BTS's Bang Bang Con Is a Huge Concert Streaming Marathon for ARMY

We love to see it.

4/9/2020 6:43:00 PM


We love to see it.

is joining in by launching its own virtual concert convention.On April 9, Big Hit announced the septet would be holding an “online concert weekend” on BTS’s BANGTANTV YouTube channel with a series of posts on the group’sofficial Instagram.Called “Bang Bang Con,” the marathon will start on Saturday, April 18, at noon KST (that is Friday, April 17, at 11 p.m. EST) and will run for two consecutive days. The first day will feature BTS’s 화양연화 (or HYYH) live concert from 2015, 2016’s HYYH Epilogue, 2014’s Red Bullet Live trilogy and the 3rd Muster from 2016. So, yes, we'll be consuming every second of that.

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The stream will continue the next day, April 19, at the same time with 2017’s Read more: Teen Vogue »

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BTSChartDaily BTS_twt Yes BTS 💜🎶 BTSChartDaily BTS_twt I am sooo excited can't wait BTS_twt feeeeeeeer7 BTS_twt We’re so excited to see some of these!! It’s gonna bring back a lot of memories. 😭 BTS_twt teen vogue zoom party for BANGBANGCON please

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