British-Nigerian actress shines a light on colorism in Netflix documentary

New Netflix documentary titled Skin shines a light on colorism in Nigeria.

7/3/2020 12:46:00 PM

To explore colorism in Africa, British-Nigerian actress Beverly Naya has produced a documentary titled 'Skin.' Unlike racism, colorism is the discrimination of people based on skin shades and is prevalent among people of the same ethnic or racial group.

New Netflix documentary titled Skin shines a light on colorism in Nigeria.

Unlike racism, colorism is the discrimination of people based on skin shades and is prevalent among people of the same ethnic or racial group."Skin," an hour-long documentary, compiles the stories of Black women in Nigeria who have been treated differently for having dark skin. They speak openly about the pressures of being defined by their skin color.In Skin, @BeverlyNaya explores colorism and finding the true meaning of beauty in the different shades of black by speaking to individuals who have dealt with pressure to conform to society's standards of beauty.

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Skin is now streaming— Netflix Naija (@NetflixNaija) June 28, 2020 In many parts of Africa, light skinned women are considered more beautiful. Contrary to their dark skinned counterparts, they are likely to succeed in fields like entertainment, marketing and the tourism industry.Naya told CNN she was inspired to produce the documentary because she suffered low self-esteem when she was bullied for her skin color while growing up in the United Kingdom.Read More"I had crooked teeth and I had really bad eczema," said Naya, whose full name is Beverly Ifunaya Bassey."And even though I fixed my teeth and my skin cleared over time, the damage had already been done to my mental state and how I saw myself. So as I got older, I realized that I just didn't feel beautiful."Naya said that in her early 20s she began to work on regaining her self confidence by learning to love herself and launching an anti-bullying campaign. "I want to inspire young people to love themselves. And I decide to use my documentary, 'Skin,' because I didn't want to restrict my message to a small community. I knew it was important to get the message further," Naya said.Rwanda deploys officials to enforce ban on skin lightening creamsMedia representation of dark skinA preference for light skinned societies dates to slavery in the 1600s, according to a 2020 report published in the journal E-International Relations. Slave masters had a special preference for slaves with lighter skin, who were assigned less difficult indoor tasks as opposed to often horrifying outdoor duties, according to the report. Naya, 31, says media portrayals of dark skinned people has contributed to colorism."In magazines, like a charity ad, for example, you see a poor dark-skinned child begging for donations, but on the front of the same magazine there is a light-skinned beautiful child portrayed as beautiful," she said."It subconsciously registers in the mind of a child that Black is poor and light skin is beautiful. The way that information is received can affect the mind," she said. View this post on Instagram "Growing up you're like, I want to be like the other light skin girls, they get more attention and stuff, but I think the older you get you kind of embrace this is it, this is my colour, this is what I look like and I love it". @dianayekinni talks growing up dark skinned in @thebeverlynaya's Skin, now streaming

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What is a British Nigerian BeverlyNaya ? If your Black, your of African heritage, what's with all the added labels? And why do we need her to tell us how we feel in our skin? Another pointless documentary Go tell 10DowningStreet to figure out why Blacks are dying fm COVID Y’all black women want interracial relationships but they don’t won’t to admit

“British Nigerian” when it’s good news, “Nigerian” when it’s bad. Lol okay Will definitely watch this soon Sometimes it seems like white people get all the blame, but if you look at the world, you'll see people try to hold down anyone they can, especially women, all women are discriminated against and shades of skin, economic status, etc. I will watch this one.

Skin color as of color of skin sound so racist Africans generally have dark melanin determines the darkness of the skin people in Africa have darker to protect from sun Blacks that came to this Country were mixed with white and native Indian thus the light HouseDemocrats ABC Sad but true for years...a secret.

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I won't be here to see it - I have plans to be dead in a few decades - but I expect in a few centuries humans will all look pretty much the same. wow i really dont care tell me more Enough! Always racebaiting.. now shadebaiting? Ekelhaft! Is colorism a new word? Twitter spell checker doesn’t recognize it.

Happy USAIndependenceDay Who care Fake news Wow. got caught cold manipulating the words and meaning of my 4th of July Speech. They were brazen, desperate. Watch what happens! Colorism is an invent from slavery. It's a cancer and prevalent in every minority group. Everyone group...Black, African, Asian, Indian, Mexican and Latino, etc.

EEvamess andreavame O. Goody, another ‘ism’ that the left probably will use as a weapon She uses Naya instead of her first name or even her full middle name. The dumb hole hasn’t fixed anything. Another worthless documentary on Netflix. yes I've seen this in school. I've seen light skinned black women make fun of dark skinned black women. I've seen them start fights over it too. and yes, it does happen within thier own race cause some people really are that freaking petty about the dumbest things.

Are “light skin blacks” persecuted by “dark skin blacks” or vice versa? One of the most popular cosmetic products in Nigeria is skin lightening cream. Also the one most requested gift items It's not 'unlike racism', it's racism You don't need to invent new words when the old ones work just fine. Discrimination based on the color of someone's skin is racism It doesn't matter who is doing it to whom

When are we going to realize we all have biases based on looks (skin color, shade, weight, hair color, ethnicity, etc.). Understand it, accept it and work from there. But to self righteously pretend we're above that and condemn everyone who falls short is hypocrisy at its finest. What, like gingers? chandana_hiran

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British Nigerian mtchweee She is Nigerian period SPEAKING OF BEING RACIST:if you go to it gives you a list of CNN's anchors and hosts... only 3 out of 71 are black. 119 correspondents and reporters and less than 10 are black. how do they get away with this racist policy? Leftists needed more ways to be racist. 🤦‍♂️

Jasamgurlie Tsuiiip 'Colorism.' So now you've separated the whites from the blacks. Now it's time to separate blacks on shades of black. Colorism. I need to turn off social media and just color for awhile, using my new box of 96 crayons with the built in sharpener. It's brutal what Africans do to people considered 'Albino'.

So non-whites cannot be 'racists' according to neo-Marxist theory, but they can be 'colorists'? This must be what they intend to start using to describe racism, now that the marxists have declared race to be a social construct, just like biological sex. Colorism is just racism. No particular mention of racism... It makes everyone to show sympathy instead of looking at it 'as it is '...

Beautiful Also, there are racism against white ppl in South Africa. It just continues on and on ... Lol.. we got another new form of racism now.. Colorism is internalized racism.... so racism. Get out of my face with that bull 💩. Redbone But,... but,... but blacks can’t be racist - you know, judge people based on their color of their skin to support the infiriority on another human being. Make them hate themselves for being a color god made them. The republicans have taken control of CNN!

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