Britney Spears Thinks These 'Cheesy' Instagram Photos Look Like Her Yearbook Pictures

See @BritneySpears' latest selfies, which she compared to her high school yearbook pictures

9/27/2021 3:27:00 AM

See BritneySpears' latest selfies, which she compared to her high school yearbook pictures

Britney Spears returned to Instagram after a brief hiatus recently, and she's back to sharing some of her selfies.

"These pics look like my high school yearbook pics ... kinda cheesy but hey !!!" she wrote. Read more: billboard »

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britneyspears 'Chess at the table they trading- I'ma big stepper like Dominos- half of my cars I ain't driving now- pull that shit over I just ride the pilot- half of my keys look indicted now- half of this goat look intelligent- look like that room I was built with the genius- that's why I-' britneyspears Do you still do sit ups in the morning? 👍

britneyspears she has issues britneyspears britneyspears Ratio

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