Bruce Arians Says Antonio Brown's Bucs Future Up In Air Over Vax Card Scandal

Bruce Arians just announced Antonio Brown's Bucs future is up in the air following his COVID vaccine card scandal.

12/3/2021 9:28:00 PM

Bruce Arians just announced Antonio Brown's Bucs future is up in the air following his COVID vaccine card scandal.

Bruce Arians just announced Antonio Brown's Bucs future is up in the air following his COVID vaccine card scandal.

just announced the receiver's Bucs future is up in the air following his COVID vaccine card scandal.The Tampa Bay head coach just broke the news to reporters ... saying Brown is not guaranteed a future spot on the Bucs' roster after the NFL suspended him for submitting a bogus vax card.

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"Nothing's been decided," Arians said ... who added that he was"pissed" over the whole ordeal.As we previously reported, Brown's personal chef accused the wideout of seeking and obtaining, claiming Brown got them and submitted his fudged one to the league back in July.

Brown, through his attorney,, denied the claims ... though the NFL announced Thursday it found evidence that"supported" AB's chef's allegations.

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Bradys in charge hes fine. If he were still a patriot media would have hounded them to release him Not buying it. It's a nice sound bite. Arians: AB’s future is up in the air. Translation: I need to ask Team President Brady before making “my”decision. More proof of white privilege!!!!! Aaron Rodgers ass should get the same discipline as Antonio Brown!!!!! But of course he's not because of the freaking obvious!!!!! Shit kills me!!! America is Hell for people of color in less we benefit yall. I said what I said!!!!

That is fraud, he should at least lose his job. Buccaneers Why would it be up? Who could have predicted? Wow Why hasn't AaronRodgers12 been suspended I know EXACTLY why...and it's a damn shame NFL you people ought to be ashamed of yourselves! AB's future is fucked either way, has cte He's not getting cut unless Brady gives the green light.

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The good ole boys double standard hard at work! I wonder where he will play? I dont wanna call the pathetic but balls isnt always how tough youre. It’s not that serious, it always comes down to personal choice if you want it or not, shouldn’t be forced just to keep your job. Last time I checked it’s a Free World.

Bruce u let tonio go ... fire ya damn self goofy AB is fuckin rich 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Cause thats what the mail man says . Dont you tjink its messed up.for someone to tell you you can do better. AB’s future is already up in the air due to his old age gimme a break...go after real criminals in the nfl ..whos that ahole who was dogfighting & he was still allowed to play

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Its crazy how AB can constantly throw millions away for dumb shit He should get the same treatment as Aaron Rodgers....fined and suspended...and able to continue to play.. Bruce doesn’t control the team TB12 does! Pro_Duecer DrewMikePodcast marcfell breaking news booming MexicoAllen clocks ticking. Bruce got infected by the gay variant

Yea sure it is. 🙄 they aren't gonna get rid of Brady's homie, LOL even if he put the whole team in jeopardy Karentonio Brown This guy is just stupid idkn why teams keep giving him a chance he’s not worth the trouble

Antonio Brown Suspended 3 Games After NFL Says He Faked COVID Vax CardThe NFL says Antonio Brown did, in fact, submit a bogus vaccine card to the league ... and officials just announced he's now been suspended three games over it all. What about Aaron Lol 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ free vacation buddy enjoy the time off What about Aaron Rodgers?

NFL suspends three players, including Bucs' Antonio Brown, for violating Covid-19 protocolsThe National Football League has suspended three players, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown, for three games without pay following a league investigation that determined the three violated Covid-19 protocols. Buccaneers safety Mike Edwards and free agent wide receiver John Franklin III, who has been on the Bucs' practice squad, were the other players suspended. This is a picture of non-Hall of Fame Players. So Rodgers gets a pass for saying he was immunized and pays $15,000, ok to play...but these three players suspended three games. Hmmmm, so we see any reason why?

NFL Suspends Antonio Brown, 2 Others For ‘Misrepresenting’ Covid Vaccination StatusAccusations of Brown using a fake vaccination card first surfaced last month. Once a miscreant, always a miscreant. 🤦‍♂️ But not Aaron 'COVID toe' Rodgers

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