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Britney Spears Shares Her Fears About Life After Her Conservatorship

.@britneyspears is getting real about the end of her conservatorship.

10/16/2021 7:20:00 AM

.britneyspears is getting real about the end of her conservatorship.

The singer says she's afraid she will 'make a mistake' and the paparazzi will continue to harass her.

is no longer in place. Among Spears' fears are making a mistake and being harassed even more by paparazzi, who she said want her to"do something crazy.""I'll just be honest and say I've waited so long to be free from the situation I’m in … and now that it's here I'm scared to do anything because I'm afraid I'll make a mistake," Spears began."For so many years I was always told if I succeeded at things, it could end … and it never did!"

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This video is unavailable because we were unable to load a message from our sponsors.If you are using ad-blocking software, please disable it and reload the page.Britney Spears' Father Jamie Suspended as Conservator After Bombshell Court RulingThe"Sometimes" singer wrote that she's very happy about the possibility that the conservatorship will be terminated. However, she noted that now that the end seems to be getting closer there's a lot of things that scare her.

"The paps run through the trees 🌳 and onto the road 🛣 when I drive home and it's creepy !!!! And I have to drive by an elementary school … the kids are a big deal … but so am I," she continued, adding that she doesn't like it when they jump out and scare her."It's like they want me to do something crazy. So like I said I'm fearful of doing something wrong ... so I won’t be posting as much in a world where it's our liberty to be free, it's a shame."

Spears claimed that the paparazzi frenzy began even more four months ago when she got the keys to her car for the first time. She expressed how she hasn't done"anything to be treated" the way she has for the past 13 years.In the meantime, Spears has decided to celebrate Christmas early,"because why not?" She added that she believes"any reason to find more joy in life is a good idea" because"it’s no secret" that she's"been through it in the past."

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britneyspears We 💗 Britney Spears britneyspears Maybe stop buying photos of her from paps and reporting her every move and she would have less to fear. britneyspears We love her and will always be there! britneyspears a little tired of hearing about her. Alert me when she actually looks healthy again

Britney Spears Reveals Fears About Post-Conservatorship Life: ‘I’m Afraid I’ll Make a Mistake’As FreeBritney gets closer to becoming a reality, Britney Spears is opening up about her fears regarding life after her 13-year conservatorship. In a lengthy Instagram post on Friday, the pop star… Christmas nazis coming That's life, better you make mistakes than be controlled by someone else. You're 40 honey. Act like it.

Britney Spears on Possible Conservatorship End: 'There's a Lot of Things That Scare Me' Britney Spears admits 'there’s a lot of things that scare me' at the thought of her conservatorship ending. 'I'm scared to do anything because I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake.” We all are Brit. We all are.... It's okay Britney. We all learn from our mistakes! Get out there and live your best life! You deserve it! Like get married again maybe?

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Britney Spears Says 'Lord Have Mercy on My Family’s Souls' If She Ever Does an InterviewIn a new message, Britney Spears says she's already had a lot more freedom from her conservatorship, but she's worried she might mess it all up by making a 'mistake.' An interesting insight, she is right, freedom comes at a price, don't let that hold you back Good point No one deserves what they did to her. Offcourse shes scared ppl did her so dirty

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