Bts, Butter

Bts, Butter

BTS’ Perform Slick ‘Butter’ Routine on ‘Fallon’: Watch

BTS are just too smooth. #BTS #Butter

7/15/2021 10:00:00 AM

BTS are just too smooth. BTS Butter

The septet dished up a never-before-seen performance of their smash hit, ' Butter .'

On Tuesday night's episode ofFallon, the pop phenom performed the new single “Permission to Dance,” and zoomed in for a chat with the show’s host.Watch the late-night TV performance of “Butter” below. Read more: billboard »

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Too much smooth like butter💜 CookieBearMochi Sooo smooth like Butter7thNo1OnHot100 BTSonFallon 👍👍👍 BTS armies work fast but haters work faster. Like damn y'all hop off BTS and find a life instead of hating 방탄소년단 여러분 사랑합니다💜 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Wbk Yeyey Oh yeah..!💜 Your style is like rock now 😅 Yes 💜🇮🇷

BTS Gets a Pat of Love From American Butter Institute For Spreading 'Butter' JoyBillboard spoke with the spokesperson for the American Butter Institute about BTS spreading the love this summer with their Hot 100 No. 1 hit ' Butter .' PermissiontoDance is coming.... 💜💜 Good 💜😍 Oh wow. I hope this makes someone smile this morning.

It's our hearts which are too smooth to get melted easily by seeing their hotness

The performance was beautiful😍😍🔥💜💃BTSonFallon Butter BTS_twt 💜💜 Aronilovesbts RT + REPLY TO VOTE i vote for BTS Butter and ARMY at the KCAMexico 2021 BTS_twt Sssc141 Two amazing performances for The Tonight Show! BTSonFallon 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Yes , Of course they are smooth like butter 🕺💖🎤📽️💥BTS are just too smooth. BTS Butter

😂 Pues me rindo!!!! Amo a los BTS HAPPINESS?

BTS' 'Butter' Leads Hot 100 for Seventh Week, Lil Nas X's 'Montero' Returns to Top Five. BTS _twt's ' Butter ' stands atop the Hot100 for the seventh week in a row. 📈 BTS_twt BTS_twt yeahhhhhh BTS BTSARMY BTS_twt 👏👏👏

The grandeur!! Jaw dropping moments from start to finish BTSonFallon Get it let it roll💜 some BAEPSAE for the cmnt section 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Супер мальчики 🥰♥️😁✌🏻🫀 Kings 음, 이건 맞는 표현이다. My loves bts 💜💓 Ever heard of “The Black Dahlia” the biggest unsolved murder case in history. No one ever knew the details of her murder, and who murdered her…until now! Find out what happened here —

best grp YEAH 💜💜💜

Billie Eilish, BTS, Lorde, The Weeknd To Perform At Global Citizen Live 2021. BTS _twt, lizzo, shawnmendes, Camila_Cabello, lorde, and more will be performing at venues across the world for GlobalCitizenLive BTS_twt lizzo ShawnMendes Camila_Cabello lorde THE TALCUM POWDER FACE LIFT. Look 10 YEARS YOUNGER in an INSTANT! Click LINK BELOW TO SEE HOW 👇 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS, THANK YOU. makeup beauty YouTuber YouTube BTS_twt lizzo ShawnMendes Camila_Cabello lorde Camila! ❤️ fullerajane BTS_twt lizzo ShawnMendes Camila_Cabello lorde Camila Cabello ❤️ Shawn Mendes ❤️

Lo único que quiero decir es que si son gays y que se que eso no importa... Xd ustedes son fanáticos ciegos... Ya quieren comerme por decir eso... Es más ! Ustedes también son gays ⚠️DONATE⚠️STREAM⚠️BUY⚠️ PTD is currently estimated (by Winston) for 330 points on H0T100, while our big rival is stable about 325-340 points, and to make it even more competitive another new song is pacing for 300+ points debut.. LETS GO BTSARMY BTSonFallon passthebaton

Boys That Suck yaaaaaz💜💜 jus gotta watch ur growth from the angle as a fan sometime😏🎶💨 (zayata) Lol the haters are so fast Ikr smooth like BTS marufa_bts_7 I have never been this early. BTS Butter Yeyyeyeyeyyehhh

BTS Almost Named Their Fans Something Other Than ARMYThe guys also revealed an almost-stage name and which member didn't intend to audition for the group.

Shinee, Kang Daniel, IU, ONF And BTS: The 10 Bestselling Songs In Korea Halfway Through 2021Both Kang Daniel and IU claim two of the top 10 bestselling songs in South Korea so far this year. Congratulations to Kang Daniel for ranking second and third. Antidote and Paranoia are really great songs. So proud of Daniel.🎉🎉 konnect_danielk KangDaniel 강다니엘 Kang Daniel👏👏👏👏 강다니엘 KangDaniel konnect_danielk Congrats ONF!❤ WM_ONOFF wm_on7off 온앤오프 ONF

Can BTS Replace Themselves At No. 1 On The Hot 100 With Their New Song? BTS is already running the show on the Hot 100, but can they score their fifth No. 1 hit in just a few days? Inshaallah both will No.1 PermissionToDance & Butter Let's see👀🤗 Please support us 🙏 DV2021 USEmbassyCairo_Against_DV2021