BTS Offers Another Sweet Taste of 'Butter' in 2 New Teasers

.@BTS_twt revealed two new teasers for their upcoming single #Butter

5/3/2021 8:16:00 PM

.BTS_twt revealed two new teasers for their upcoming single Butter

BTS is spreading the love! The K-pop supergroup revealed two new teasers for their upcoming English-language single ' Butter ' on Monday (May 3). Watch them here.

on April 28 that ahead of the arrival of"Butter," the group would be teasing the song with concept clips and photos until the tune's May 21st arrival. The stars described"Butter" in an earlier press release as"a dance pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS." The song is their second English-language tune. Their first was 2020's"Dynamite," which topped the Billboard Hot 100.

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On Thursday (April 29), the Billboard Music Awards announced that BTS is a finalist in four categories for the 2021 event: top duo/group, top song sales artist, top social artist, and top selling song.Watch the two new concept clips for"Butter" below:

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Waiting for butter Western music industry please prepare yourself... BTS_twt I vote for Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the iHeartAwards. BTS_twt btspopperonly BTS_twt I vote for Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the iHeartsAwards 2021 (BTS_twt ) BTS_twt BTS_twt 🥰🥰 BTS_twt I vote for Dynamite by BTS_twt for BestMusicVideo at the HeartAwards

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BTS Whips Up More Ingredients in 3 Tasty 'Butter' Teaser ClipsBTS has been snacking before releasing their latest single ' Butter ' in three new concept clips Big Hit shared on Wednesday (May 5). BTS_twt BTS 방탄소년단 BTS_Butter Concept Clip - 정국 (Jung Kook) BTS_twt Legends BTS BTS_Butter BTS_twt KINGS

BTS_twt BTS_Butter 방탄소년단 BTSARMY butter out on may 21 🧈💛 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜🥰💜 BTS_twt 2ndTasteOfButter BTS IS COMING BTS_twt BTS_twt Hangisi BTS_twt ✨✨

BTS Sport New Suits in Sharp-Looking 'Butter' Teaser PhotoBTS took to social media on May 9 to reveal a new photo teasing their upcoming English-language song ' Butter .' Less goo TAYLORARREGAO Smooth like a butter

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BTSChartDailyx BTS_twt BTS_twt BUTTER is coming to make the world BETTER than before 😌 Stay tuned for BUTTER that will be BETTER 💛 I vote BTSARMY for BestFanArmy at the 2021 iHeartAwards BTS_twt BTSChartDailyx BTS_twt So please check BTS DISCOGRAPHY for better life.

Everything To Know About BTS’ Upcoming Single “Butter”Here are some possible fan theories around the track and their unannounced upcoming album.

BTS Dropping Limited-Edition Version of 'Butter' on Cassette/VinylI Vote for BTSARMY for BestFanArmy at the 2021 iHeartAwards BTS_twt I vote for Dynamite for BestMusicVideo at the iHeartAwards 2021 by BTS_twt I vote for FaveChoreography at the 2021 iHeartAwards is Dynamite by BTS_twt