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Brian Laundrie Live Updates: FBI to examine human remains found next to suspect's possessions

Nine bodies from missing persons cases have been found during the nationwide search for Brian Laundrie

10/21/2021 12:17:00 PM

Nine bodies from missing persons cases have been found during the nationwide search for Brian Laundrie

The FBI is examining possible human remains found yesterday in the search for Brian Laundrie as well as possession believed to belong to the suspect. Follow News week's liveblog for all the latest.

, who has been missing for several weeks.His parents were called to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in Florida, close to the Carlton Reserve where Laundrie -a person of interest in the disappearance and subsequent homicide of his fiancee Gabby Petito

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- had allegedly gone for a hike and did not return.The Laundrie family lawyer, Stephen Bertolino, was forced to defend the parents on national TV last night amid- particularly the decision not to cooperate with authorities at the beginning of the investigation.

Follow Newsweek's liveblog for all the latest updates...05:07 AM EDTNine bodies found since spike in missing person cases interestThe Gabby Petito case has seen a renewed interest in many missing person cases in the U.S. which many people believe had not received enough attention.

The national manhunt for Brian Laundrie has uncovered several other tragic victims - including the remarkably similar case of 22-year-old Emily Ferlazzo, who was reported missing by her parents on Monday after her husband, Joseph Ferlazzo, returned to her parent's house in New Hampshire to tell them he had not seen his wife for several days.

The remains of Sara Bayard, 55, were also found just off a highway in El Paso County, Colorado, where Petito and Laundrie had visited on their travels, the Mail Online reports. Josue Calderon, 33, was too discovered stabbed to death along the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina.

04:50 AM EDTWhat do psychologists and criminologists think about Brian Laundrie?Dr. James Huysman, a Florida-based psychologist and Cheif Compassion Officer for WellMed, told the Sun newspaper earlier this week that he"sees plenty of personality disorders in Laundrie after watching footage of the police bodycam after officers were called to a domestic incident between him and fiancée Gabby Petito.

This is pretty much something that happens in America and around the world, pretty much under the radar.Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Ralph Cilento, told Insider he believed police hadn't charged Laundrie in Petito's death because then he would have the absolute right to counsel, so are instead looking to arrest him on the basis of bank-card-fraud after he used Petito's card following her death.

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The reason why they did it for that and not the homicide is because if you swear a warrant out for him for homicide - and you indict him for that - you can't talk to him if absolute right to counsel attaches.03:59 AM EDTLaundrie family attorney forced to defend parents

Steven Bertolino told CNN last night that he instructed Brian Laundrie's parents to remain silent and not to talk to authorities initially."You don't have to be a lawyer to be suspicious when someone won't cooperate with looking for someone they supposedly care about," host Chris Cuomo said,"what is the good reason that they wouldn't want to speak to authorities or to their fiance, their son's fiance's family?"

Mr Bertolino responded bluntly, saying"I told them not to".Everybody has the right to remain silent, and that's what I told my clients, and that's what they did. This is the advice I gave them, this is the advice they're taking, that's on me.

03:45 AM EDTSpotlight turns to actions of Brian Laundrie's parentsQuestions are now being asked about why the person of interest's parents did not cooperate with the authorities at the outset of the investigation into the murder of Gabby Petito.

Speaking to reporters, former U.S. marshall Lenny DePaul said there are actions that"just don't make sense" and that he believes Laundrie's parents helped him.I think Brian's parents did help him. Gabby lived in Florida with them, they got engaged, he shows up in the van without her. What does he tell his parents? 'So we broke up, I left her out there I just decided to drive the van back home and, you know, let's go camping.

23:39 PM EDTFBI gives hardly any clues to Brian Laundrie's whereabouts as new evidence emergesThe FBI announced Wednesday that partial human remains were located near Brian Laundrie's personal belongings in Florida's Carlton Reserve.Although authorities have not yet identified the remains, they said Laundrie's backpack and notebook were discovered by police, and they officially named him a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito.

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Steven Bertolino, the Laundrie family attorney, said his clients called him to say they wanted to help search the reserve in an area where they previously advised police their son may be. The couple was on the scene when the remains were found, and Chris Laundrie even located one white bag that belonged to Brian in addition to his son's backpack and notebook discovered by investigators.

The remains were found"about 2 to 3 miles inside the Carlton Reserve, or about a 45-minute walk" from the entrance of the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, according to North Port Police Spokesperson Josh Taylor. The area of the park was previously underwater and Taylor described the terrain of the search area a month ago as"rough" and"unforgiving."

Experts including a former federal prosecutor, a former New York Police Department chief and a former D.C. homicide detective all stated the remains likely belonged to Laundrie, and they hoped the recovered notebook would provide insight into the details surrounding Petito's death.

Bertolino told CNN's Chris Cuomo that he initially instructed Brian's parents not to speak with authorities or Gabby Petito's family, but that his clients would probably make a statement after the remains have been identified. The medical examiner said it could take one or two days to identify the remains, but it may take longer.

22:42 PM EDTFormer D.C. homicide cop says the unidentified human remains in Florida are not likely intactA former homicide detective from Washington D.C. told Fox News that the unidentified human remains found Wednesday by the FBI in Florida are not likely intact.

Ted Williams said that it's unlikely the partial remains were well preserved due to the area being underwater for a time before they were located.He continued,"We ... know that they brought out today ... cadaver dogs. That leads me to believe that the body itself may not have been completely intact, and they were using cadaver dogs to find perhaps [additional] ... body part[s]."

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office confirmed Wednesday that a canine detected human remains on the reserve near items belonging to Brian Laundrie, but they could not say for sure that they were his remains. A Sarasota County medical examiner was also called to the scene.

If the body does belong to Brian Laundrie, Williams also questioned how the 23-year-old died."It is more likely than not that if this is Brian Laundrie, I would have to believe that he died, perhaps as a result of a gunshot wound ... Let's say maybe he took some medicine in, you know, conked out in that way. But the most likely source would perhaps be that he would be by gunshot, and I'm sure they are looking to see if, in fact, they can find a weapon in that whole area right now," he said.

Following the discovery of the remains, the FBI confirmed that"items of interest" were found in connection to the search for Laundrie.22:01 PM EDTLaundrie family lawyer told them not to speak with authoritiesSteven Bertolino, the Laundrie family attorney, told CNN's Chris Cuomo that he initially instructed Brian's parents not to speak with authorities or Gabby Petito's family.

Cuomo questioned the lawyer about what good reason Chris and Roberta Laundrie would have for declining to speak with police in the search for Gabby Petito.Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino says he instructed Brian’s parents initially not to speak to authorities or Gabby Petito’s family.

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These are not the bodies you are looking for.... That's all kinds of messed up They were drug mules. There was a video of them building a stash spot in the van when this all began (since removed). Sounds they ripped someone off &Brian got away.... for a while. Had the cops done their job &questioned him early on, they could have probably found the culprits.

That is outrageous! So, what that says is, until BrianLaundrie disappearance, those other lives didn’t matter. So awful. So frustrating for the family of the victim. If people were more obsessed with being truly happy in the real world, and not so much with looking picture perfect on the virtual world, people like Laundrie would been seen just for who they really are, horrible criminals.

Lucky for the families of those 9 missing people that a white woman went missing. Now at least they have closure JinxOfCascadia Wow At least 9 families have finally found their loved ones. Sad that it took this long. His parents The things that happens when you actually look Remember DOG, the FBI and all these DUMB people who launched a million dollar man hunt for a DEAD man?! They thought LAUNDRIE was a criminal mastermind using his survivalism skills to evade law enforcement? He was just a kid who lost it on a road trip, snapped and killed himself

Brian Laundrie Live Updates: 2 bags belonging to Brian Laundrie found, family attorney saysThe hunt for Brian Laundrie continues as police recover articles in Florida park. Follow News week's blog for the latest. If the notebook was underwater I don’t know how they could find much. As it is it’s difficult to get the DNA. Doesn’t pass the smell test, they’re up to no good.

rolandsmartin Oh wow EmmaHendersonTV Someone's not doing their job. oh he’s killing bitches? So... Police don't do their jobs unless there's national attention... Abolish this ridiculous system. We can protect ourselves far better than these parasites. This is the real story They been focus on balancing on drug dealers dicks

if we would've just sent someone's mom out, she would've found those nine bodies and then some. then she would've beat their asses bc 'they weren't there, i swear' The blurb doesn't say anything about those 9 No wonder cops hate any kind of oversight. They need to search that area again and expand the ground cuz wtf.

Brian Laundrie Live Updates: FBI findings Wednesday leave more questions than answers'I would have to believe that he died, perhaps as a result of a gunshot wound,' the former cop said, Despite multiple branches of law enforcement, Dog & real canines, John Walsh and almost every FBI agent. Brian's parents just waltz into the reserve and find everything. Wow just like the mustang they reported... 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣BrianLaundrieparents Human remains belonging to someone else may have been planted with Laundries items to throw off his escape.

Nine nameless faceless dead people, found in jail cells and in the back seats of cruisers? I think Dexter did it So you're saying that cops don't solve or prevent crime unless it's a high profile case? think about it. if police wasted their time actually searching for missing persons who will arrest unruly children in school? or kill the disabled or homeless?

Wondering if the young lady was Black would there have been that much attention given to finding the person in question meaning there would still be nine families without answers. So they need to say that they are looking for a white male to solve other missing persons cases. colleen_benn Wow. Florida: the black hole for cadavers.

Crazy thought. I’m just spit balling here. Maybe we should keep looking for missing people? Maybe even find some alive 🤷‍♀️ When will DOJCrimDiv require states law enforcement to start testing 400,000 rape kits gathering dust in evidence rooms ? PattyMurray HerreraBeutler Maybe the police should make it a habit to find missing persons and maybe uncover dead bodies. Just saying

Wow imagine if they actually did their jobs without the pressure of finding a white girl’s murderer

FBI Finds Brian Laundrie Belongings After Family Leads Them to New TrailThe feds have picked up a new scent in the Laundrie search. or they were planted with the ten laundrie baskets. don’t believe them It's ridiculous how this guy is still on the go when he has nothing and nowhere to go it's just embarrassing at this stage Total diversion tactic by the parents

I have a question. If we closed nine missing persons cases while searching from Brian Laundrie, how about we keep looking for Brian Laundrie all over the country for, say, at least the rest of the year, even though we know where he is now? Just a thought. AbolishThePolice They mess up every investigation, never solve or prevent serious crimes and obviously don't care to learn how to do their jobs.

Sounds very casual. It's actually insane the levels of budgets that go into law enforcement for this to even be a thing. PleaseHelpFind4 is a Dad searching for his son for almost 4 months Without police assistance (they say he disrobed & joined a the desert) His searches have found human remains of 6 others Please consider following & signing his petition

Hey quick question what the fuck rwilley112 Maybe some good , will come from this 🙏🏽 Gee look what happens when cops take a break from harassing people of color and peaceful protesters to focus on actual crime Their families must be glad to have closure Is this actually true? All i see is a deleted post from 50cent to back this claim up

Brian Laundrie Live Updates: Human remains reportedly found in Carlton ReserveA cadaver dog has been called to the park where police found Brian Laundrie 's belongings Follow our live blog for more updates: Guys dead. Good job FBI Body found. Dog sent n to check it out. Dog the bounty hunter killed Brian along with Gabby to get back in the spotlight. To bad a busted ankle ruined it for him.

All missing persons matter Is it true that Brian Laundrie's mom worked for the FBI and a DA in Florida at some point? You folks aren't aware of what Adventures With Purpose has been doing for years. Which is finding missing persons that police gave up on. Some cold cases they solved are 20+ years old. Yall go check them out on YouTube.

The fuuuuuuck .__. I don’t think much effort was made by LE in any of these cases. everynine ☹️ 😱 Where is the story about the 9 bodies found? Looks like Joe and Love moved to that area. So you mean all they had to do was try? 🤦🏽‍♀️

How to watch, live stream FBI update on Brian Laundrie disappearanceOn Wednesday, law enforcement found items that belonged to Laundrie, and the FBI is expected to provide some information on new developments. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Bowser_51 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success

Jimmy Hoffa? Or we sure he's in NJ swamps somewhere? Does this qualify for an Ignobel? That should be the next story that gets national media attention. It's far more interesting tbh. May all souls be at peace. Bet they weren’t white. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 DLayne6 Wow 9 victims asumorii The Dirty Laundries should get the award for worst parents 2021. Shielded their son, helped him escape.

50 Cent said it lol This article does not mention 9 bodies, Newsweek.

Human Remains Found Near Items Belonging To Brian Laundrie, FBI Confirms“Articles” belonging to Brian Laundrie were located in the Florida park where Laundrie, who is a person of interest in the homicide of his fiance Gabby Petito and has a federal arrest warrant out for him, is believed to be hiding

MyFavMurder Laundrie killed gabby petito, then when he hid in the bushes the serial killer killed him, hence finding other nine bodies around in the area. Serrial killer is also on the loose Sorta makes me even more curious about Missing White Woman Syndrome. Tracking down leads in connection to one case leads to breakthroughs in others. Every day it seems like there's another reason to distrust police

“I remember my Sergent saying we’re looking for one body in particular. If you go grabbing every one you see we’ll be here all day”- Lester Freamon Wtf. 9 ItsTheBrandi look what happens when they actually do their jobs So LE only cares about solving cases when a spotlight is shown on a case or on them?

Police are too busy picking fights. W h a t ? Look at the questions that are needed to be asked? So they can ask tough questions but not to trump or republican politicians

Oh, so police *can* do their job? MikeStuchbery_ How are those nine bodies connected to the Laundrie/Petito case? Bodies. Bodies everywhere. So if they had just LOOKED here before they would have found them? Nice. Guess they couldn't be bothered. docrocktex26 It's a blessing that 9 families got a definitive answer. It's unspeakable this is what it took to get it.

At any given time…. NINE BODIES?! So when they say they searched for those missing folks, it was all BS? benaveryisgood basically confirms the police don’t do their jobs and we need to defund or abolish them. YouTube users did more solving on this case than PAID authorities.

valinor__ So is it the general concensus that he killed Gabby in some way, whether intentionally or by accident, then proceeded to take his own life in the National Park after which his body was eaten by will animals? Maybe we wouldn't need to abolish police if they had been doing their jobs all along

wow imagine how much other things the cops could solve if they actually did their job and gave a shit!! Mirror: AMERICA look in this Bad good news?.. A hole ton of murderers crapping their pants this week, cursing BrianLaundrie but think of the poor police officers who had to actually do their jobs for once

The only good thing about this case. cherokee_autumn Wow If there’s one light to this incredibly dark story.. looks like they just found the 10th missing person. The concept of remains being found inside his backpack tho is beyond bizarre. That doesn’t seem right at all.

damn were the cops even looking before now incarceratedbob Proof that more effort goes into finding criminals thought to be alive and on the run than into finding missing people dead or alive in the firat place. I'm more interested in these other bodies we need to know who these people are! Nien? I thought it was six?

So a killers possible 'REMAINS' found in a pretty impressive body dumping site.. For SERIAL KILLERS? So you're telling us that law enforcement hasn't been doing their jobs for awhile then huh 🤔 shocking I guess they work a lot harder with the harsh light of the media on them. Wow the media pressure for this case forced the police to do their job and they accidentally solved a few other cases among the way.

Plus one fugitive That is a damn shame that it took a manhunt for a murderer to find these missing people.

florida is a REAL SHIT HOLE DAMN This story lays bear the far-reaching benefits of white privilege. Parents “find” evidence when it’s obvious they’ve been obstructing justice? And these other bodies were only found because of the proximity of white privilege. Sad 😑 So sad, but one hopes these deaths will be investigated. They are all worthy, all important.