Brittney Griner will be WNBA All-Star despite detainment in Russia

Brittney Griner has been named an honorary starter for the WNBA All-Star Game despite being detained in Russia.


6/23/2022 6:22:00 AM

Brittney Griner has been named an honorary starter for the WNBA All-Star Game despite being detained in Russia.

Griner has been detained in Russia since Feb. 17 after authorities at an airport said she had vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her bag.

on espionage charges he and the U.S. government say are false.Breanna Stewart and A’ja Wilson received the most votes from fans and were selected as co-captains for the event. They will be joined by Sue Bird and Sylvia Fowles, who both have announced they will

retire at the end of the season. Bird will set a record with her 13th All-Star appearance. Fowles, who is injured right now, was selected for her eighth game.Stewart and Fowles will be paired up as co-captains, as will Wilson and Bird, and will choose their teams.

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Maybe they can just try to get her out instead, president Trump would be working hard on that That moment when you become an All-Star while being imprisoned and haven’t played a single game. American sports in the 2020’s everybody!! So wtf was she there the first place? There is no evidence she broke the law. Give her a break

She’ll be a no show 'Low IQ criminal gets arrested' The correct terminology is being held hostage by the Terrorist state of Russia

Brittney Griner detention: Putin spokesman denies WNBA star being held hostageA spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin denied Brittney Griner was being held hostage in jail after she was arrested in February. Do the crime, then enjoy the time. Something America stopped doing decades ago.

Brittney Griner chosen as honorary WNBA All-Star starterBrittney Griner will have a place at the WNBA All-Star Game. Who? Did she die? Slow news day?

Phone Call Between Brittney Griner, Wife to be RescheduledA phone call between Brittney Griner and her wife is being rescheduled after an earlier attempt to connect failed because of an “unfortunate mistake' Even less believable when you read “unfortunate mistake” in a thick Russian accent wow what a news breaking story. thank you for the info! Breaking news- I called my wife and she didn’t answer, so I rescheduled and called her 5 minutes later

Brittney Griner named an honorary WNBA All-Star starter, while the Chicago Sky’s Candace Parker will start in the July 10 game at Wintrust ArenaBrittney Griner will have a place at the WNBA All-Star Game, named an honorary starter Wednesday by Commissioner Cathy Engelbert for the July 10 game at Wintrust Arena in Chicago. That’s it honor a drug smuggler

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