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BTS Member J-Hope Gave V Some Sage Advice About His Solo Mixtape

love J-Hope in big brother mode 🥺💕 @BTS_twt

9/16/2020 10:15:00 PM

love J-Hope in big brother mode 🥺💕 BTS _twt

'Whatever you're feeling now, it's all going toward a positive direction.'

InIn the Soop, the members of BTS immerse themselves in hobbies such as fishing, painting, and enjoying (iced tea and) a game of ping pong. The fifth episode of the show aired this week (check it out onWeverse), and in it, J-Hope and V ride together in a car and discuss KTH1. When J-Hope asks if he's done planning, V responds, “Somewhat,” per the official translation.

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"Our fans will be so happy when it gets released," J-Hope says. Then, V admits that he's "a bit nervous because it's my first mixtape," adding that he's unsure about the planning and exact date, and that it could be released around the time an episode of

In the Soopairs. (Sadly, as of this writing KTH1 is not yet out in the world.) So far, band members RM, Suga, and J-Hope havereleased solo mixtapes, while Jungkook and V have shared that theirs are works in progress. In response to V's concerns, J-Hope pulls from his own solo experience. "I don't think you should feel too pressured about a mixtape," he says. "Just do what you want to do and show the music you want to show. You're not trying to win something big with it."

"Yeah, I'm making this because I want our fans to hear it," V says. "I'm doing this because I want to share the music that I've been working on and that I love, but I'm a bit worried that it'd look like I'm doing it to achieve something, when that's completely not in my interest."

To which J-Hope responds with some very sage wisdom about embarking on creative work. “It's impossible to have no expectations because it's your first release,” he says. "Since this is your first time, you will have certain expectations about the attention and love you will get. But this won't be your last release ever ... whatever you're feeling now, it's all going toward a positive direction. Whether it be excitement for the release or however you're feeling about what the mixtape will bring. Either way, you're heading in the right direction. You're trying something new. That in itself is a reflection that you're going in a good direction. Do what you want to try doing. Take whatever you get out of it and have fun. I think that should do."

It's excellent advice, and it definitely tracks with what BTSTeen Vogueabout the new album they're working on as a group — and what they've learned in the turbulent times of the past year.“We decided to accept new challenges and be more flexible, especially with our music under these unprecedented circumstances,”

a few weeks ago after releasing their single “Dynamite,” now a chart-topping hit. “Music is everything to us, and we can honestly say we are passionate about singing and dancing more than anyone." Read more: Teen Vogue »

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BTSV_US BTS_twt V is bearing his heart in this mixtape all of us, we are more than ready, JHOPE has been a great advisor to Taehyung and this two men talk from the heart when advising others and each other is a beautiful friendship. BTS_twt VHOPE the most powerful couple hoya_kyu_ BTS_twt Excelente consejero Jhope BTS_twt

BTS_twt Porque tienen tan poquitos favs? BTS_twt Hermosa palabras de hobi para tae 😍😭 BTS_twt Vope best friends 💜💜 BTS_twt 제이홉 💜💜💜 제이홉 jhope BTS_twt BTS_twt 'Do what you want to try doing. Take whatever you get out of it and have fun. I think that should do.' 인더숲 BTSInTheSoop 방탄소년단 제이홉 방탄소년단제이홉 JHOPE BTSJHOPE J-HOPE 정호석 BTS_twt

BTS_twt vhope so cute BTS_twt BTS_ARMY BTS_twt Yes jhope is the golden hyung for a reason! He gives the best advices and is the best brother! I love it how he gave such a wonderful advice to taehyung! Their relationship is very precious vhope BTS_twt VHOPEEE my heart 😭💜 BTS_twt Best Baby ♥️ BTS_twt he’s a great brother to V and V with him too very sweet 💜

BTS_twt God I love them so much BTS_twt Thank you, Hobi, you're a great big brother! Kim Taehyung, we can't wait for your mixtape. KTH1 IS COMING BTS_twt He is our Golden Hyung🤗💜 BTS_twt Amazing article Claire_ifying 💜💜💜💜 BTS_twt VHOPE BEST BOYS🥺💜 BTS_twt That talk was so motivating 😘❤❤ BTS_twt Hobi is certainly qualified and he loves all his brothers! Ot7 forever

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218_ego BTS_twt They are two lovely brothers Jhope_Vibes BTS_twt Se complementan 💜 BTS_twt Vhope I love them KTH_News BTS_twt Que hermosos son estos dos chicos JH y Taehyung bellisimos en la forma que se quieren BTSV_US BTS_twt i know very well hobi cares about Tae BTSV_US BTS_twt I love taehyung and hobi brotherhood 💜

KTH_Facts BTS_twt The duo are sweetheart😍😍😍😍 BTSV_US BTS_twt My babies Bestest boys ever 💜💜💜 BTS_twt Vhope best duo 🥰 BTS_twt Their relationship is indeed the most sweetest ❤❤ JHopeBTSBolivia BTS_twt My Vhope 😭😭😭😍😍😍 HopeUnion_twt BTS_twt Hoseokie Best boy🥺🥺🥺 JHOPE BTS_twt I’m glad Hoseok was there to reassured and encouraged Taehyung about his mixtape. Taehyung shared with us a snippet from his mixtape and it was absolutely beautiful. Thanks Hoseok for being a good hyung to Taehyung!

BTS_twt This is so cute, thank you for the article! KTH_Facts BTS_twt lendas KTH_News BTS_twt vope😭💜 BTS_twt this is so sweet🥺 BTS_twt Vhope best BTS_twt VHope relationship is so precious I love them 🥺💜 BTS_twt Jhope and Taehyung relationship is way too perfect very cute💜 I love how they express their feelings / thoughts to each other. The way Hobie guided Tae 💚❤

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BTS_twt Vhope best bros, sunshine line. modooborahae BTS_twt Hobi 😭

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