Permissiontodance, Butter

Permissiontodance, Butter

BTS' RM Says Working on 'Permission to Dance' Didn't Give Him Stress Like 'Butter' Did

BTS' RM opened up about the group's latest hit #PermissionToDance and its relationship to #Butter.

8/1/2021 1:00:00 AM

BTS' RM opened up about the group's latest hit PermissionToDance and its relationship to Butter .

BTS' RM opened up in a new interview about how he felt making the group's latest uplifting hit, 'Permission to Dance,' and how it compared to ' Butter .'

chart dated July 24, was different from their previous hit,"Butter," in that he felt more relaxed."I wasn't stressed preparing for it like I was with 'Butter,'" he shared."When it came to 'Butter,' I had to think about what we should show off and how I could do that. ... But I really didn't have to worry about that with 'Permission to Dance.' Honestly, I felt like I only needed to add just a dash of the enjoyment I felt."

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Artist MentionedBTS' V Channeled 'Cry-Baby'-Era Johnny Depp & Billy Joel For 'Butter' VideoWhen discussing his solo track"Bicycle," which debuted during Festa in June, RM revealed that being a musician hasn't always been easy for him."I've faced a lot of pressure while making music throughout my life to move ahead a little more or make music that stands out better," he said. RM added that because bikes"hold an important place in my heart," he decided to write a song about his.

"When I ride my bike, I'm free from the pressure of the things I'm supposed to feel and think about," he added."I don't care if people recognize me, and that's the closest I get to feeling free, mentally and physically -- when I'm riding fast and feeling like I'm up on a cloud."

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BTS' Jin Says He's a 'Little Healthier' & Well-Rested After Pressure to Follow 'Dynamite' SuccessIn an interview with Weverse magazine, BTS' Jin talked about the pressure to follow up 'Dynamite' and how his vocal style is evolving. Love him so much💜🥺 Worldwide handsome Oh okay I know next!

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