Brian Laundrie Look-Alike Bum-Rushed by Feds on Appalachian Trail

The Laundrie doppelganger was put through the ringer over a mistaken sighting.

10/18/2021 5:10:00 PM

The Laundrie doppelganger was put through the ringer over a mistaken sighting.

The Laundrie doppelganger was put through the wringer over a mistaken sighting.

Brian Laundriegot the fright of his life when agents came storming through his hotel room.The so-called doppelganger's name isSeverin Beckwith... he was hiking the Appalachian Trail with a pal and staying at a hotel called the Fontana Village Resort & Marina in North Carolina recently -- and U.S. Marshals gave him a rude awakening.

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Severin Beckwith/FacebookBeckwith tells the New Yorker he heard a knock at their hotel room door ... and before he knew it, a gang of federal agents with riot gear and shields were busting in, guns raised and pointed at his face -- proceeding to pin him down and check for signs he was Laundrie.

Apparently, one of the agents who was checking him out said he had a notch in the upper part of his inner ear -- just like Laundrie -- but luckily, Beckwith was eventually cleared.After providing an ID and showing he didn't have Brian's tattoos, Beckwith was cut loose ... while also being warned he should shave his beard for the foreseeable future. Beckwith's rocking a shaved look (like Laundrie, who's bald). Witnesses in that area claimed to have seen Laundrie lately.

Severin Beckwith/FacebookAs for who ratted out Beckwith ... he says he suspects it was one of the hotel employees, who apparently fired off a photo too, which the agents showed him during the ordeal. Read more: TMZ »

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All white people look the same There’s literally no resemblance. People need to go get their eyes checked Glad to see tax payers money doesn't go to waste 🤦 Yeah..he got hair implants while on the run.....yeeesh. 🥺 U should be in prison even if u look like Brian Laundrie That’s not a doppelgänger It’s giving “EVIL DIES TONIGHT”

I’m guessing someone having a BEARD and nothing else similar in appearance BASED upon the picture I see, caused QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS to behave like that! I see in an instant that hair or no hair, this person isn't laundrie. The forehead shape is completely different, ya? The guy has hair he just continues to wreck people's lives

Gabby Petito's Parents Visit Lake She and Brian Laundrie Visited During TripGabby Petito's grieving parents paid a visit to a place their daughter visited shortly before she was murdered. Gabby Petito smooth transition of “men-protectors” from 2 Dad’s sheltered upbringing to Brian Laundrie, who ALL 3 NEVER let GP face fears of find-self BEFORE in-love😔🤦‍♂️, so BL manipulative UNTIL back to GP, who after alone a wk, found independence/realized in toxic relationship. More DogAndBethFanP2 I want to dm you and show you something

So what ? Was it racist ? Where the cops mean ? They don't even look alike. 😐😐😐😐 Dude ain’t getting no matches on his dating profile after this shit 🤣 rip Why? I bet the Brian Laundrie we’re looking for, looks nothing like Brian Laundrie.. 🤷‍♂️ every guy with shorthair and a beard... wait nevermind.. LoL the guy doesnt even look him much at all ! oyy

They dont even look related 😂😂😂😂 Looks more like David Arquette than Laundry. You know you look like the guy and they’re searching that trail - maybe pick a different spot to hike

Dog the Bounty Hunter could 'sabotage' Brian Laundrie search—ex FBI agentThe reality television star—real name Duane Chapman—had been leading a high-profile search for the 23-year-old fugitive.

Really wow Now everyone can use the old term “but y’all all look the same!” 😅 😂 this poor guy But they let the real Brian walk away while they were “watching” nice attempt to save yourself He looks more like David Arquette than he does Brian Laundrie. They don’t even look a like. He literally looks nothing like him lol

Retired U.S. Marshal says Brian Laundrie's parents' actions don't make senseLenny DePaul said something always gives fugitives away, especially for someone like Laundrie, who has shared so much of his life on social media.

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