Bts, Mtv Unplugged

Bts, Mtv Unplugged

BTS Cover Coldplay, Perform 'Telepathy' for First Time During 'MTV Unplugged'

K-pop superstars also premiered live rendition of Be’s “Blue & Grey”

2/24/2021 8:57:00 AM

BTS cover Coldplay, perform 'Telepathy' live for the first time during ‘MTV Unplugged’

K-pop superstars also premiered live rendition of Be’s “Blue & Grey”

They launched their set in a room where they played arcade games and sangBetrack “Telepathy,” which marked the first time the band has performed the upbeat song live. “Blue & Grey” was another song they premiered live for the first time. They changed settings to go along with the introspective ballad, performing the song against a sun-kissed backdrop, surrounded by greenery.

The group also surprised fans with a cover of Coldplay’s contemplative “Fix You,” followed by their own reflective song, the Number One-charting “Life Goes On.” Wearing coordinated khakis and blazers, they performed “Life Goes On” while seated in a living room setting, backed by a four-piece live band. They saved their megahit for last, closing their show with “Dynamite.”

Earlier this month, BTS auctioned off their outfit ensemble from the “Dynamite” music video for $162,500, which was donated to the MusiCares Covid-19 relief fund. The outfits were sold to two buyers, Japanese art collector Yusaku Maezawa and HIKAKIN, regarded as “Japan’s most famous YouTuber.”

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my seven kings did great! BTS_twt It was the best night of all time all the songs they sang were beautiful and the cover they did as Coldplay was great I’m still in awe! Grew up listening to Coldplay in the early 2000s and found BTS in 2015. This performance was nothing short of awe-inspiring! 💜👏🏽 prettyprkjimin Listen to it, you won't regret it 😏

it was absolutely amazing i'm so proud of them💖 💚👑🔥🤟 💜💜💜💜💜 They smashed it 👏💜🇬🇧 BTS_twt BTSARMY BestOfBTSMTV BTSUnplugged BTSONMTV BTS is LEGEND 😍💜 BTS_twt Mid yESSS Dynamite Fix you (Coldplay cover) Telepathy Blue & Grey Life Goes On The Unplugged was amazing, but BTS cover was beyond the words.

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The way I wanted to see Telepathy performance and my dream came true! AHH!! That song is amazing and sweet! 😭💜 BTS_twt Listen to my new release FLOWSTAR 💜💜💜💜💜💜 MagArtemis Only legend sht jimintoday__ Belleza de presentación muaw😴😘💜 BTS_twt Beautiful story I love. Love 3000 RM JIN SUGA JHOPE JIMIN V JUNGKOOK 💜🎟️💌💜🎟️💌💜🎟️💌💜🎟️💌 BTSonMTV

Fun Fact: Groups like Coldplay, maroon 5, Linkin Park are my whole childhood. And i'm with BTS in my adulthood. I'm just so thankful about those artists for the best memories, thanks jimintoday__ THE COVER WAS EXCELLENT COULDN'T BE ANY BETTER The fact that Coldplay themselves do not allow just anyone to cover their song, this song in particular. BTS delivered, not only the perfection that this song is, but also the emotions that it convey. Each and every single one of them, thank you BTS_twt

lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and i will try to fix you BTS_twt 💜 Oh this is Coldplay I don’t even know territory. You guys probably could’ve fooled the masses and just passed it off as your own. I’m still not gonna listen but good for you. it was amazing 😍😍