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BTS 'Butter' Teaser Hints at the Next Dance Pop Anthem

With a side dish of funk.

5/18/2021 7:35:00 PM

ALL ABOARD the bts_twt train to funky town 🚂🕺🎶✨

With a side dish of funk.

Speaking toRolling Stoneearlier this month, leader RM said the song will be “very energetic” and “very summery.” In the same interview, RM also revealed that the track will feature “a very dynamic performance,” which the group will debut live during the 2021 BBMAs on

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May 23.Together with the full video, BTS' “Butter” will release on May 21 as a digital single and will also be released as a physical single later this summer. BTS are slated to hold a press conference to coincide with the single release, where they are expected to explain more about the track — so stay tuned.

Check out the “Butter” teaser below: Read more: Teen Vogue »

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