britney spears was the og vlogger and her reality show proves it

On ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’, the popstar not only preempted today’s YouTubers but also reclaimed her own narrative.

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12/2/2021 4:19:00 PM

On ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’, the popstar not only preempted today’s YouTubers but also reclaimed her own narrative.

On ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’, the popstar not only preempted today’s YouTubers but also reclaimed her own narrative.

Chaoticwas a startling five-episode series that chronicled the first six months of Britney and Kevin’s relationship via their own personal footage. Revisiting it now, it’s fascinating how her vlogging habits predate the endless oversharing that we commonly encounter on our timelines and in our subscriptions every day. The show documented their whirlwind courtship, engagement and wedding filter-free, made up by a bunch of night-vision make-out sessions and under-the-influence conversations. From super-zoomed, prolonged clips of the pair French kissing to hazy midnight chats about her ex

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Justin Timberlake(“Personally I think ["Cry Me A River"] is kinda pussified,” she quipped), nothing seemed to be off limits as they used a single videocam to get to know one another.“I didn’t know [Kevin] that well, and when I got the camera out, it made me feel better,” Britney said in a

at the time. “It’s really weird because it was like all this tension at first. We were so nervous together. I’m really shy, and when I had the camera in my hand, it made me feel more outspoken.”MTV had made household names out of popstars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on 2003’s

Newlyweds, playing out like a real-life PG-13 sitcom. In contrast,Chaoticpulled Britney from the spotlights of MTV to something more suited to a late-night pay-per-view cable channel. Until this point, Britney had hopscotched the line of girl-next-door and raunchy pin-up masterfully. She may have kissed

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on live TV and simulated sex onstage as part of the tour thatChaoticwas filmed during, but she maintained this was Britney The Performer, the liberated alter-ego of America’s Southern Sweetheart."Britney was the guinea pig of modern fame. She suffered at the flashes of paparazzi for our shock and tea-break chatter. Her every move was debated as though she wasn’t actually human."

That went out of the window from the very first episode. The 20-minute ride around the UK shows her, behind-the-camera, quizzing everyone from her support act to her personal drivers about their favourite sex positions, trying to hook up her personal assistant for a long overdue shag with a dancer named Miguel, and the first of many filmed steamy moments between her and K-Fed. They’d repeatedly tell each other how incredible their sex is. She would film him from above on the tour bus as he tells the camera that she’s “butt ass naked” while dancers are asleep in the bunks beside them. In another episode, she asks if he wants to skip tanning to “fuck all day”.

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