BTS Spot for Hyundai Is No. 1 on YouTube Global Ad Ranking

.@BTS_twt Spot for Hyundai Is No. 1 on YouTube Global Ad Ranking

6/21/2021 7:01:00 AM

.BTS_twt Spot for Hyundai Is No. 1 on YouTube Global Ad Ranking

BTS, record-breaking K-pop sensations, have claimed another title: The group’s appearance in Hyundai Motor Co.’s Earth Day-themed ad last year is No. 1 on YouTube’s latest global …

and set to run June 21-25.Star power is on display elsewhere on the YouTube global top 10 ads list. In the No. 3 spot is Amazon’s ad from this year’s Super Bowl in whichMichael B. Jordan is imagined as the ideal physical form of Alexa. (It also scored as the No. 1 most-watched ad on Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S., per YouTube.)

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Meanwhile, the Switzerland Tourism took No. 7 with its spot released last month, in which tennis star Roger Federer encouraging a reluctant, drama-yearning Robert De Niro to make a film in the drama-free Swiss Alps. “You guys are too nice!” De Niro complains.

In the U.S., the three ads that landed on the top 10 were Amazon’s Super Bowl ad; Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us,” featuring sports stars like Serena Williams, LeBron James and Cristiano Renaldo (No. 5); and game maker Supercell’s short film “Lost and Crowned” (No. 6). headtopics.com

Other ads on list hail from Egypt (Orange Egypt), India (Oppo, Apple, Vodafone Idea) and South Korea (featuring the Korean Tourism Organization’s collaboration with alt-pop band Leenalchi and the Ambiguous Dance Company).All together, the 10 ads on YouTube’s global ad leaderboard for 2020-21 have generated more than 635 million global views to date.

YouTube determines ad rankings using multiple variables — in addition to total views, the video platform also factors in metrics like watch time and the mix of paid vs. organic views. This list limited brands to only one entry each, to “enable brand diversity,” according to YouTube.

Here’s the top 10 global ads on YouTube’s Cannes-to-Cannes Ad Leaderboard for 2020-21: Read more: Variety »

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BTS_twt Stream their Hyundai song IONIQ yall BTS_twt There's nothing to push there. You know,their last online concert was watched by 1.33M from 195 regions of the world. So, We didn't have to stream or push to get this no 1. Didn't know it ll b analysed for ranking either. Anyway,we like to see nice ppl. Human nature! You know!

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BTS_twt Subscribe Please BTSChartDailyx BTS_twt The only musician endorsers on the list too! In the same league as legendary athletes. 🔥 BTS_twt Last year they have started becoming more popular even without no promotion because they get played on the radio we would love more promotion and I do think they need to break more countries like the main countries in the world

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BTS_twt and yet u gave the best group to the other group when BTS deserves that. im saying 2020. When Dynamite was all over US and the Globe. BTS_twt Kings indeed💜😍 Thank you 💜 and a good news guess what 😍 BTS' online fan-meeting '2021 Muster Sowoozoo' which recorded 1.33M paid viewers in 195 regions with $71M revenue in 2 days😍😭💜

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