BTS Says They’re “Back Where We Belong” at Permission to Dance Concerts

“The cheering from ARMY always gives us strength.” ❤️


12/6/2021 10:28:00 AM

“The cheering from ARMY always gives us strength.” ❤️

The group talked about their next chapter and what they’ve learned this year in a press conference for their concerts in Los Angeles.

“Yesterday, I asked myself, is this reality or is this really a dream?” BTS member Suga reflected during a press conference for BTS’s Permission to Dance concerts in Los Angeles. He was referring to night one of four concerts, their first in-person shows since before the pandemic.

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It was an emotional night for BTS and for ARMY, who had a joyful reunion on Saturday night (and in the day leading up to the show, when fans stood outside SoFi Stadium to cheer on BTS during their rehearsal). On Twitter, the mood was excited and surreal, as fans who attended the show shared fancams and favorite moments for ARMYs who didn’t get a chance to see the group this time. It felt something like ARMY fandom on social media pre-pandemic.

“Seeing the stadium filled with all the fans yesterday got me emotional beyond words,” leader RM said during the press conference. “As artists [who] started out in Korea, the limitations of our identity, language, genre, invisible walls, we felt like they really existed. But every moment, we tried to give our best to every show, every performance, [all] the music, all of our hearts, and I think those small moments truly made today’s miracle for us. Going back on tour, seeing all the fans really makes us feel like this really is the beginning of our new chapter.”

That new chapter will likely mean more concerts ahead — Jin shared that he hoped this would be “the first in a series of opportunities to see ARMY,” specifically mentioning concerts being planned for Korea.Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSICCourtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

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The group has spoken often about their eagerness to return to the stage, and they clearly enjoyed themselvesduring the AMAs. “It really didn’t seem real, at least until the AMAs,” Jungkook said. “The cheering from ARMY always gives us strength. So the AMAs gave us energy for last night's concert.” But a return after a fairly long hiatus understandably comes with its own stresses. In response to a question from

People, Jin shared that there were some nerves prior to night one of the Permission to Dance shows.“Before a concert, we always talk amongst ourselves and do a little huddle in the waiting room, the green room,” Jin said. “Before we started our first song ‘ON,’ the thing all of us really said was, ‘I think I’m going to cry.’ So we were very nervous, and because we have been away from live performances, we were really afraid to make a mistake. That also made us practice that much harder and that much longer to make sure we don’t … nobody actually cried though.” (V then jumped in to joke, “I had some tears, but they came out of my nose.”) On the whole, the group expressed a desire to enjoy every moment of these live shows, pushing past any hesitation or fear or over-analyzing in service of appreciating the joy of performing and being with ARMY in-person.

Last week, BTS earned theirsecond Grammy nominationin the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit song of the summer “Butter.” The nomination follows another landmark year for the group with three no. 1 singles in “Butter,” “Permission to Dance,” and “My Universe” with Coldplay. They’re also fresh off a 2021 AMAs win for Artist of the Year. All of these accolades are meaningful to them, even as they continue to find new barriers to break.

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Suga, known for achieving the goals he puts out into the universe, touched on the two Grammy noms with a Korean saying. “Being nominated for a Grammy is not easy, winning a Grammy is not easy. I’m actually thankful there are still barriers, challenges we can work to overcome … There’s a Korean saying that any tree can be felled with 10 strokes of the axe, so we’ve hit it twice, maybe if we hit it eight more times…” V smirked and replied that Jin would be in his 40s by then, though Jin insisted he would not be in his 40s, he would only be 38. (Hopefully, it will not take this long.)

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSICCourtesy of BIGHIT MUSICBTS was also asked by interviewer Liam McEwan about how they stay true to themselves amid all their success. Both J-Hope and RM gave succinct, nuanced answers.“Now we try not to set our standards very high to define success. If you set those standards to try to define success, it’s very tiring trying to reach those goals, very tiring physically, and mentally very taxing,” J-Hope said. “Instead, trying hard at what we do… that effort eventually leads to a lot of this success, and by doing that, trying to stay level.”

RM broke it down with a math equation. “It’s very simple,” he said. “There’s 100% of success, and I’ll give half to armys, and then I’ll give like 5 percent each [to the members], so that’s 35. I’ll give 15 percent to HYBE and BigHit. If it’s a trophy, my percent is like, 5, it’s the edge of a trophy. If you always realize that you’re a little piece of this whole journey, the success is not all yours. I always try to realize that for myself. It helps keep myself down to earth, and I think it’s really important to survive in this crazy industry.”

Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSICCourtesy of BIGHIT MUSICCourtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

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