Britney Spears Reflects on 'Bittersweet' Journey of Watching Sons Grow Up With Precious Throwback Photos - E! Online

Britney Spears Reflects on 'Bittersweet' Journey of Watching Sons Grow Up With Precious Throwback Photos

10/23/2021 5:29:00 AM

Britney Spears Reflects on 'Bittersweet' Journey of Watching Sons Grow Up With Precious Throwback Photos

Britney Spears wishes her teenaged songs would just 'stay babies forever.' The Grammy winner looked back at a beach trip with her kids when they were young.

See more of Britney's cutest family moments below.InstagramWatching Them Grow"It's so crazy how time flies .... My boys are so big now!!!!" Britney writes in a March 2021Instagrampost. "I know … I know … it's very hard for any mama especially a mama with boys seeing them grow up so fast !!!! Talk about enough to make you go to your knees ... GEEZ !!!! I'm extremely lucky because my two babies are such gentleman and so kind that I must have done something right !!!! I haven't posted pictures of them for some time cause they're at the age where they want to express their own identities and I totally get it."

InstagramVisiting Disney"Great time at Disneyland today .... but I don't remember ever getting that wet on splash mountain!!!" the "Stronger" star captions an August 2019photo series. "Geeez .... anyhow my boys are older now, so they don't like their picture taken ever... so I was thrilled today when they said SURE!!!!! Such a great place!!!!!"

InstagramSpears shares a video of arts and crafts time with her sons in 2018.InstagramSharing a Laugh"Getting silly with my kids on our day off from tour!" the artist captions the 2018 post.Instagram"This was from our lil trip to seeAladdin

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," Spears captions the 2018 photo. "What a great show!!!!"InstagramSpending Sundays With Mom"Love when we go to our favorite spot on Sundays," she writes on Instagram in 2018. "The boys are bigger than me now!!!!!"Instagram

The family members enjoy a trip to London during Spears'

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