Bring Me The Horizon's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Are your top 10 favorite #BringMeTheHorizon songs the same as ours? Find out here:


Are your top 10 favorite BringMeTheHorizon songs the same as ours? Find out here:

As fans gear up for the 'amo' album cycle and we celebrate Bring Me the Horizon's first-ever Grammy nomination, here are our choices for the band’s 10 best tunes.

Over the last 15 years, the U.K. five-piece has been called (deep breath) deathcore, metalcore, electronicore, post-hardcore, screamo, alternative metal, alt-rock, hard-rock and electro-rock. Yet none of those scene-defining delineations have ever seemed to matter much — the group has simply soldiered on, growing its fanbase and amassing greater critical acclaim with every release to date.

’s hard-rock-meets-electronic aesthetic. “Nihilist Blues” is a menacing, electro-pop banger that’s surely the most effective five minutes among this block of daring new tunes -- many of which bump like DJ remixes to traditional BMTH cuts. Sykes’ polished vocal is merely a plot device here as a galloping, club-ready instrumental leads to an even greater thump plus a wispy and welcome guest vocal from synth-pop singer Grimes. Plucked out of context, “Nihilist Blues” bears little resemblance to the band’s past work -- it might even pass for a Cheat Codes song -- though there’s just enough tonal menace to keep the old fans engaged.

-- may result in an unexpected punch to the teeth. There’s great disparity between how the guys write now versus a decade ago. That’s not to say, however, that “Diamonds” isn’t a glorious chainsaw of a song, with explosive breakdowns and a monster gang chorus that sparked a load of “We will never sleep/ 'Cause sleep is for the weak” t-shirt sales. “Diamonds” also helped establish the band as heavy hook-masters who could (and did) galvanize a whole lot of new fans to thrash and flail to this ripper at Warped Tour 2008.

“Chelsea Smile” remains a quintessential BMTH song for many O.G. fans, as this was the big scene hit when success really began to find the guys from Sheffield. It’s the lead single off an album that proved the band understood melody and how to structure a song that wasn’t just a bunch of guttural growls and blast beats. Sure, “Chelsea” is still plenty heavy, but fans could latch onto the group’s first famous chorus -- “I’ve got a secret/ It’s at the tip of my tongue/ It’s on the back of my lungs” -- and there’s a lot to like in the back-half instrumental section, where we hear the beginnings of what would become an obsession with digital sounds.

was being recorded; the band was attempting to infuse a pile of hammering riffs with all the atmospheric programming it so desired -- without forcing the two into a battle for fans’ attention. That’s no small feat, and this album might have been BMTH’s sweetest spot in that regard. “Empire” rips you a new one every time you listen to it, while the studio gloss keeps you coming back for more.

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