted in facts, truth, and science(as it applies to Covid.) So I shouldn’t have to give her 🙌 for doing the right thing, but I do because she’s one of a few.

A brave and caring snd most of all a smart politician Thank you from Georgia Kay Ivy is trying to get re-elected with out much trouble. I cannot believe I am saying this, but Breitbart, FFS, has a more accurate headline than you. She is not to be held up as a paragon who gives a damn. Thank you, GovernorKayIvey. 😷

Alabama is doing better than Texas?! I’ll allow it. AudreyGarden 💖 'Bucking the trend'? It's been like 2 states....🤣 These GOPs are so busy trying to keep people, the AMERICAN, people from having anything or being able to live. They are so damn toxic. SMH This will not prevent Democrats from accusing the governor of 'genocide', while remaining dead-silent about Connecticut's re-opening.. It's all partisan rhetoric AL

👍 Good Thank God! The only GQP with a set of nuts is female SethAbramson Color me surprised! GregAbbott_TX Well good to see some have put the kool aid down. Thank you, common sense lauferlaw Thank you, GovernorKayIvey. This is a pro-life decision and I appreciate it. I may be misremembering, but her resistance to masks folded pretty quickly last year, too.

Good for you Alabama! Good lauferlaw Yeah, but that's it. Bless her heart. 😒 Alabama being the smartest of the red states is something I thought I'd never say Wow! Alabama relenting to safety! Impressive. Talk to Governor Reynolds of Iowa--try to knock some common sense into that broad. Responsible! Well one some what smart one. Who would have thought it would come from Alabama

Strewth, he'll be kicked out of the Good Ol' Boys club at this rate. Based Alabama? Alabama is the voice of reason now?! Jesus. SethAbramson Thank you to the governor of Alabama for putting the health of the people he serves & the health of ALL Americans ahead of his party’s general stupidity! This governor seems to understand that COVID doesn’t see borders or care about its victims’ national or political status! 😐

Not for long LOL Thank you kayiveyforgov! Now help us do the same for GregAbbott_TX-TX, tatereeves-MS, henrymcmaster-SC, gretchenwhitmer-MI, MassGovernor-MA, and KimReynoldsIA-IA. Here come the snowflakes that can't handle this simple task Where is the headline hailing the Alabama governor as the savior of mankind after all the 'Texas governor is actively killing people with his mandate ended'.

Well, she can't blame it on immigrants crossing the border, so... Excellent JonLemire Thank you Gov Ivey - following the science! What will Texas say about this? Wow at least Alabama has extended one more month. Proves Alabama may not be the dumbest state leadership out there. GovernorKayIvey Great that she waited a month but would be wise to determine spread of variants before lifting the mandate completely.

There is at least one person in Alabama with a brain!!COVIDIOTS Only way I know...The 'George Floyd' act by the Socialists Party, Should read...' can't breath, BUT, I can pass illegal bills, I can hold a gun to a pregnant women's belly, I can use Meth and heron derevitives, I can fight the police! I can be on parole, a hero to the Socialists!

Good for him! The other states are so dumb for lifting the mask mandate! The bar has been so low currently. Huh. hey !!! killer GovAbbott it’s ALABAMA !!! In the past, Alabama and Mississippi have had the exact same curve regardless of an on-again off-again mandate in MS vs. constant mandate for AL. Anyone supporting this hasn't looked at the data or is completely delusional

😱 Thank-you!!!!! When Bama gets it right...Roll Tide!!!! just revisiting this and U.S. scattershot approach TheLastRefuge2 what a Puss... a single GOP with brain Alabama you say? Hey, a Republican with a respect for the health of the residents in the state. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 So glad we don't have to see what normally would be the inevitable Trump science denial tweet after this.

SethAbramson Wait, Alabama had a mask mandate? Credit where it's due. This is the right call. SethAbramson Alabama smart.👍 💖 PLEASE READ💖👀 WE'RE OUT OF TIME to secure His 'Aftercare fund' for years of proper follow up & meds, a new 💙 w/out it means He'll reject it & die. PLEASE, if U can't donate, just retweet so others can see, for a Child, Thank You! AboysHeart

Smart to follow science. Thank you. I think it's still too early even a month out but kudos to Alabama's governor OMG a republican that actually cares for the people they represent. Amazing. Ohio's governor has done the same. He has said that he will not life the mask mandate any time soon. I want to say thank you to the medical community for all your hard work in the past and because of these bonehead governors your work in the future.

Thank you!!! JonLemire Thank you. iamlorenguerra Extended tyranny TrendingTopicCo I can’t believe Alabama is the Red State with common sense. Maybe Ivey is unaware that Real Republicans jump on contrarian bandwagons. Even just a month longer could make the difference. GregAbbott_TX is absolutely insane.

shalomshuli look at you guys down there!! Well done... Coach Saban needs everyone healthy for Spring Ball. Looks like the governor in alabama isn’t a Neanderthal. JonLemire This may get you kicked out of the GQP Governor's Club. Just what you would expect from commie Alabama Roll tide? She has sense. SOOO close to getting vaxxes. Hang on just a little longer. Makes no sense to be the last person to die before getting a vax bc you wouldn't wear a mask.

At last someone with common sense ! JonLemire Good on you Governor Ivey... Uh oh. The Trumpers are gonna be mad. They love the Rona.