BTS' Label Big Hit Music Announces 2021 Online Global Auditions For Male Trainees

BTS's label, Big Hit Music, has announced online global auditions for it's 2021 male trainees.

10/18/2021 5:45:00 PM

.BTS_twt's label, Big Hit Music, has announced online global auditions for it's 2021 male trainees.

BTS's label, Big Hit Music, has announced online global auditions for it's 2021 male trainees.

BTS Performs 'Butter' during Global Citizen Live.Big Hit Music is looking for its next male singing superstar. The HYBE label that manages K-Pop superstarsand Tomorrow X Together announced over the weekend that it is in search of young men with"talent and passion" to be the next global superstar.

In a statement on itswebsite, Big Hit asked wannabe males born after 2002 to tell their special story through music during this year's application period, which will last from Monday (Oct. 18) until Dec. 20. Members of BTS filmed a video in support of the open audition, with RM saying in the clip,"For those of you who want to share your stories through music and dance, and those of you with beating hearts who dream about becoming an amazing artist even in this moment."

The application categories include vocals, rap, dance and producing, with Big Hit requesting a video of you singing a song of your choice, with your upper body visible and a full-frontal photo (without any filters).Artist MentionedMegan Thee Stallion Talks Meeting BTS and Working With Cardi B on 'Hot Ones': Watch

BTS' J-Hope also gave some advice to potential future superstars in the video via his own experience auditioning for Big Hit."I used to be a street dancer in Gwangju before my debut. I still remember the day I auditioned at the dance school," he said."My heart still goes pit-a-pat when I think of that moment.” Jimin and Jin explained the details of the audition process, while rapper Suga recalled how he came through the Big Hit process.

"I can say this could be a turning point in your life," he said."So I highly recommend you to not be hesitant to apply! It's more about showing how much you love music and your dream, rather than being good at it."Watch BTS encourage global auditioners and explain the process below.

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