Britney Spears says she loves sister Jamie Lynn amid social media spat

Britney Spears calls for an end to a public dispute with Jamie Lynn Spears after days of back-and-forth social media posts between the sisters.


1/16/2022 11:41:00 PM

Britney Spears calls for an end to a public dispute with Jamie Lynn Spears after days of back-and-forth social media posts between the sisters.

Britney Spears softened her tone against her young sister Saturday after days of public back-and-forth social media posts following Jamie Lynn Spears'

last week.Britney Spears, 40, admitted to saying"some harsh things" about her younger sibling in a note posted to Twitter. The two began arguing over social media Thursday after Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, did a promotionalinterview on"Good Morning America" for her new book,"Things I Should Have Said."

In the interview, Jamie Lynn Spears described her sister's behavior prior to the 13-year conservatorship she was placed under as erratic. Britney Spears disputed the claims, saying the two hadn't been around each other much at the time and that her sister was making up stories about her.

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She caused it and now wants to be friends. Still unstable and trying to save reputation. Why is that fool in the news?

“She Was Another Mama”: Jamie Lynn Spears Attempts to Bridge the Rift With Sister Britney SpearsJamie Lynn Spears spoke out about her relationship with Britney Spears since she was freed from her conservatorship last November: “I’ve always been my sister’s biggest supporter.” When has she ever given that 'support'? Britney tweeted and said it’s all bullshit and all lies Oh dear me, all statement is changed in a day, from War to Peace, truce

Britney Spears Lashes Sister Jamie Lynn Over Disturbing Knife Story She Disputes'You've stooped to a whole new level of LOW,' the singer tweeted. This whole back and forth reads like an abuser trying to discredit the person who spent her time abused and without basic human rights existing only as a money making mechanism for her family. britneyspears tear em up. Can't anybody in the Spears family make money without using Britney? I'm sorry, but I am sick of her drama...but then I'm a gramma and don't give a rip.

Jamie Lynn Spears begs Britney to call her so they can end 'embarrassing' feudJamie Lynn Spears recently did an interview to promote her new memoir, Things I Should Have Said She probably shouldn’t have written a book trashing Britney if she really wanted to keep things “private” WeLoveYouBritney She should recall her book filled with pro-conservatorship narrative first if she wants to keep it “private”.

'Disgusted' Britney Spears accuses sister Jamie Lynn of selling book 'at my expense'Britney Spears had a Notes app full of grievances aimed at her sister Jamie Lynn's recent interviews about Britney's conservatorship and their relationship. quit your whining people sick of hearing it Britney

Britney Spears Responds to Sister Jamie Lynn After 'Nightline' InterviewBritney Spears responds to sister Jamie Lynn after 'Nightline' interview. Britney you most probably were under the influence or having a psychotic episode Hello guys i just found an special application now you can mine bitcoins in your smartphone easily download the app and earn lot off bitcoins i have also earned 100$ This is what money and fame does to a family

Jamie Lynn Spears begs Britney to end public feud: ‘This is embarrassing’The “Zoey 101” alum has begged her big sister to “call” her after putting the singer on blast during an interview promoting her new book. Lol after she pretty much defamed Britney on tv & published a book. Jamie Lynn barked up Britney’s tree, I hope she hits every limb going down. What else is Britney going to do with her time, make music? I think Brit is afraid that any music she puts out would be mediocre at best. Why are you choosing JLs words?It sounds like it’s B’s fault that this is public when JL is the one doing a press tour + releasing a book full of lies. This is not ok!!! Media has to stop putting Britney in a bad light and finally talk about FACTS unless you’re getting paid off