Bruce Willis didn't wear a mask on an L.A. shopping trip — but he thinks you should

Bruce Willis brushes off mask-free shopping trip in L.A. as an 'error in judgment'

1/14/2021 12:04:00 PM

Bruce Willis brushes off mask-free shopping trip in L.A. as an 'error in judgment'

Bruce Willis shares a 'mask up' message after explaining his bare-faced visit to an L.A. Rite-Aid as a bad judgment call.

Some stars, such as “Bachelor” Colton Underwood and singer Pink, have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus, while others hardly have any symptons.“It was an error in judgment,” Willis told People in a statement Tuesday night. “Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

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COVID-19 cases continue to climb this week in Southern California, with the current average death rate in the entire state calculated at roughlyone death every three minutes.Willis notably was hanging out with ex-wife Demi Moore and their three adult daughters in Sun Valley, Idaho, during the early part of the outbreak. Current wife Emma Heming Willis and their two young daughters were supposed to join, but they had to stay in L.A. for a bit after one of the girls

and had to get treatment.Advertisement Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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Rules are for us, common folk. He is the privileged one and the rules don’t apply to him. Yet The Times reports here everyday of the record number of coronavirus cases here in L.A. and the lack of hospital space. Go figure. It's a bad career choice The only reason Willis called this an error is because (finally) more folks are feeling less uncomfortable calling this behavior out - regardless of who the offender happens to be - in this case an entitled type A actor with his best work waaay behind him.

When people say that you haven’t made a good movie in years and have lost interest in you but you want to be relevant again in some way. Hudson Hawk was an error in judgement. This is being a jerk. Most celebrities think they are above the law and above everybody else and that they can do whatever they want simply because they are famous and they are famous because we made them famous!

used to be a big fan of Bruce until i noticed that he was far from the type of person i thought he was. I still see him as a good actor, but that's it, as a person.... Bruce...this is not how you stay relevant Imagine being so rich you forget there is a whole pandemic going on in the world outside your bubble.

Hmm? 🤔 best word/phrase to describe Bruce Willis? White Privilege, entitlement, arrogance, more money than brains, larger ego than talent, and no sense of decency. So difficult to choose just one. Yup Obviously a Trump supporter 🙄‼️ Yeah sure! Funny, that's how I feel about watching a Bruce Willis film. An error in judgement and complete waste of time

What a time to be alive. finally he won trump yesterday Don’t do it again. The error in judgement was walking in without a mask. Refusing to put one on makes him a selfish asshole, who earlier made an error in judgement. Age does that Even if he doesn't care about other people, not wearing a mask also harms oneself. Is he that stupid? This virus is never ever going away while people are so careless and selfish.

I hope Bruce doesnt die hard Everyone has an error in judgement. But to remove your mask durring the impeachment today and sneaze.. And it doesent make the news.. Well. Do as I say. Not as I do. Check out my Gig on Fiverr: I will make professional 3d logo animation videos He could have put his scarf up that was around his neck up over his face and apologized for his error in judgment! Instead he walked out of the store saying nothing!

but he could have just bought one. it was rite aid. pretty sure they sell them IT IS A CHEMIST. he wanted publicity. the stunt is ridiculous. Meh,... I'm a huge masker but I have on random occasion forgot in the middle of the night with no one else around. Didn't notice it til halfway thru the gas station...but then what?! Rush and get out.

forgot his multipass. Error corrected by store!! We are a year into the pandemic........