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Be, Be (Deluxe Edition)

BTS Breaks Their Own Record with 'BE'

The boys have done it again 💜💜💜

11/21/2020 10:30:00 PM

The boys have done it again 💜💜💜

Have you listened to the new album yet?

BE, which is co-written by the members themselves, walks us through BTS's own emotional journey during this weird time in all of our lives. Their first single,"Life Goes On,"is a touching ballad that quite literally talks about the pandemic, their feelings being in isolation, being trapped and stuck in their own rooms and routines. But it also talks about the promise and hope of the future, of seeing each other again.

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Aside from their mega hit"Dynamite,"the album also includes a track called"Skit," which isn't a song, but a dialogue among the members as they celebrate their youngest member Jungkook's birthday while in quarantine — adding to the raw, intimate vibe that they were going for. There's also"Telepathy," which is an absolute pop bop that talks about togetherness and focusing on the good things despite being physically apart.

The band also dropped theirdirected by Jungkook, which has already gotten over 87 million views at the time of writing. Read more: PAPER Magazine »

BTS_ARMY_013_ Hi, the skit was recorded on JK's birthday. But the recording as announced was of them hearing they got the BB No. 1. BTS vs BTS They really are the best aren't they I TRUST YOU BAE,,I AM WILLING TO SEND JIMIN PICS IF THIS IS GOOD ONLY_MOMENT__V 💜💜💜 ONLY_MOMENT__V yess. BTS breaks their OWN RECORD. AGAIN. with BE. they're so COOL 😭😭😭

love jimin smile😆😆💜💜 i’m so so proud of them 🥺🥺 they did so well 😭😭😭😭