Britney Spears Upstages The VMAs By Announcing Her Engagement

It’s Britney’s new diamond ring, bitch!

9/13/2021 2:45:00 AM

The world stops for Britney Spears, not the other way around!

It’s Britney’s new diamond ring, bitch!

, actor Sam Asghari.Literally minutes before the VMAs pre-show began, Spears posted a series of celebratory reels on Instagram. She flashed her massive ring in front of the camera — her diamond could probably be seen from the moon — and made adorably shocked faces as Asghari asked her if she likes the ring. Obviously, she squeaks “yes!” and the two share a kiss as a newly engaged couple.

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She look old … damn n she way younger than me

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Breaking! Britney Spears Is Engaged to Sam Asghari!Britney Spears just announced her engagement to Sam Asghari! Check out the romantic video and see her ring here!

Britney Spears Announces Engagement To Sam AsghariThe couple first met on the set of her 2016 music video for 'Slumber Party.'

Britney Spears Got Engaged!Britney Spears is engaged! Congratulations, Britney ❣️ then why are they saying it's not true?