BTS Draws Thousands of Fans to L.A.’s SoFi Stadium Ahead of First Live Concert Since Start of Pandemic

BTS Draws Thousands of Fans to L.A.’s SoFi Stadium Ahead of First Live Concert Since Start of Pandemic


11/28/2021 2:16:00 AM

BTS Draws Thousands of Fans to L.A.’s SoFi Stadium Ahead of First Live Concert Since Start of Pandemic

Korean pop sensation BTS, known for such hits as “Butter” and “Dynamite,” is in Los Angeles to perform their first in-person concerts since the start of the pandemic, drawing tens of thousands of f…

that spirals out over a mile long. A follow-up to the seven-member groups’s 2019 world tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, the group’s Permission to Dance On Stage: Live Play shows will take place this Saturday and Sunday, as well as Dec. 1 and Dec. 2. A line around the SoFi stadium began to form on Friday morning — more than a full day before the concert — as the boy band’s merchandise booth officially opened for presale.

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BTS’ fanbase, dubbed the ARMY, is notorious for its fervent dedication to the group. But for some concert attendees, the Los Angeles events have become a source of frustration regarding management of ticket sales. On Thursday, additional tickets for Dance On Stage: Live Play were suddenly made available, even though the event was indicated to have sold out for several months.

“Due to production releases, additional tickets are available for BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE LA,” readsa noticeon Ticketmaster. “Due to the limited number of tickets available, a select number of previously waitlisted Verified Fans have been selected at random to receive codes to purchase from this late ticket release.”

Fans took to social media to express outrage at the late release, with many responding to a tweet from SoFi Stadium indicating Ticketmaster as the exclusive merchant for ticket sales.

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BTS Brings Year’s Biggest Show Yet to L.A.’s Newest Venue SoFi StadiumBTS are returning to Southern California with a triple-play appearance at three venues in Inglewood for their Permission to Dance tour beginning this weekend. Y así las filas para comprar mercancía de nuestros ídolos !!😎💜y dicen que somos robots. Soo happy for BTS but sad for me because I am not the part of that ARMY purple ocean 😭😭 A group of scientist working on modifying HUMAN's soul to turn to CATS' or other animals'? Should be a warning sign to the world HOW HUMAN's SOUL are being damaged. If I'm wrong, forgive and ignore me.